Hello and welcome!  My name is Toni, I am a mixed-media artist and teacher.

Creating art is what sustains me, I love trying new things, exploring line and form, the joy of working with materials in different ways.  Teaching others how they too can explore art and it’s many joyful moments is my passion.  My aim is to make it simple and easy for anyone to follow along, and see that they too can create art that tells their story.  


My creative process evolves more and more each day, and I am constantly surprised and awed at what sometimes emerges. I have a loose and free style and I love to feel that freedom of scribbling with my pencil, often with both hands, and to feel unconstrained by any notion of how it should be. I love to paint with my fingers and rarely use a brush.  

I’m inspired by many things – mother earth and her many gifts, the longings of my own soul, and the miraculous magic of this life we all share.  I love spending my spare time meandering around in old bookstores and junk shops digging for vintage treasures that tell a story, each one adds a little extra dimension and character to my own story as it unfolds onto the canvas.  Collage is my addiction!

For many years I poured my heart into my career in Commercial and Corporate Interior Design.  It inspired me immensely, but my soul had other plans for me…so here I am.

My gorgeous home high on a hill of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia is my haven, where I grow my own food, commune with nature, and create what my heart delights in.  My studio is a delightful clutter of everything I love, and surrounded by various wildlife, kangaroos and natural vegetation.

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