Ever After 2017 – Blog Hop & Give Away!

Hello everyone! I am over the moon with excitement – eeek! – that I am going to be teaching on Ever After this year! It is a dream come true for me to be able to share my art journey with you all in such an amazing and supportive environment. And even MORE exciting news is…

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birth of a spirit doll


For a while now I have had a longing to create an art doll, I had seen others and thought how lovely it would be to make my own.  For some reason though I was not ready, and I hoped that when I was it would be more than “just a doll” – I yearned for it…

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creating with the ‘other hand’

Welcome to my first blog post!   …hopefully the first of many to come, as I really immerse myself in this journey of mine, and hope to share it with you…. Lately I have become almost obsessed with using my ‘other hand’ or non-dominant hand to draw with (some of my facebook and instagram fans will…

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