a tale of two hares – new class & giveaway

Many of you asked me for a class on sculpting hares, and so today it goes live!

It was such a joy to create this class, and bring these lovely gentle creatures to life. Using clay to mould and shape, each one evolves piece by piece until their cheeky personalities shine out.

When I thought about making this class I really wanted it to be accessible to everyone, so you can use either air drying clay, or clay that is fired in a kiln.  Either will work perfectly.  In this class you will create two hare sculptures, a sitting hare and a reclining hare.  You can find all the information about the class here.


To celebrate the launch of this class I am giving away 2 free spots!   So to enter the giveaway simply comment below and tell me what you love about hares.

Winners will be drawn on Saturday 9th March Aussie Time (Friday for those of you in the USA).  You will be notified by email if you have won a spot.

**If you purchase the class and then win a spot you will be reimbursed. 


  1. GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who entered, the two winners are Marleen Jamers and Christine James.

  2. A hare reminds me of the leap of faith one has and how our journey of creativity grows as we do it life, they are strong and powerful, whimsical, clever and lover of life and mother nature, they are travelers of life and a real charter that reminds me of me. That’s why I love watching them as they sprint across the lawn of our farm

  3. I just looked up the spiritual meaning of the hare. And it fits perfectly with where I stand at the moment. The hare tells you you may stop running and start following your heart.
    I would love to make a sweet hare and put it in my craftroom to remind me of this. I remember how much fun I had making the clay bowl for one of your LifeBook lessons.😊

  4. I Love their graceful movements, rheir long ears and big paws. I love how they can hide so well by lying flat in the grass. And their enormous speed. I love that they appear again in such large numbers in the spring. I think hares are beautiful and for me they really symbolize spring.

  5. I have been sculpting rabbits and hares for quite a few years now but I lack the whimsical aspect that you seem to naturally have, I have taken your lesson through WIllowing arts yearly course. And I have purchased your watercolor courses from your site. I am in the midst of being layed off from place of employment and really dont have the $$ for the course but so so much wanna learn from you in this aspect also. 🙂
    Kim K Waller

  6. I love to watch leaping hares, they are so different to rabbits. Your sculptures emphasis their best features, their ears, cute faces and lovely legs.

  7. Thank you! I’m so happy you’ve added a sculpture class! I love their ears! So cute and a perfect sign for spring!

  8. I need to learn to shape clay and what better way to learn than with a wonderful artist called Toni Burt. As a wildlife carer I have bought up a number of baby hares. They are full of character and would you believe very loving. Toni captures their essence beautifully. Thanks Toni

  9. I used to walk in a field were there were a lot of hares. I loved seeing them with their big ears, It always made me happy.
    As a child I would like stories about them and now as an adult I like to draw them. I’ve never sculpted one and am looking forward to taking your class. They are adorable and so expressive.

  10. I grew up in Queensland where it was illegal to have pet rabbits. I’ve since moved south and see rabbits in the wild but can’t say I have ever seen a hare. I love their big ears and feet, magical looking creatures. It’d be awesome to win a spot and make my own. Thank you for a chance to win , fingers and toes are crossed .

  11. Oh I’ve always loved hares for their curious nature and their interesting silhouette!

  12. Oh my goodness how precious are these hares.. First, thank you kindly for offering this course as a giveaway..💕
    Since I was a little girl, I always thought they were magical and dreamed of living with hares in an enchanted forest🤎💕🤎
    Since then they have remained my fantasy💕

  13. They are so cute and gorgeous at the same time. Who doesn’t love that combination 😁 I definitely love them Toni 💝🐾

  14. I love drawing / painting hares, and now I can learn a new medium to create them in – how thrilling!! Thank you Toni 😊

  15. Oh my gosh … where to start. Hares are just so magical. They pop up in my dreams, doodles and paintings. I love their whimsical nature, crazy big feet and the way they celebrate life by running under the moonlight, boxing in the fields and just being in the moment. To create these wonderful creatures in clay would be so amazing … fingers and toes crossed xx 🐇✨

  16. I didn’t know how much I loved hares until I started painting them in one of your classes. Their faces have an almost cartoon-like quality with their unruly ears and gorgeous eyelashes – the individual characters shine through. I’ve worked with ceramics before, mostly slab building, but never sculpting. I may be terrible at it, but on the other hand, I may not – so I can’t wait to get started 🙂

  17. I was born and raised in Ireland where Irish hares are part of our mythology. They are sacred animals and are a connection to the faerie realm. Whenever I see one, my heart races as they remind me of my spiritual heritage.

  18. Bunnies, rabbits, hares – I find them all absolutely delightful! Their long ears and hippitty-hoppity bouncing are simply charming.

  19. Ooooooh!!! So excited about this class and I would love to win a spot. I’ve been watching you post all your pottery pieces and fell in love with them all. Your hares are adorable and I can feel their emotions just looking at them.

  20. I am so excited about this class as I have been thinking about sculpture but don’t know where to start. Hares are so cute with their long ears and big feet. Everytime I see them it reminds me of wonderful Easter memories with my family.

  21. Rabbits and hares are universally loved for their utterly charming looks. I have collected hares and bunnies in many ‘media’, commercially. Now I’d love to make a few. Recently in South Africa we’ve had a virus that wiped out entire populations of feral bunnies znd hares. Very sad but we see hares occasionally and hopefully these resistant hares will continue building the populations. An ode to the sadly lost hares and bunnies. I love your work, art and sculpture,so whimsical, Tony!

  22. I always loved bunnies and hares I saw in the desert. Their ears- standing up, flopping down, one of each, big, little, they are just so fun. Toni your paintings and sculptures are just so lovely.

  23. I love your sculptures! And hares are no exception! I would never so such creativity. gentleness and whimsical spirit you were able to put into them. Love following your Instagram and classes on LifeBook…

  24. Toni I love your hares! They are magical, mischievous and downright cute! I love their long ears the twinkle in their eyes and their twitchy noses! Thank you for the opportunity 💗👏

  25. I L♥️VE the character packed into these hares! My sister has house bunnies, Teddy & Alvin, so hippy-hoppies are in the family. How fun to create those two as gifts for her.

  26. Toni I have never thought too much about hares until you started to draw and sculpt them. I’m now in love with them lol 💕

  27. Hares always remind me Alice in wonderland of Time, Time to slow down and appreciate things.

  28. I adore rabbits and hares. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to befriend an elderly wild rabbit and it was for me a magical experience. I’ve also wanted to learn sculpture and can’t wait to start this class!

  29. Hares oh my goodness aren’t they the most delightful creatures. The perfect mix of cuteness, intelligence and magic. And their fur is just so soft…yes I am obsessed ❤💜

  30. I love your interpretation of hares! I’ve never actually seen one-only in photos and art. I would love to see one!

  31. These are so lovely! I am seriously considering adding a hare to my family. I’ve never owned one but they are so sweet and cuddly! ♥️

  32. they are soft, fluffy, and floppy, all in one cute little animal. I would love to learn how to create them!

  33. Hares are quite the regal animal and although they aren’t considered to be as cute as a rabbit, they stand tall and command our attention with their stature. We have a huge red hare living in the orchard next to us. He sits and just watches the world go by – he looks down on our dogs and leaves it to the last minute before he scarpers. He’s proud and he’s playful when no one’s looking.

  34. I’m so excited for this class! Their eyes draw me in and I love their ears. Thank you for offering this class Toni!

  35. Yah a big happy dance – this is going to be a great class – so looking forward to it 💖💖💖

  36. Their wonderful long hind legs –especially on Arctic hares. They can leap straight up with them and run fast! I love their black eyelashes that protect their eyes from the sun’s glare on snow and ice –and their brilliant white winter coats. Even when they change their coats in the spring and summer to grey browns, they keep their snowy fluffy tails. What’s not to love, these long limbed, long eared beauties?

  37. Their gorgeous long floppy ears, and they look right at you and know exactly why you need , they are wise and loving little fellows.

    1. I just love them. They are so whimsical.Would love to learn to create them for Easter Gifts for my two Great Granddaughters to treasure.

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