Kaleidoscope 2023 Giveaway!

Welcome to my Giveaway for one free spot in Kaleidoscope 2023!

Kaleidoscope is a wonderful course that is all about colour!  It begins in August.

I will be teaching 2 full lessons in this course, plus the Taster lesson.   For all of my lessons I’ll be taking my inspiration from the quirky Doctor Dolittle and his relationship with animals.  We’ll be bringing their personalities to life with the use of bold vibrant colour. Below are the finished artworks you will create with me.   For all the details on what you get with Kaleidoscope 2023 just click here.




To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY simply comment below and tell me what amazing colours you would love to use in your animal paintings.

Good luck and I hope to see you in the classroom when we begin on the 1st August 🙂

Winner will be drawn by random number generator on 18th June 2023.   

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  2. yellows (because I don’t use them often enough) pinks, purples, and turquoise

  3. Blue and green in many different colors, they would be lovely and the would be healing to my soul, my heart and voice in life 💚🩵💙

  4. I would use cobalt blue, phthalo blue, gamboge yellow and bright orange colors as my color pallette in my next bird painting.

  5. Hey Toni. Too many beautiful colours to choose from. I’d probably just go with the flow ❤️🦊🌞🌳🌎🫐🔮

  6. Me encanta el azul y el magenta. Gracias por la oportunidad. Saludos desde Costa Rica

  7. I’m currently loving metallic paints to highlight animal paintings. Silver, copper, bronze.

  8. What moves me are purples, violets, red-violet, and all shades of blue are my favorite colors I frequently use in art works. Those analogous colors are splendid for making rabbits, turtles and other animals.

  9. I want to use shimmering colours in greens, pinks, and purple to create birds.

  10. I anticipate my favorite colors will be the next tri set I order from you when they are available in July. I’m trying to get all fifteen colors. Three at a time. I’m thinking number 5 for the next one.

  11. I would love to use pink and blue for animals. Also, I would love to use all colors of pride!

  12. I’m an ocean colours type of girl! Blues and aquas and turquoises with the gold of the sand and sun.

  13. I love two mixes of colours.
    The purples with the magenta and pinks and also the various shades of blues and green esp in the pastel shades🥰🎨

  14. I love using all types of beautiful greens. Especially with a hint of purple.

  15. Oranges and Browns with hints of lime would be interesting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. I love all shades of yellow and blues! Bright pink with lavender purple-great combination! And a touch of forest green-my favourite shade of green.

  17. I am thinking pink orange and turquoise. But it may change when I start.

  18. Blues and greens with touches of browns thrown in would be my choices. i love the way they mix when painting features of animals.

    1. I love all shades of purple and am happy when theres purple in my art, but I’ve been trying to embrace all colors. I really enjoy using whatever colors the artist uses in a lesson!

  19. When I can play with pinks and Aqua/Turquoise pigments, I am REALLY happy!!

  20. Thank you 😃 it s teal. Titan buff. And Payne Grey for me with a spark violet 😍

  21. My favorite combo includes chartreus and cranberry, sometimes with a splash of hot pink! Thank you! ~

  22. I love using blues, purples, and reds of any kind. I don’t like going hyperrealistic.

  23. I would us my favorite colors of bright orange and bright pink. They always make me smile!

  24. I love the way that it’s OK, even great, to be able to be imaginative and not true to life. I like the colours picked up by NASA in space – gold, turquoise and fuchsia pinks.

  25. I love earth tones…browns, greens, ochres with a pop of orange, teal, or pink.

  26. Since I have a different relationship with every single animal, as I found out with my dogs and cats over the years, I can not decide on forehand what colorpalette I would use, depends on the feel of the relationship…but surely three colors in a sparkling way…cold or warm, contrast or split contrast, just what feels aligned with the relationship I perceive…

  27. Bonjour Tony,
    I would love to put some black, coffee and gold color. To make a tone on tone pieces. And I would be so trill to win a place in this special class. Crossing my finger.
    Merci beaucoup, thanks so much
    Lucie cleroux

  28. Toni – I love your style. You make art fun! I would use turquoise, yellow and beige.

  29. I am new to your fabulous style and use of color. I want to explore more with your use of analogous colors, such as orange, red, and pink.

  30. I love your color combination. I may try yellow orange, turquoise and purple.

  31. I am autistic and one of my over-riding fixations is PURPLE…. and all things PURPLE.

  32. I love bright fun colors. Pink purple turquoise teal. I love your art and I’d love to win a spot in the course!

  33. Teal and orange are always a combination that appeal to me…I find myself very drawn to pictures with them in. Tamzin x

  34. Blue and orange is the combination that still excites me. But slowly pink and yellow keep creeping in. I used to avoid pink like the plague. Funny how things change.

  35. Blue greens like turquoise and an aqua colour with some black white and violet!

  36. I rather liked the colors you used on the taster lesson, reds, purples, and yellow green. These are really fun!

  37. Teal orange and navy! Thanks for the taster lesson and chance to win a spot!

  38. You offered a great water color class on painting a street scene with buildings. That was the first time I’d painted and followed your example with the orange-y shades. Then you explained the importance of the color wheel. Using the Canva color wheel I’d use #FDB202, #02FDB2 and #B202FD. They are triadic colors – burnt orange, a light teal and deep violet. Thanx for the opportunity to win a spot!

  39. I would love to use rich earthy colors,.. possibly Quinacridone gold and yellow ochre,.. maybe a little sap green.

  40. I love vibrant colours – but I also love the muted deep red bulldust, yellows and browns of the Australian deserts

  41. I love pastel colors, especially pink. My bird from your Taster class is pink! Thank you for the experience!

  42. I love teal and purple together, maybe with lime green. So fun! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  43. Hello!!! It will be greens and blues for me, and maybe a little bit of magenta here and there.

  44. I love vibrant colors, but my favorites are pink, magenta and teal/turqoise. But I have to say that I always love the colors you use, Toni <3

  45. Blue green & a rusty orange. But really I love working with so many color combinations.

  46. I love the colors teal and lavender. I think I’d like to explore with those and maybe a bit of rusty red-orange.

  47. Thank you for this special opportunity. My favourite colours to create Art with are blue, green and purple!

  48. Would love to go for colours I normally don’t use, such as purple, orange, lime.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Hi,

    I’d love to be gifted a free spot on this course. I love love colour. My favourite is yellow and opera Pink and the many magical colours these colours give us.

  50. My favorite colors are either pastels or… teal and mustard yellow <3 but I love oranges/browns for a fox aswell, i find it hard to combine it with other colors to make it more pop! So that would be a nice one to get some inspiration on!

  51. I love vibrant, summery colours, like limish yellow (like Daniel Smith’s “Rich Green Gold”), a warm pink and oranges. Also love muted shades of gray and earth tones when paired with one of these colours.

  52. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in the course.😊 I love cool colours,purple, turquoise and pink.

  53. How to choose? Love opera pink and some sort of orange color. Also fond of the teals.

  54. At this moment I’d say blues and purples—subject to my whims:-) Thanks for a chance to win!

  55. Quinacridone orange and turquoise. Just because I’m feeling those colors today!

  56. Colors i love are magenta, violet and teal.
    Thanks for sharing much appreciated .

  57. Absolutely love your way of seeing things. Hope to learn more from you.

  58. I am very new to watercolor so I will be using what I have in the colors available.

  59. Even if I try to use other colors, I always come back to dark purple, teal and a very warm almost orange yellow. There is something reassuring for me in this purple and a bit of fun and light with the other two colors… This free week is an opportunity to let myself be surprised by other associations and perhaps to be able to use them more often.

  60. I love to work with jewel tones – lots of blues. purples and greens make me happy. You are one of my favorite artists – just love your loose splashy style.

  61. Right now I am into bohemian color palate. Warm yellows, oranges and gold, warm pinks and corals, with some turquoise accents.

  62. I would love some with purple. It a color I don’t use often and would love to test myself.

  63. I would love to use Opera Pinks, Teals, Lime Greens, and a touch of golds

  64. I love all blue (and related) colors, especially with pops of teal, yellow-greens and pinks. Thank you for providing this session and your giveaway.

  65. I love pink tones and blue tones but the little yellow bird is my first animal I’ve painted, not the best I’ve seen but I enjoyed it. Thank you!

  66. i love to use shades of purple, orange and blue and most of all i want to learn to draw/paint.. thank you for this opportunity.

  67. indigo, lime green and bright pink. Thanks Toni. Love the loose happy way you paint. So much fun.

  68. I would like to use Turquoise, a burnt Orange, deep blue, and possibly touches of a brown. But definitely Turquoise!

  69. Orange, first and foremost. orange! <3
    But I love all warm colors.
    I love oranges, yellows, magenta, pink.
    Oddly enough, I also love earth tones, browns, olive green, greens, browns, blacks, sepia.

  70. Lately Ive been thinking a lot about what my favorite colors are. I always disliked greens. But over the past few years i have wanted to wear olive greens, and purchased fabric in green for curtains, but decided they were too dark. So i added the olive green with dangles and pots, etc. You know how we do. I love teal, and i love pink. Any pinks, light to the full bodied rich dark crimson. Teals i really want to see the green in them, i want to feel it! I love yellow too, and always wanted to wear it but my mother said it was a horrible color to wear. LOL. Funny, as i have that skin color that can go either way. So today i have added in yellow. Blues are on the back burner now. I would love to win a chance for this. At 73, im playing as fast as i can. 😉

  71. I love to use bright colours as much as I can. My favourites are red, teal and bright green.

  72. I’d love to do a Peacock in all of the blues and greens that you could possibly imagine. From light and dark shades or slightly pigmented to highly pigmented, add in a splash or two of purple and then some highlights with gold or even gold leaf. Dreamy!

  73. oh, would love yellow, turquoise and greys in mine plus basic black and white of course. Thank you for the chance.

  74. I love anything blue but I also enjoy bright colors. I love how loosely you paint.

  75. I love teal with just about anything but especially oranges and bright pinks!! Love these animals!

  76. Hi, i’m not an animal painter. But for the few times that i have drawn an animal, i love charcoal with neutral colours, sepia, paynes gray, black.

  77. My favorite palette is blacks, greys, sepia, neutrals with color pops red, orange, turquoise and of course metallic gold.

  78. I love to use shades of purple, blues and pink. I love the effect created by the splatter. Working with watercolour and ink is my favourite.

  79. I enjoy working with complimentary colors but love the aqua and orange combo on your donkey!

  80. Opera rose is my favourite colour at the moment. I’ve just started exploring artist grades and the difference is amazing.

  81. J’adore le bleu turquoise et l’orange foncé avec un peu d’or mélangé pour l’éclat.Merci!!

  82. I love turquoise blue and dark orange together with some gold mixed in for sparkle.

  83. I’m all for bright and bold colours and my favourite combo is the boldest versions of pink, turquoise and yellow.

  84. I have been on a mid century kick laitley and love mustard and pink together

  85. I adore anything EARTHY… greens, browns and pops of yellow or red would be fun.

  86. Thank you for the Giveaway!! Hope I win it to make use of it on my miniature art on upcycled materials! Definitely, turquoise with sepia!!👌Appreciate your sharing and free lessons also!! 🤗💖

  87. Teal and orange. Although, having said that, since painting with your sessions in LB (and LB tasters) I have started using more pinks and purples; yellows and greens. You have inspired me to try colors that I would not normally have used.

  88. Tough question. I love your violet hare, but would probably have to just let the muse hit me as to which colors to use with the individual creatures, as I love anything bright and pure.

  89. I would use greens and blues to start, but also am thinking something with yellow and orange. Love the bird in the taster session. Very cheeky 🙂

  90. Currently i’m in love with red… Poppie red… but how to use that with animals, i’m not sure! Although, a purple hare is not so common either…

  91. Hi thank you for the chance, I would love to see blue and orange in the taster session.

  92. Hello Toni
    Thank you for the chance. My favorite color I would love to use is turqoise.

  93. Currently loving blending pink and orange and using teal and green to compliment.

  94. I love the colors of many wild birds such as peacocks, cockatoo, parrots etc. The bright blues, greens, oranges etc.

  95. Hey Toni,

    While blue and green will always be my favorite colors, pink and orange are really fun when I’m doing a watercolor. My most favortie thing to do is a random watercolor background, usually with salt, and then pick out what I can see when everything is dried. <3

  96. Thank you Toni…teal bright orange and hot pink…break me out of my earth neutral’s please!

  97. I love purple and red with a wonderful gold. Maybe orange, red and a fantastic green.

  98. Quinacridone nickel azo gold (with what I have left) and teal, (using high flow, as I am new to watercolour and don’t own many colours yet.)

  99. Blues and turquoise are my favorites, so maybe a clownfish qith blues in the backround

  100. I love using blues, yellows and greens – but also like to add a different pop of colour.

  101. I love unexpected colour combinations (that still work). Other than that I’m always a fan of warm colours 😊

    1. I love the combination of Orange calendula and dark pink phlox i my garden! So I will try this colors on paper.

  102. Love to work with warm colours. So I think I would choose a yellow- orange and a green- yellow together with a violet

  103. Love the teal and orange/yellows in HeeHaw – not colors I’d think to use together. I see I need to do some experimenting!

  104. I like the colors Prussian blue phthalo, greenish blue and phthalo green and a sparkly color like gold

  105. Coral and teal … I really like them individually and would like to try them together.

  106. I tend to use a lot of blue teals and greens….sometimes pink and purple. I am slowly learning how to use my color wheel and coming outside of my comfort zone with other colors.

  107. I love working with watercolours in teal and gold, letting the colours run together and I can”t resist adding a bit of sparkle.

  108. I tend to love earthy tones but turquoise always tries to find its way into my work.

  109. I love jewel colours especially turquoise, opera rose, purple and accents of sienna, gold and copper.

    1. I’m more of a naturalist type, so I think I’d love to do the donkey in rich Browns and greens with some bits of a bright gold thrown in. Maybe a few splashes of hot pink to make it pop.

  110. I am going through a bit of a teal/ turquoise phase at the moment, and love how it looks with corals…. you can never go wrong with a bit of gold thrown in too

  111. I love all the colors… but I do prefer some blue/turquoise/petrol, with rusty orange/coral, maybe adding blush pink or a little bit of pale yellow.

  112. My favourite colours are the colours of the rainbow 🌈 as that epitomises hope & a brighter future in me.

  113. I love the drama of blacks, Gold, reds, violets and white touches.

  114. I seem to always gravitate towards real or turquoise along with fuschia or magenta. I just love those colors together.

  115. I would love to try out pink and orange and teal together, maybe some lime green.

  116. I liked the colors on your Flights of Fancy. I’d also find a way to add just a little bit of blue to the mix.

    1. I love teal, turquoise, hot pink and magenta but I should actually try something with orange and yellow because those colours always make me feel uncomfortable. It’s a good thing to step out of your comfort zone, right?

  117. Hi Toni,
    I love all of the colors but especially pinks and turquoise. Thanks for a beautiful lesson.🩷🩵🩷🩵🩷

  118. Hi Toni! Thank you for the chance to win a spot in Kaleidoscope 2023! I absolutely love purple and yellow together!

  119. What beautiful pieces! I am excited to paint with you! I hope to use oranges, peach, purples and reds… maybe yellows and blues!! I love them all!!

  120. I live using lime green and neon pink… I also love purple and magenta ❤️❤️thanks so much for the lesson!

  121. I’m a purple and greens kinda gal, with support from pinks and pale yellows. These colors speak to me of peace and serenity.

  122. I have been fascinated with orange lately. I am particularly drawn to the orange and turquoise combination you used. Just beautiful.

  123. I’d like to use ‘non-animal’ colours so I’ll be getting out the purples and blues and greens and keeping my fingers crossed for the results!🤣

  124. I had the colors in my head and then I saw another post with my all-time favorite quin. azo gold from Golden, which I am told has been discontinued, so devastated! but I do have some in the studio, so I would definitely pop that in somewhere, along with shades of pink that make the sunrise blush xo

  125. Pink and green and yellow. Also, love magenta, purple, blue, green…all the colors 🙂

  126. Love using turquoise and Aussie red gold by Daniel Smith, it’s my favorite color. Maybe because of my red hair???

  127. I would love to use the colors of muted orange, turquoise and yellow green to paint the animals!

  128. I like teal, shades of pink and purple, magenta, and maybe a pop of yellow.

  129. I would love to use teal and pink… And gold green.. And blue… And rose… And, and, and 🤗🥰😍🫶🏻

  130. All the colours… I go through phases of teal and pink, magenta orange and yellow, purples….but I would love to be prompted to try different (and especially unusual) combinations…but its always all the colours for me

  131. I’d love to use magenta, violet and teal, maybe some yellows. Thank you

  132. I think I would try something totally different and go with Reds, oranges and yellows.

  133. My all time fave color combo is red and green, so I’d love to use vacations of those.

  134. I am loving guin gold, indigo and turquoise right now but sure I will love other combo’s when I see them.

  135. Looks like Turquoise is a popular choice! I’m going to try turquoise, violet/purple, and green-gold. Love your lessons! Thank you.

  136. I’ve just bought a tube of green gold and opera rose and I’ve been dying to try them out on something

  137. I love teal, turquoise, Blue, Violet, Purple, pink colors to paint animal images.

  138. I would love to use the colors Pink & Orange and Yellow & Teal. These combinations are so joyful, they cheer me up allways!

  139. Your animals are always delightful to paint Toni. I love to use yellows, oranges, pink and greens.

  140. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love blue’s and purple’s. Enjoyed watching flights of fancy. will need to get a water-soluble pen.

  141. Want to try something different, like a burgundy with a cream/buttery yellow. Looking forward to trying your free lesson. Thank you 😊

  142. Definitely pink and some shade of green or blue. Thank you for the chance to win.

  143. I think I’d love to use a lot of orange and yellow 💛 🧡 they’re totally not my usual palet, 🎨 but I feel like stepping a bit out of my comfort zone (which is blues and purples!)

  144. I’m partial to turquiose and purple, kingfisher like, with a splash of yellow

  145. Hello Toni,

    I would love to use Turquoise and Purple.
    Have a lovely day.


  146. For dogs or horses, probably rusts, but brighter colors for birds (love orange and blue or teal).

  147. I would love to try working with warm colours – pinks, oranges, reds. I am so used to a cool colour palette. Loved your flight of fancy taster lesson!

  148. I typically use muted versions of colour, and particularly like teal, blue and green. However, I find myself weirdly drawn to colours like orange and yellow lately. I would love to use either one and fuchsia pink to create an animal painting.

  149. I’m becoming enamored with teal, pink, and orange. These are new colors for me.

  150. I would love to experiment with some non-realistic colors on animals. My favorite colors are teal/turquoise and red.

  151. My favorite colors are, pink, magenta, teal, aqua, turquoise, purple and periwinkle. Thank you, for this special opportunity

  152. I would love to try metallic colours for a change with that hint of a shine!✨️😉

  153. I love your work, Toni! I tend to use pastel colors, blues, pinks, yellows, etc.

  154. Toni, your work just makes me happy! I love your color choices. However, you could paint in all brown shades and it would still look fantastic!

  155. I just love ALL colors. My mood determines specific colors on the day and the paper. Love painting animals, people & buildings.

  156. Would love some animals in pastels colours, i.e. pink, mint green, baby blue etc. Thanks Looking forward to your lessons!

  157. turquiose, orange and shocking pink , summer here at the moment so bright colours being used in my arts and crafts

  158. I love all colors. They are my happy place. My favorite colors are purples and pinks. I think adding red would be cool too. I really love this bird project. It is lovely and happy.

  159. I LOVED the first lesson with your gorgeous bird! I think I’d use my fav colors involving teal or turquoise and some purple and yellow. I’d have to check the color wheel (lol) to make sure that goes with the lesson.
    Thank you so much!

  160. I would love to use blues, pinks, and greens! Also a little bit of purple here and there. 😊❤️

    1. Love the blues, greens combination with bits of really yellow green! Thinking turtles.

  161. Hi Toni, I’m a Sennelier person like yourself and at the moment I am totally all about Quinacridone Gold and I love their Indigo too. I don’t always get the colour mixes right but it’s fun to try things and see what happens! 😀

  162. My favourites at the moment are shades of blue, turquoise and a touch of green.

  163. I love the color combinations that you use. I’m currently enjoying using Quinacridone magenta and various blues.

  164. This might sound weird, but my all-time favorite colors are purple/violet and teal. I would love to experiment with those colors in drawing animals.

  165. Wow, hard to choose but I do love a bit of permanent rose with some blue to make variations of purple. Thanks Toni for great paintings.

  166. Colors conducive to the Christmas holidays. I want to create my Christmas cards this year using your style.

  167. I tend to be a blue and green lover with spots of sunshine yellow and oranges

  168. Thanks for the taster class, I loved the colours that you used.
    My favorite colours are magenta and turquoise.

  169. Hi Toni – I love quinacridone magenta and quinacridone gold! My two favourites!

  170. I know you prefer pinks, but you do any colour combo well. Perhaps Payne’s grey, red ochre and gold 💙🧡💛

  171. Thanks so much, Toni. I would want to use Amazonite Genuine and Opera Pink!

  172. I love a beautiful vibrant purple, teal or pink but also muted colors such as indigo and sépia 💓

  173. moi j’aimerais utiliser du rose et du turquoise ou pourquoi pas du jaune et du vert fluo. bref de l’audace =)

  174. Hello, I love the mix various colors … turquoise and orange, red and purple and pink, sienna… I like to test 😆 thank you for the opportunity to win a space

  175. It’s my birthday this week so I would love to win this. Orange and magenta would be nice

    1. Hi, mmm that is a tricky question but i would choose turquoise and orange

  176. My favourites are Cascade green and Rose of Ultramarine. They make absolute magic together and split into beautiful blue violet colours.
    Quin Violet and burnt orange are pretty wild too.

  177. I trully enjoy purple/ teal and gold as my favorite colors and I start to like using some orange which is out of my comfort zone, for sure

  178. I would like to use some gold, pink and violet. Not sure what that would be like as i’ve never tried it! I just loved your taster bird lesson!!

  179. I love to combine magenta, orange and petrol! I find it a magical combination 🦄

  180. I have a beautiful set of iridescent watercolors in desert tones. They remind me of sand and sunshine. I would use them in my animal paintings.

  181. A chance to win the whole course??? Oh my gosh. I’d like to use some bronze, gold, browns, yellows, etc. Warm tones.

  182. Magenta and teal 💕. Would love to be able to paint our wonderful chickens and hens in this way!

  183. I’ve been using a lot of orange and violet lately, so that, with some turquoise in the mix :). (Or whatever takes my fancy in the moment!)

  184. I’m in love with neutrals. I never thought I would because bright colours were always my go to but now, well, this has happened.

  185. I love lavender, soft pinks and blues and soft lemon and white. I love all colours but these sing.

  186. as many colours as possible!!! the brighter the better like hot pink , teal, purple , bright orange , havent tried it yet but keen to paint with my paints that show up like glow in the dark under a black light

  187. I love to use oranges and yellows particularly, but just love multi coloured watercolour animals – so vibrant !

  188. I love jewel tones, Emerald green, Deep purple and Dark reds. Highlighted with gold.

  189. Although my favorite colour is blue, I like to paint animals in any colour but always with yellow.

  190. Hi Toni I would love teal and purple such beautiful colours. Thank you.💜💙

  191. I consider myself still relatively new to watercolours though I have been dabbling on and off for several years. I am very taken with the bright jewel like colours.

  192. Teal and turquoise have to sneak their way in there somewhere. Also love a bit if opera pink 💗

  193. I love to sometimes not plan my colours and just go to what I’m drawn to when I’ve finished my sketch/outline. I will often be inspired by crystals that I’m working with that particular day or my mood.

  194. I love pink and teal – sometimes in combination with light green – depends on my mood 😉

  195. I love the colours you’ve used in your taster lessons especially the Heehaw one😍 I love that colour combination so yes to that orange/cadmium colour plus the green aquamarine colour.

  196. Oooooh I do love all colours! And it definitely depends on mood, but my go too happy combo is definitely bright pink (think opera rose, bordering on neon) teal or aqua and a lovely bright green…I like to add a smattering of gold too!
    Thanks for the opportunity…have a great time xxx

  197. Oh that’s a tough one. I always want aaaall the colors. I’m thinking purple and lime green for the bird though.
    So excited thanks

  198. I’m always drawn to purples and greens the most when I’m creating art

  199. I’m a blues & greens girl…..I see orange can really lift a design, but struggle with getting it right, so would welcome a splash of orange for sure.

  200. I love the combination of lime, black and white and I use these a lot. I would love to use them in artworks of animals

  201. Hi. For me, it would be turquoise and purple. Thank you for the mesmerizing lesson.

  202. Neon colours with Black, my 6 year old love these colours , and i Will be making it for hij

  203. Quin gold and turquoise would be my choices. Can’t wait to do these 💕

  204. Using any color is a challenge for me but if I’m choosing it would be blue and yellow. I sure hope I can gain some confidence throughout this week!

  205. Turquiose and Potters pink, when they touch they become very interesting. Touch of burnt seinna or orange too.

  206. Hi Toni
    Great classes
    I would use turquoise lime, and yellow with hints of gold

  207. Magenta, Prussian Blue, Phtalo Green. I just started making little color charts and I’m still learning all the beautiful variations.

    1. I want to try all colours of the rainbow – I simply love everything about colours 💛🧡❤💜💙💚

  208. Splashes of any colours that don’t make mud! but I tend to love lime green and teals with either a drop of purple or orange as a contrast at the moment <3

  209. Those critters will get a surprise ! I’m going to randomly choose combos that I don’t normally use . 🫣.

  210. Well first I want to try all the delicious color combos everyone has listed here! But probably turquoise and gold with a pop of red.

  211. I love sunset colors, the oranges and pinks, with the ocean color of the Atlantic, paynes grey blue. Woodland colors, the browns, greens, yellows.

  212. All colorful colors 😀
    Expecially pink, orange and turquoise 🙂
    Thank you, Toni, and I’m looking forward to your lessons <3

  213. Definitely pinks and oranges with the use of Cherry red, and some gold bits. Always looks awesome.

  214. Purple and Teal are definitely my go to colors. My favorite colors of course. But I would really enjoy using colors I don’t use as much. Id like to start getting out of my comfort zone so I dont run out of my favorites lol. I find I don’t use enough yellows and oranges.

  215. The teals and orange/rust you use here are my most favourite colours! I would definitely go to those in the very first instance. But, I do like dabbling with other colours, especially when being guided. 😊

  216. Blue is always my first choice for everything and teal is a close second! And maybe some gold because I also love SHINY.

  217. I love golds, browns and blues together with a dash of magenta
    Hope to win your giveaway.
    Thank you

  218. Green is my favourite colour, so plenty of it plus pink. Some touches of orange and gold as well.

  219. I would love to see golds, browns and a little bit of red!!! I have to admit though, I love all your color choices.

  220. Turquoise, blues and oranges! Yah!!! Thanks Toni! So excited to learn from you!!!

  221. Indigo, lime and aqua. Thanks for the opportunity Toni! Your lessons are stunning. 🙂

  222. I always love your palettes, Toni. Turquoise, pinks, orange, yellow, purples! I love them all snd will probably keep my palettes similar to yours, at least for the first gi!!

  223. I’m loving some purples, greens and oranges…not that the go together!

  224. Teal, fushia, and white. Love the ease of your classes. You make it look so easy! Ha ha. Mine always look like kindergarten.

  225. Today I set the table with teals and oranges. It was such a beautiful color combination! The napkin had some dark blue in it as will. Very inspiring!

  226. I think teal and gold are so lovely together, with some hot pink bladts!💙💛💗

  227. I’m currently interested in very deep purple, Navy and magenta. Also sky blue.

  228. I love the purple on that rabbit. I would never have thought to use purple for an animal! So I’ll try it soon. Thanks for the chance to win.

  229. I am not sure on the combos yet but I bought a few vibrant colors of orange, purple opera pink, and leaf green, yellow and turquoise. I look forward to trying them out in this course.

  230. I love all shades of blue with a touch of yellow. Looking forward to your taster!

  231. I love color, my favorite when I was younger was red then in the 9th grade everything I owned was purple. Now when asked I always say I love color all colors. For an animal how about a pink elephant or a turquoise turtle. I could go on and on. 🥰

  232. I’m very much a Teal -Aqua girl…. 💚🩵
    Having said that 😝 I do love Pinks and purples. 🩷💜
    I could always do a Antique palette with a pop of gold too 🖤🩶🤍🤎…. 😂 mmmmm 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Good luck everyone.😍 Have fun 🎨 🖊️
    Many thanks Toni 🦋🐸🦚🦄🐙🐯 🇦🇺🐨🦘

  233. I would love to see something done in perhaps Australian Blue Gum with Ash Pink and some neutrals and darks to offset it.

  234. Magenta , purple and teal…I am already excited for your lesson 💜 , the animal paintings look so colorful and beautiful.

  235. Hello. I love teal, magenta, a bright yellow, some orange. Really anything bright and happy.

  236. My most favourite colours are Red , Turquoise and White . I am so excited to be doing the Taster Week . 😀🎉

  237. Hi Toni, I love blues,purples,pinks and greens also quin nickel azo gold.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot on Kaleidoscope. 👩🏻‍🎨

  238. I’m loving the purples and dusty rose colors. Also the teals. The rabbit is my favorite. I’m going to try and make one for my daughter.

  239. Ohh, after seeing your cool images I’m totally intrigued to use the teal and orange!! Although you’ve played with the colours so beautifully I’d try it all!!

  240. Right now I love orange and pink together. Thank You for the chance Toni. Lynn xxx

  241. I like to use turquoise and opera rose. I love the gorgeous animals you have painted, they have a quirkiness about them.

  242. Rusty orange, burnt reds, and earthy browns would be some of my favorite colors to use in my animal paintings.

  243. Teals and pinks, all shades of both! Can’t wait to try your taster lesson!

  244. Thankyou for the inspiration, I cannot decide on colours. I love the donkey’s black outline with green tones and orange. AND I love the Hare’s outline in black with purple and a hint of red tones and pink.

  245. I love the colours you used and the animals you created. What a fantastic giveaway. I would love to use turqouise, rose and lavender.

  246. I love the complementary colors of orange and blue; they would work well in an animal portrait.

  247. I love fuchsia an turquoise . I love your art! I’ve taken a few of your classes and learned more than I expected. Thanks!

  248. Give me some indigo and gold please! Love your work, I’ve done many paintings using the techniques you are teaching. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  249. My favorite color combo is cerulean blue, yellow green, and permanent rose. With accents of gold black and white

  250. I love so many colors! Really into both pastels and neons right now. I especially love teals and mint greens!

  251. Various shades of blues, greens, and pinks, with some metallic shimmer sprinkled in. Thank you for this opportunity! ❤️

  252. My favourties are bright pinks, magentas and purples – with gold pen accents…

  253. I love pink and all the shades of it and add a dollop of Turquoise with a sprinkle of the perfect orange – ❤️

  254. I love to use a multiple colors while doing art, specially painting animals. It make me happy and to me they are happy too

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