some words from my students:

When lockdown began, I decided to learn to watercolor. That was the year I turned 75! I began a series of Toni’s classes, and I’ve loved every minute. I just finished Blooms, and it has been amazing! Toni is a wonderful teacher, her step by step instructions are so informative and easy to follow along. I have learned so much. I love her humor, she is so down to earth. I always feel like we’re sitting across from each other in the same room, painting and chuckling together. I can’t recommend Toni’s classes highly enough!
– Anne DH

I wanted to go to art school when younger but did not have the opportunity and I feel with Toni’s classes that I have now had that opportunity. I have challenged myself and learnt not only about the process but also about different mediums. The classes are easy to follow and I am surprised at the end of every one how much I have achieved. I am a slow learner and love how I can revisit the classes at any time . The support on the Facebook group is also so friendly and positive. Could not pick a favourite class but I have used the petite Vue class the most. I am so lucky to have found Toni and I am always excited for her next new class. I also love to get lost in one of her classes just like reading a book so relaxing.
– Kirsty-Anne D.

Toni is my first and only teacher. I have bought other classes from other well known teachers but end up not doing them because they don’t actually teach. Toni teaches and teaches in a way that is easy to understand and and easy to retain. I love her classes. I have them all. You don’t have to go out and buy lots of expensive products she encourages you to use what you already have. Thank you Toni for sharing your knowledge and for giving me the confidence to create art.
– Cherine S.

I’m happy to say I’ve taken many of Toni’s online art classes. Toni is both a talented artist and a gifted teacher. She offers a varied selection of art lessons to choose from, each one offering something completely new & different than the one before it.
Toni makes each lesson relaxing & fun, but makes sure you know all the information required to complete her projects. She is very supportive towards her students, always encouraging & helping out if needed. She always makes time to comment on her students posts of their work in a very enthusiastic way.
Toni is such a creative & talented soul, who I follow avidly on social media, admiring her latest artwork and waiting to see what her next class will be. I couldn’t recommend her & her classes highly enough and I wouldn’t be where I am in my own art journey if I hadn’t taken her classes. I’ve learned so much from you Toni, thanks so much!
– Robyn W.

I have taken a few courses with Toni. Her pastel animals are my favourites. She goes into so much detail. Her teaching is calm and assured. I am so in love with her colour style. You can always tell a picture is a Toni Burt 🙂
– Susan B.

Toni is a wonderful artist and a natural teacher. Her techniques are accessible and straightforward and she explains everything so clearly that she brings you along with her every step of the way. Toni’s classes are a gateway into a creative world no matter what your level of experience, and such great value that you will be coming back for more.
– Nicola F.

I discovered Toni on Facebook and was absolutely fascinated with her art, I was very hesitant but really wanted to learn more about watercolour, luckily for me I won the Petite vue classes and loved Toni’s teaching and loose style, I was amazed that I could produce some great watercolour art with Toni’s guidance,I am now hooked and have completed 2 classes with 3 more to go and 2 more in my cart . Toni is one very talented lady, I encourage anyone who is thinking about joining up to do it, well worth every cent.
– Claire B.

I love Toni’s work – I have been following her for quite some time and have purchased lots of her online classes and I get really excited whenever she releases a new one. The classes are very easy to follow and her teaching skill enables me to produce beautiful pieces of art!
– Sue W.

Toni was my first ever art teachers and, although loving it right away, back then I had no terms of comparison. Today I can testify how good her classes are and not only from the “technical” point of view! Besides explaining every little detail to make you achieve wonderful results, Toni manages to transmit an empathy and a familiar atmosphere in her studio that I never found in any other online class I attended. Because of her I experimented a whole range of media and found my own way of expressing my creativity. Because of that and everything else that followed, I will always cherish that first lesson.
– Ze R.

Toni is a very good teacher and artist. She is easily accessible if you happen to run into a problem while working on one of her classes. The classes I have taken from her are very enjoyable and have watched the video lessons over and over. I would highly recommend her classes. I have been pleased with the outcome of my work while working on her lessons.
– Dawn D.

My first lesson with Toni was her Tooty Fruity class. As a beginner in watercolor, Toni is a wonderful teacher. She breaks down the steps thoroughly and I was amazed and delighted at my results! I will continue to take many more classes with her. Thank you Toni for sharing your creative gifts with us!
– Maria P.

Toni’s classes are like sitting with your dearest friend. Her teaching methods are so easy to follow and a bright light goes off in your head, “Like aww thats how you do that”. Her tips are awesome, I use her matt gel meduim tip like crazy and toning down bright colors is awesome. Two staples I use regularly. Her ease at drawing faces, has unlocked that door for me. You will not be disappointed. Cant wait to take another class from one of my favorite art instructors.
– Carol M.

I am more than happy to write this testimonial for Toni. I have taken her Flower Class and Ethereal Landscapes and have loved every minute of them, as well as seeing her teach in various on line classes like Lifebook. I am constantly amazed to see all the ways Toni creates, she weaves beautiful baskets and makes lovely ceramic pieces as well as her painting. Toni teaches in depth, explaining every step to produce beautiful artworks. I felt like she was standing right besides me in my studio, encouraging me all the way. She is quick to reply to questions and to helpfully critique your work, always with kindness and love. Her enthusiasm is infectious and watching her videos makes me want to jump right. I can only say that if you take a class with Toni you won’t be disappointed and you will certainly go back for others.
– Sheila L.

I am so thankful I found Toni. Toni is a fantastic artist and teacher. I am currently enrolled in six classes. I love her style, her personality, and, of course, her art. I have learned so much. When watching her videos, I feel like I’m sitting in the room with her. She makes me feel so comfortable. She is precise in her instructions. I know I will always be enrolled in Toni’s classes. Thank you, Toni, for being such a great teacher.
– Barbara S.

I have signed up for more online classes with various artists that I even have time for! Toni’s classes have always drawn me in. She’s natural, calm and her material and ideas are always original. Her work and methods truly inspire me!
– Marjolaine G.

I have always enjoyed mixed media art, but didn’t have the confidence to try myself. Then I invested in one of Toni’s courses. She breaks every project down into easy steps and shows you how to do it. Toni makes it easy! Now I’m making beautiful art and loving every minute of it. I would really recommend any of her courses. I can’t get enough.
– Sharon H.

Your teaching style is easy going, informative and unsurpassed. Your art and your classes surely feed my soul. Thank you for making this world a better place. Stay happy, well and thanks for sharing your talents!!
– Shannon S.

Two things come to mind when I think of Toni Burt: Her art is beautiful and unique, and she leads me to believe that I can make art myself!
– Rebecca T.

My name is Linda and I have done several of Toni’s classes I just love to listen to Toni’s lovely relaxed voice as she goes through each lesson gently leading and showing you how to get great results, every thing is explained and easy to follow I wish I could do more of them.
– Linda Q.

Toni is one of the best and most creative teachers that I have every had. Her instructions are clear, concise, well thought out and every instructional step allows you to grow as an artist. She is always so very, very positive with her feedback, which gives you the confidence to take more risks. I can honestly say that I have never had a better teacher and highly recommend taking her classes.
– Erin F.

After finding this lovely lady through Pinterest, how happy was I that she started doing online Workshops ! All workshops have been easy to follow and have a lovely range of mediums ; watercolour, oil and mixed media, having never tried oil sticks before, after watching through the step by step videos I’m hooked ! Thank you Toni for sharing your processes and helping me step out of my comfort zone and use items I already had gathering dust ? in a totally different way.
– Lesley SC.

The classes I have taken from Toni are just what I was hoping for. She is so down to earth and teaches in a way that you don’t only learn, but are left feeling very inspired and able to make beautiful art!!! My very favorite artist and teacher! She has the kindest heart and you will get that the minute she starts her classes.
– Cheryl H.

I found Toni Burt thru one of the classes I registered for. I was instantly hooked on her style… her love of teaching shows thru in all she does. I was so excited when she put out her own classes that are packed with lessons at a reasonable price. You will never regret taking them! She is a always willing to answer questions and give feedback. Toni is awesomeness incarnate!!!
– Debbie KR.

I first discovered Toni’s work on Facebook and I had to own one of her pieces. One of her lovely fairy girls hangs over my studio desk. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found she was teaching an online class on how to create these lovelies! Her style is loose and free-flowing, the instruction is detailed and concise and I am learning how to use my favorite medium – watercolor. Thank you Toni Burt for one of the best classes ever!
– Jane A.

Toni I would just like to say thank you for providing such wonderful classes. Your instructions and videos are so clear and descriptive that it makes it so simple to create. Would like to highly recommend your classes to any level.
– Kim K.

So easy, informative classes……will even have the non artist like me producing master pieces. Honestly these classes are great fun, with easy to follow steps to suit all levels of expertise. Be warned very addictive, you won’t be able to stop at just one class.
– Kim M.

I can’t find enough adjectives to explain all I’ve learned from Toni. Her style, generosity and in-depth instructions have made me a better artist.Most importantly she is a unique, generous, warm-hearted human being that I am very proud to call an artist friend.
– Jane S.

I’m so glad that I found this amazing artist and teacher! Toni Burt makes learning to create art clear, fun and enjoyable. She helps you to not feel intimidated. Toni always responds to requests for help or feedback. To help students better understand a technique or concept, Toni even posts amazing free videos! All of her support makes the on-line learning experience feel so personal and is deeply appreciated. I look forward to learning more from Toni.
– Mary M.

I loved this class so much!!! Toni is an amazing teacher. She works at a pace that is easy to follow. She explains everything clearly. And she gives so many details and great tips. I learned so much!!   I also loved the PDFs!   Great extras I wasn’t expecting!   Usually, I have to take notes during a course like this, but Toni provided a document with all the basic instructions!   I can’t wait to do another class!   Thanks Toni!!
– Jackie B.

Toni’s style is fun and innovative and she shares her process in great detail. She is also very helpful with advice and comments. I loved Toni’s class and can’t wait for the next one !!
– Mo M.

This is one of the best classes I have taken. It is so well filmed and the content is clear and concise and left me feeling like I could actually make some art that I could be proud of. I love Toni’s work and can’t wait for the next class to come out. Thanks Toni for sharing your great gift with us.
– Sharon C.

The classes I have taken with Toni have been a.m.a.z.i.n.g.! I tend to ask (a lot) of questions – my insecurities get the best of me sometimes. Toni is so patient and kind, answering my questions (sometimes the same one over again!). Her techniques really are quite easy to follow – but the end results always get a “wow!” from friends! I appreciate you, Toni, and can’t wait for the next class!
– Cary S.

I really love Toni’s classes she is a wonderful teacher. She explains everything!! I would highly recommend this class! Toni will also help you if you have a problem!! This class is a must, in my book! I love her work.
– Mary H.