“Bring a smile to your heart, and a warmth to your soul.”

Welcome to my little corner of the world! It’s here that my soul does its best to struggle to the surface and shine. My art practice is all about exploration, about being inquisitive, and about creating joy.

Within each one of us lies a creative self just longing to burst forth!  I invite you to join me on my gently evolving and often messy journey, and hope that you find the inspiration here to joyfully and confidently indulge YOUR creative side.


 New class “a tale of two hares” is now live!

Create gorgeous hares with clay.

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Find all my pottery and ceramics, including handmade artist tool sets, watercolour paints and ceramic paint palettes over at my “pottery shop”.

handmade ceramic artist tools ceramic paint palette and brush jar sets


one of a kind original Australian handmade ceramics and pottery by toni burt. handmade jars, bowls and plates - also ceramic artist tools - brush jars and ceramic palettes.

Toni Burt handmade watercolour paints and travel tin sets



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