your royal hare-ness new class & giveaway

You may have noticed that I have been a big fan of hares for a little while now.  I love to draw them, and I’m also quite partial to putting them on my ceramics.

So I finally got around to making a class that features hares as the central theme, and they do so deserve it!

Your royal-hareness is now live, and teaches you how to easily draw them, as well as add adornments and bright bold watercolours.  You can find all the information about the class here.

To celebrate the launch of this class I am giving away 2 free spots!  I have named all my hares with names that delight me.  So to enter the giveaway simply comment below and tell me what wonderful name you would love to give one of your hares.

Winners will be drawn on Friday 10th November Aussie Time (Thursday for those of you in the USA).  You will be notified by email if you have won a spot.

**If you purchase the class and then win a spot you will be reimbursed. 


  1. Thank you to everyone who entered. The winners of the 2 spots are Lucy Wicker and Tianna Lehman.

  2. If it’s not too late, I would love to be entered! I would name my hare Elva after my Grandmother.

  3. I love your art and this new class looks so charming. I would name my hare princess Stella-Mae.

  4. I adore these beautiful hares! They are so regal!!! I would name mine Princess Viviana! Vivi for short! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. These are gorgeous! Your work makes me so happy! How about Harriet or Rabbirta! Although, I think I would name mine Rosie after my mom who passed in July. She would have loved these!

  6. oh what a wonderful question 🙂 I loved reading through the comments. I imagine a hare called Frida.

  7. I adore your beautiful hares… dressed in all their fineries… I would name my first one Madeline…

  8. I would love to join your class!
    I would name these lovelies Your Royal Highness Gabrielle and Your Royal Highness Elle. These Hares are magnificently Magical

  9. Oh Toni, I am very excited about your new class with hares! Thanks for an opportunity to win a spot😽✨
    I would name my bunnies things like Lovie and Dollie and Pinkie💕💕💕

  10. Marshmallow! They all have quite a bit of white in them. I want to learn how you make your washes of color.

  11. Mollie and Mabel. I have no idea why, but that’s what popped in my head when I saw your painting promo for the class. And of course I’d have to have a Thumper…not original but one of my favorite characters!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in what looks to be a fantastic class!

  12. I think I would name mine Queenie! These are really cute !I do plan on taking this class one day in the future!

  13. Marietta – a name with so many meanings, both bitter and beloved. I don’t know why, but it feels like a perfect, regal fit to me!

  14. We live near the Coorong, a Ramsar protected area in Sth Australia (sandhills between the ocean and river is the easiest way to describe it) and have lots of hares on the nearby islands and mainland. They are so hilarious with their huge ears and are surprisingly big.
    I would name one if my hares Queen Coorong, a nod to our beautiful location.

  15. Princess Harriet, Hare to the throne.

    Your paintings of Royal Hares are beautiful! I love your style. I first found you on Sketchbook Revival and love my cottage with splashes of colour defined by black ink.

  16. I’m actually vacationing in Oz right now and would love to win. For no particular reason, I think the name I would choose would be Izzabella. It just feels right! 💕

  17. Since you are giving a great gift and to celebrate my “birth” date, I would name one of my rabbits Dramarena. Thank you for this opportunity.

  18. What about Hareratia, or Haremscarem? My Hare Lady, Hare Grylls?
    Never seen such glam hares!

  19. Thanks for the chance, Toni! I had a pet rabbit that I LOVED. It was thought to be a ‘boy’ but turned out to be a ‘girl’ so her name became ‘BooBoo’ (slang in the US for mistake). (My son had originally called it ‘Studdliest Spartacus’ as he was 12 and the school mascot was the Spartans). LOL Anyway, I loved the Boo and miss her still. So, I would name an art rabbit Boo.

  20. I love these Little bunnies of your and I would call my royal princess Olivia 🤗

  21. This opportunity arrived on my birthday!
    ( 78th, don’t tell .) I know it is a sign to take a chance on winning a place in this class! I would name my first special hare Elenora.

  22. So wonderful!! I would name them Princess Penelope, Queen Arganon, Haress Hermione, and Duchess Marigold. XX

  23. Your rabbits are beautiful. I love your style. I think I would create a sassy rabbit named Babette.

  24. I think I would name my first hare Clementine, but I’d need to make sure it’s a good fit once I saw her “personality” develop on the page. It’s my youngest daughter’s middle name and we like to make art together 💕 I adore your hare’s and the elegance of all your work. Following you is such an inspiration! Thank you!

  25. I love them all. They are so beautiful and the colors so fabulous. You have so much talent and I would love to win a lesson.
    Mine would be called Princess Beauty, Princess Smily, Prince Arthur and King Heart

  26. They are just so gorgeous 💕 I would name mine Harriette… the perfect name for a royally cute hare 🐇

  27. These hares are beyond adorable! I would name mine “Articus” – he would be regal, feisty and just a little haughty! I live in Newfoundland – about as far from AU as you can get – but we have artic hare here (some that find their way onto my property from time to time). The particular hare is the subspecis “Lepus arcticus bangsii” but I’d call him Articus for short!

  28. We had bunnies years ago and they were named Skye and Iona after the islands in our native land, Scotland x love your art x

  29. Thank you, Toni, for the chance to win a spot! I would love to learn how to paint adorable bunnies like yours. I think I would name my Hare-ness’ Elizabeth, Taylor, Grace and Kelly.

  30. I love your classes—you are such a wonderful teacher!

    I would name a hare HRH Elizabeth, always thought it a beautiful name♥️

  31. What a beautiful royal hare-nesses 😍 That deserves a royal name! I would name mine Victoria 🥰

  32. I would love to win this class so I could learn to paint Bunnies for my daughter in law. She has over 20 bunnies and they are her babies. She just lost one of her bunnies and her name was Georgie. She was the sweetest bunny. She was a giant Flemish so she was a big girl but she was so sweet. So that’s what I’d name my bunny. Thank you for the opportunity to win this class. I love your art

  33. Henrietta is a bit posh and so my royal hare will be ! Even if her crown tends to slip a bit !

  34. Thank you for a wonderful chance. I would name my hare Priscilla the Queen in memory of my beautiful friend who passed last night.

  35. I would name one Emma and one Elizabeth (Jane Austen!!!). Then I would name one Jo (Little Women!!!). And maybe another Jane or Charlotte.

    How much fun it would be to write and short story for each one.

  36. I think I would call her Gemima or Violet. Thx for a chance to win one of your fabulous workshops. X

  37. I don’t know why, but the name Winifred popped into my head when I saw your adorable hares.😀

  38. What gorgeous hares you have created! I would love to win this class. I would name mine Bunny.

  39. I love these! Thank you for the opportunity and creating this beautiful class. I would call her “your hareness”.

  40. Well they are just adorable – the names I suggest are -Harriet – Penelope- Clarabelle and Madalaine

  41. How exciting! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
    I would absolutely have to create a ‘Lady Luna’ or ‘Princess Luna’ – because of my daughter who loves bunnies and hares 💕 And a ‘Princess Sparkle’.

  42. Crownprincess Viktoria and Estelle as our (Swedens) real crownprincess and her daughter.

  43. I would name my royal hare couple Maurice and Esmerelda. These pieces are so delightful and magical.

  44. Hi Toni, We have daily visits from our long eared rabbit friends where we live. I would name my hares….Princess Prunella, Queen Gertrude III, Princess Pearl and Prince Bertrand. I love them all!

  45. This course looks amazing, the coloring is stunning. My hare would be called Lunabella 🙂

  46. Beautiful as always! Your courses are inspiring and magical…and your narrating is soulful. My royal wild hare will be named Rumor ❤️

  47. Oh my- this is awesome!! I love bunnies so much- I have several hanging in my home from several different artists!! Abd i knuu ohs this class will be fabulous , everyone I’ve taken from you has been! I would name my hare- Flower

  48. Bella Bunny. I adore rabbits and my sweet dog Bella Grace. I was blessed to have a bunny live in my back garden this summer. She dug a hole under a butterfly bush and proceeded to grace me daily with her presence. She would come and nap under the shrub during the hottest part of the day for a few hours. I am guessing that between the cooler dirt and the shade she found some relief. I feel so grateful and blessed to have been granted such a beautiful gift.

  49. I have loved the classes of yours I’ve taken and this one definitely will be quite delightful. Your rabbits are the sweetest sparkly gems.

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