Life Book 2024 Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to my Giveaway for one free spot in Life Book 2024!

Life Book is an incredible year long mixed media art course with a focus on creative & personal development, wellbeing and healing. Create art with over 30 mixed media art teachers (including me!) for a whole year.

Head to the bottom of this page for details on how to enter my giveaway spot.

I also want to let you know I’ve been so well organised this year and I have already filmed my two lessons for Life Book next year, whoot!

These are my lessons below, two artworks created using a loose and vibrant watercolour and pen. We will be using the butterfly as our inspiration in both artworks. If you are thinking of joining us or want to know more about Life Book 2024 just click here.

Life Book 2024 is now available to pre-order with 30% off! Use HAPPYART30 to join in on Life Book at Early Bird Prices!


If you haven’t joined up for the FREE Taster Sessions you can do so here, 2 weeks of free art activities from 25 September to the 8th October 2023.


To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY to win a free spot in the course next year simply comment below telling me what animal or insect you would like to incorporate into your art.

Winner will be drawn by random number generator on 8th October 2023.

While you are here you might like to watch my free tutorials or bookmark the page and come back later.  There’s no time limit on these free lessons they are always there.



  1. I love cats and dogs and I would like to incorporate them into my paintings. I recently lost two members of my family: my dog who gave me 14 wonderful years of happiness and one of my cats, who always sat next to me and followed me everywhere.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. I love dogs and my favorite breed is the Boxer. I love the clown behavior and that lovely wrinkled snout so I think it would be great to learn that.
    Thank you for this opportunity Toni.

  3. I would love to learn to draw the Jaguar in the jungle. Strength and power and mysticism are found in the spirit of the jaguar.

  4. I am very fond of bunnies and would like to learn how to draw/paint dragonflies, their wings look so intricate and they like to be by water.

  5. I will be so grateful for a place in your class as our rural town doesn’t have art classes. Thank you

  6. I would love robins, larks, chicadees and woodpeckers to be incorporated in your art classes. I love all birds.

  7. I would love to incorporate wild animals like lion, tiger, reindeer, etc in my art! Thank you!

  8. I already participated to some other lifebook and kaleidoscope and I really enjoyed it. It help me to grow up and to move forward in my journey as an artist. hence I would really love to participate to the new session.

  9. I love humming birds, they bring so much joy and sweetness. I also love cats and the feline shape and form makes artwork look so cool 🙂 Thanks so much Toni, for this chance to win a spot!

  10. I am really attracted to birds…just saying birds brings to mind my father. One of the connections we had together was bird watching and learning about birds, their calls and how to tell the male from the female. Since my father passed away, I have had several hawks leave me feathers where I could find them. I feel my daddy left them for me to let me know he was near. After writing this all out…I think I would choose a hawk…A couple of years ago a pair of hawks that had a nest close to our back yard and had an eyrie….when it became a fledgling, my husband and I were treated to many antics in our back yard. I have an adorable video of it in my bird bath having the best time… Thanks for letting me go down memory lane…

  11. I would love to incorporate a dragonfly since they are my favorite. Thank you for your art and the opportunity!

  12. I would like to incorporate in my art a red fox. I think would look beautiful and it gives an “autumnal” feeling to the artwork. I also like to put butterflies 🦋 in the hair of my whimsical faces ✨✨✨

  13. SWAN – Because it has become my new spirit animal. We were stopped at a light right before the freeway on-ramp. A white swan was on the curb. I rolled down my window to tell her she was beautiful. We inched up a bit, and she stepped into the road behind us, blocking all traffic. I took a picture in my rear-view mirror as we continued on our way.

  14. Hi Toni,
    I would love to incorporate bumble bees and cats or better yet, a cat in a bumble bee themed sweater.

  15. Hummingbirds
    I recently painted one and brought it to my mom’s celebration of life because she loved watching them eat out of her hummingbird feeder. I’d love to make more art incorporating them.
    Also cats, because they’re just the best! I think they can sense so much more than we can. I have an emotional support animal cat and I adore her.

  16. Hi Toni
    I love bees, ladybugs and dragonflies, they are so cute in paintings and drawings. Thanks for my entry!

  17. I’d love to incorporate crows, owls, dragonflies & scarabs 🙂 I’m quite spiritual and very drawn to these

  18. I have a thing for elephants and dragonflies, so I would love to feel confident enough to be able to create something with one of those.
    Thank you for sharing your art with us!

  19. I would like to draw a Loon or a Deer. Both of these are are a big part of my life. I love your free style and strive to be looser in my drawings. Thanks for being part of LifeBook!

  20. Love putting a little something, almost hidden somewhere… a lady bug. Or butterfly … maybe a dragonfly. Sometimes a cobweb with itty bitty spider maybe she’s dangling … 🥰

  21. I would love ❤️ to be able to learn how to draw and paint a cheeky chimpanzee !
    Although, for including as a mini feature, you can’t beat a beautiful butterfly, bee, moth or dragonfly…

  22. I would love to incorporate foxes and the first dragonflies of Spring! Thank you, Toni, for this opportunity and for the lovely whimsy of your art!

  23. I think I would love to see a whimsical caterpillar–colorful, wavy, bumpy, and textured. I could see it framed/enhanced by a beautiful leafy background. My two cents! Thank you for this opportunity!

  24. Living in Wales, I would like to incorporate sheep…’s on my list of things to attempt- to try and do a sheep piece like your donkey 🥰
    There are so many different sheep breeds with varied faces full of character, the opportunities for artwork with them are endless 🥰

  25. Thanks for the opportunity to win Toni. The animal I would like to incorporate into my art is a hedgehog

  26. Thanks for the opportunity to win a coveted spot.
    I would like to incorporate chameleons…I think they could be perfect for arty purposes

  27. I love to incorporate animal ears into portraits.
    My favorite insects are Bees and dragonflies
    I also love birds🤍

  28. Hiya Toni and thanks for a fantastic lesson.

    I would love to incorporate more birds, I absolutely love them, I feel they have such varied personalities, just like people!

    I love the variety of shapes and colours that can be played with when incorporating birds and for me, they represent freedom and strength, some are so tiny and vulnerable but so brave against the weather that is thrown at them…I just love them!
    Thank you for an opportunity to gain a space on the course, its just not a financial viability so I appreciate the opportunity.

    Have a great day xxx

  29. Thank you for this opportunity to win a place on Lifebook. I absolutely love your work. I would love to incorporate a Warthog into my work. I just love them and they get totally overlooked.

  30. I would like to incorporate butterflies or dragonflies in my artwork. They seem so loose and light and that’s what I like about your work 💜 Thanks for this opportunity

  31. I feel called to incorporate bears and wolves in my art. But first would need to learn how to draw them ☺️

  32. love your style of art and would love to incorporate geese in my art work. love to win a spot on life book 2024 to learn more from you and all the other teachers.

  33. For this effort, I feel the need to mention the Florida Panther. I am a Northeast Florida (USA) native. The Florida Panther is the most endangered big cat in North America. Their range is currently limited to a small portion of rural Southwest Florida. They have facial markings similar to the Cougar, Puma and Mountain Lion. Their biggest danger is being hit and killed by fast-moving traffic on the interstate highways in the constant developing areas of Florida.

  34. Hi Toni,

    I would love to incorporate dragonflies into my pieces! I love that they symbolize change, light and hope.

  35. The black wolf! A rare coloring in the gray wolf family. Her name is Luna and she came to me in a vision and I’ve been wanting to paint her ever since. In studying more about black wolves they are less aggressive than the gray wolf 🐺 and a little timid. Such power in gentleness. ❤️

  36. Cats would be amazing. Capturing our pets in cheeky antics and peaceful moments. I would also love to have more confidence painting bees….another favourite. Love your style.

  37. I would incorporate bees! But not black and yellow – turquoise and purple. Because, why not?! 😁

  38. Foxes! I have ceramic foxes and plush foxes and fox bags and fox towels and fox boxes and fox soxes…um, I kinda love foxes. I would love to paint my own fox art to hang in my home.

  39. Well, that’s an easy question. Golden Retrievers – and more specifically, my lovely Leia. And thanks for the Flourish as well as the free tutorials on this site!

  40. I would like to incorporate birds and dragonflies in my work. Thank you for a lovely taster and a chance to win.

  41. I would love to add burros or donkey to my artwork. I would like to incorporate them into some old style western art. Also honey bees and an old fashioned wicker apiary.

  42. Hummingbirds are going to be a big part of my art moving forward. I love their beauty and uniqueness. Just like my mom. I lost her in April and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and shed a tear or two, or three. I have put up 5 hummingbird feeders in the back yard so I can see her when she visits. She loved hummingbirds, and I do too. I have two that visit regularly and they will just stop and flutter in front of the window as I watch. Someday I hope to stand outside and maybe let them land on my finger (but the bees have to move on, first).

  43. Thank you for this chance 🤩
    Maybe not very intricate, but I want to incorporate a raven, to be specific. I feel connected to them, even though I’m a bit scared of birds in general.

  44. Hi Toni, I love your art and thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a spot on LB2024. I have been drawing insects this summer so I think that is what I would love to see.

  45. Sloths and butterflies. And a dog-some kind of doodle. Thank you so much for this offer and for your taster session!

  46. Toni, I would choose the owl. Always drawn to pictures/paintings and actual real life views of owls. Thank you for your lesson as always.

  47. I would love to see more architecture (you are so amazing at it) perhaps an old city street with many buildings? But I would also love to see Bumble Bees on some florals, I think your style would lend itself well to that!

  48. I would like to incorporate wolves into my artwork as they represent loyalty, family, communication, wisdom, teaching and intelligence.

  49. I’d like to incorporate more birds – hummingbird and chickadee especially. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Thank you for offering a free spot in Lifebook 2024! I’d like to incorporate cats into my art, because they are very special to me.

  51. I would like to incorporate a red robin, because wherever I am they are always showing up, coming really close and make me feel connected.

  52. Love butterflies but dragonflies are also a favourite! I live your lessons so much . I would love to win a chance for LB24.
    Thanks so much for your taster session .

  53. Thank you so much for offering a spot in Life Book. My power animal is the raven so that is my animal of choice.

  54. I would love to incorporate polar bears into my art. In fact I’ve done it a few times! I tried designing my own, but let’s just call it mixed results.

  55. I tend to look for Dragonflies. I have a tattoo of one on my arm, but I want to learn how to detail the transparency of the wings and details is one thing I want to slow down and learn how or where to put highlights and low lights etc,

  56. The wolf is my power animal, I’m trying to incorporate the wolf into my art, I can’t draw or paint it very well yet.

  57. I enjoy incorporating Butterflies and Dragonflies into my artwork. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in LB2024 I would be absolutely thrilled! Always love your lessons Toni!!

  58. Oh thank you for these great opportunity. I ❤️ love your sketchy art.
    I would like to incorporate into my art a deer and of course a bear.
    Bye from Slovenia Marianna

  59. I would love to do a picture with a monkey, they can be so entertaining. thank you for all your great work.

  60. I love all animals and am currently drawn to animals at the seashore, seagulls, pelicans, sea lions, sand pipers. And I really love how you had such fun features with and around the main focus of your subjects. X

  61. Dragonfly seems very popular, but that would be my choice! The dragonfly is my favorite animal. LOL But butterflies would be good too. for some reason I don’t draw good butterflies.???
    Love your art – it’s my style!

  62. Tough question! Ravens (dramatic and for my husband), butterflies (eternal life and for my daughter) and giraffes….don’t know why, they just make me smile 😊

  63. Hey Toni! I’m so in love with your art. I would alway include a cat in my art it is so near and dear to my heart. I love your rabbits, they are so adorable.

  64. I would live to incorporate the sweet and gentle manatees into my artwork; the gentle giants of the ocean!

  65. Hi Toni. I love the ocean and am drawn to all sea creatures, large and small. Incorporating a whale would be fun! Thanks for the chance to win a free spot on LB 2024!

  66. Praying mantis and toads/frogs seem to show up in my everyday life so it would be nice to incorporate them into my art.

  67. Maybe a turtle? I use a lot of dragonflies too. Thanks for the opportunity! Looking forward to your lessons.❤️

  68. As a child, I always wanted an otter. However, I settled for a kitten instead and have had a cat for most of my adult life. So my chosen animals would be otters and cats.

  69. Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to incorporate dragonflies or butterflies 🦋 I love the shape and the bright colors.

  70. I would love to incorporate dragonflies too and litle kittens also 😁 as they are my lovely furry friends for my whole life

    Thank you for your give away I always enjoy your lessons so much and butterflies will be so much cool addition

    1. I would like to incorporate a small cute scruffy dog. I am always so inspired and intreaged with your style of art and have loved trying out what you show us and in the past have been pleasantly suprised how it has turned out, you give me confidence to try, thank you.

  71. A wolf for me. A life long interest in canines of all types, but my favourite is the wolf. I think it would definitely work in Toni’s wonderful loose style

  72. I would love to incorporate the glorious sounding & intricately detailed cicada into an art piece!

  73. I would love to incorporate my Dear Jack, a Jack Russell Terrier that owned me for the past 19 years. We said our final good byes to Jack this past March 13th, and he would make such a lovely art subject to bring to life again.

    1. King parrots and Lorikeet or Rosellas we have quiet a few of these birds visit our garden most days. I would love to paint these in your style. I painted the cute bird from last year. And I am learning to do the houses and buildings with a quirky edge. And so enjoying painting them. Thanks.

  74. I’m fascinated by ants. It’s so interesting to se them work together and wondering how the communicate and organize themselves.

  75. Many! But maybe first the dragonfly because it symbolizes the disease a cliënt of my is living with.

  76. Thanks for the give away, Toni. Love your art work! Amazing with the butterflies!
    I love butterflies and dragon flies, they give me this feeling of freedom, tenderness and magic

  77. Dragonflies. Love the fragility of their wings and the colours. Thanks for the chance to win a place on this super course.

  78. Dear Toni,
    I canlt chokes, because i love to draw animale. But if i have to choose it wil be The Whale 🙂 Xxx Tamara

  79. what a beautiful gift !
    I would like to have owls and dragonflies in my drawings. I find it difficult to draw them.
    Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  80. Hi Toni
    I have just watched your taster video and I’m going to create something similar ( I hope) tomorrow. My Favourite creature to include is the butterfly. I would love to win a free enrolment in life book 2024. Thanks so much.

    I also want to say I really appreciated your talk about making art and making everything a practice.

  81. Thank you for this opportunity and I would like to include my cat into my art. I find animals particularly difficult to paint.

  82. Thank you once again for giving us the chance to win a spot on the course. I love nature and finding ways to include it in my art. I would love to include a dragonfly into my work, they are so beautiful and fascinating and represent transformation to me which I think is lovely.

  83. Thank you for the chance at a spot :). I love owls so would like to incorporate more 🦉 🩶🤎

  84. Hummingbirds

    I love your art Toni and thank you for the opportunity and chance to get a spot in the 2024 Lifebook Class.

  85. I’d say butterflies as symbols of change and growth or deer/elk because I live in the mountains!

  86. I would love to be able to draw a westie, because they’re my favourite doggie and then I could pop them in my art journaling and mixed media

  87. The bumblebee is threaded through my life, my Mum insisted on being called Bee when she became a grandmother, I work in a school where the Bee is our emblem and it’s in the name of the village I live in! To incorporate them into my art would be amazing, I love their velvety bodies and how they bumble along defying gravity, pollinating the world for us.

  88. Can’t wait to get started on your lessons! Love the vibrancy of the colors! I would love to add a dog to my work. My golden gives me so much joy.

  89. a nautilus, I love spirals and circles, they have a pretty color and live in a nice surrounding

  90. Gosh, so many beauty’s to choose from! Cows, giraffes, turtles, meerkats, pangolins, penguins, peacocks, dolphins and whales.
    Oh yes, what about pandas? Love me a panda.
    Couldn’t leave out butterflies and dragonflies.
    Anything you choose Toni, will be magnificent and amazing. Thank you x

  91. A turtle! Why? Because I like the texture and think a watercolor piece would be lovely. And there’s green in turtles, my favorite color!
    Hope I win!!


  92. Hi Toni, I would like to see tigers 🐅 they are gorgeous animals.
    Thank you for a chance to win a spot in LB2024, I didn’t win last year so here I am again 🥹

  93. Jumping spiders are very intriquing to me lately. Especially finding “Rose” on Instagram (@Tiana_thebuglady). Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  94. I have been super interested in elephants and giraffes lately and would love to create art incorporating them. There are so many interesting animals forms that I have been watching lately. Eagles and owls are two birds I have founds very interesting as well! I have a Pinterest board for Amazing Animals. 🙂

  95. I would like to incorporate a horse in my art. I live in the heart of horse country, and have seen beautiful drawings and paintings of horses, but I would love to do a horse in the loose sketchy style that I’ve learned from you.

  96. That is a hard choice for me. Im really into Owls, turtles, dragonfly and the last year or so sloths. I def would love to learn to draw a sloth. ✨

  97. Birds, of any and all types. Its not what a bird is, its what a bird be (thank you to Terry Pratchett).

  98. I have been incorporating fox into my artwork. I’m not sure why except I find them curious and beautiful. They have a strength about them. I also love to add Raven. Maybe they are my animals?

  99. Hi Toni I love to put tiny flying birds in my art. I love to see birds wind surfing lol!
    Thanks for a chance to win a free spot I so enjoy your work!

  100. Snails! They remind me to slow down.
    Loved your taster session! Thank you! Your style appeals to me very much.

  101. I would like to paint some cute little chipmunks. We have several of them that always seem quite busy in our yard. Thank you for the opportunity to win a giveaway.

  102. The animal’s I would love to incorporate is the Platypus and the Otter .
    These two are so cute love their little faces But I also love them because of there Spiritual meaning which embodies everything within me . The Platypus ‘be yourself ‘ and the Otters independence and freedom . To self exceptance and self love , honouring who you are , to except the importance of solitude and finding the balance between peace and harmony.
    I resonate with both these animals spiritual meanings and traits so much . Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot , I have never done this course but would so like to .

  103. Hi Toni! I absolutely would love to incorporate more bunnies into my art! I have one that I really love!

  104. For me a little bee or two would be perfect! It worries me that these beautiful and important insects are under threat in Australia and around the world! I love including them in my art to help create awareness of their fragility 🐝 💗

  105. I love butterfly’s & I’m so inspired by the carefree way they fly…I was touched by one fluttering around me that landed on my shoulder… I was sketching by a special view point by a river where I used to take my beloved dog & will never forget that moment🧚🦋

  106. I would love to paint the humble hedgehog….although not a native of Australia I have always loved them when growing up in UK. Thank you for the chance to enter this.

    1. I would love to do a beautiful red fox, or a beautiful blue wren. I have them in my garden and they are adorable 😊

  107. Thanks Toni for this opportunity.
    A wise ole’ owl would be fun to incorporate into a piece of art with your spin on that.

  108. I think I’d like to incorporate chameleons into my next art piece. Thanks for your tutorial. I always like your art style. -Sarah

  109. Love your art and teaching. Thank you for this opportunity to win a spot in LB. I wish I could add dogs and cats to my art. Thank you.

  110. Thank you SO incredibly much for the opportunity to win!
    I would incorporate a butterfly or dragonfly into my art- both have sentimental meaning to me.

  111. How to choose. I love them all.. maybe kitty cats…or ladybirds… or dragonflies or…….🌿🐈🐞🐉🌿

  112. I absolutely love your style! I have followed you since finding you on another taster…I love BATS and would love to incorporate them into my art. They get a bad rap and are so important to our environment. Thank You!!

  113. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

    Praying mantis and toads seem to always make an appearance for me when I’m outdoors so, I’d like to incorporate them Into my art work.
    Birds are also a favorite.

  114. Toni, you are one of the artists whose style thrilled me when I started taking Life Book in 2019. I purchase Life Book every year, in part to give some small support to the generous artists like yourself who share so much with us. I will purchase Life Book whether or not I am gifted a place, but I have retired & winning a space would be such an incredible gift! I do not feel very confident in drawing animals, but would love to incorporate dragonflies, foxes, wolves, & dogs in my art. Thank you for your generous, creative spirit!

  115. I would love to do a swan in remembrance of my brother .
    Just for their beauty and fun either a good old Aussie magpie or a crow. I love our feathered friends 🙂

  116. Hi Tony,
    thank you for your beautiful classes.
    I would love to incorporate either an owl in my painting (I have collected owls in different materials for many years) or dragonflies. they are so beautiful.
    Thank you.

  117. Hi Toni, I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to Sth Africa Kruger National Park recently. I feel in love with all the beautiful wildlife, but in particular the birds have amazing colours which will inspire me in my art.

  118. Toni, I love most animals especially wild critters. I am particularly drawn to crows and owls. I love foxes, elephants, llamas, and flamingos. I could go on.

  119. Hi Toni,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in Life Book 2024!

    My favourite animal is the owl, it is featured regularly in my art and is my constant reminder of the wisdom I have to share with others xx

    Thanks again

  120. I would incorporate dragonflies as that is my spirit animal. Every time I see a dragonfly it reminds me of my late grandmother. I had a life like dragonfly tattooed on my right leg so that I could be reminded of her everyday even when it’s too cold for dragonflies to be out and about.

  121. Lady bugs and hummingbirds, as well as ravens are my favorites. I look forward to Life Book 2024. Thank you for this opportunity.

  122. I love all animals and some of my favourites are Ducks – Magpies – Dragonflies- lizards and the cute Quokka so many to choose from and try and draw

  123. I would love to incorporate some bees and butterflies into my paintings. I love butterflies. This year I was able to raise 3 monarch caterpillars and watched the process of them changing into butterflies.

  124. Oh my goodness. I would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2024, and so excited by your upcoming projects. I love all things insects, and love the symbolism of change with butterflies. I also think your style would be exquisite for intricate transparent wings like dragonflies or cicadas.

    1. Thanks for the free lessons Toni. I love your style and would like to incorporate dragonfly and bee in my painting.

  125. I would love to use a fanciful frog. It can be a tree frog variety or a bullfrog. I’m fascinated with both. Yeah, strange I know. Lol.

  126. Firstly I love your work, Toni. You are always an inspiration 💜 I would love to incorporate a wolf.

  127. I would like to incorporate Ravens into my art. I need to practice drawing them but have always been obsessed with them because of Edgar Allen Poe.

  128. I love echidnas, they are adorable little creatures. Thank you for allowing me to enter this wonderful giveaway. Stay happy 🙂

  129. Hi Toni! I’d love to have a dragonfly or a sea-horse in an artwork. I think either of these would look great in the ink and watercolour technique! 😀

  130. Hi Toni , I would like to incorporate butterflies 🦋 for freedom and transformation, and blue birds for peace 💕

  131. First of all, I wanted to say thank you Toni for the architecture lessons! You explained it very well, thanks to your lessons I was able to draw Morocco, and in general understand my mistakes when I draw a city. I would really like to learn how to draw Australian animals such as Kukobaru, and Koala, thank you very much again!
    P.S Thanks for for chance to win a cpot

  132. A dolphin. They are warm as humans and big as men sometimes. To swim with them in the wild is a magic experience. If they love you they will bring you gifts to play with them. You give it back and on you go. LOL!

  133. Thank you for a chance to win a spot🩷
    I would love to incorporate birds of all sorts into my journaling and my art pieces.

  134. I would incorporate a fox, a bit strange as I live in Australia but my grandson has always had a Mr Fox toy so I’m always fixing him or painting a fox or a wolf because they seem regal. Thanks for the chance

  135. I really like magpies, squirrels and cat ( I have some loving in my garden)they are so intelligent and chring animals .I would love to be able to draw them at ease.

  136. Lately I have really been drawn to artwork featuring bears. So now I really, really want to try and create something featuring bears.

  137. I would love to incorporate giraffes in my paintings. They remind me to stand stall and be proud no matter what cards life deals us.

  138. I live in the woods and love all the animals I see. I would like to incorporate more birds into my work, especially mourning doves that symbolize new beginnings and hope. Thanks for offering us a spot…Life Book is incredible!

  139. I love dragonflies and having just moved to Darwin there are so many up here. So many artistic possibilities.

  140. I always use butterflies but lately very drawn to ladybugs, I have seen loads while gardening and love them.

  141. Hi Toni. I love your bunny but I’d love to do a rat. I had pet rats but sadly they don’t live long and it was heartbreaking to lose them..
    Thanks for the vhance

  142. The dragonfly is something I would like to incorporate into my art. They are so beautiful. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

  143. Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to incorporate a bird into my art right now so I can fly, fly away.

  144. Hi Toni,
    Thank you for this opportunity! I would like to incorporate dragonflies in my artwork, too. They are simply beautiful.

  145. Hi Toni, thank you so much for this chance to win! I love all the classes of hours that I have taken so far. The animal I would love to incorporate into my art is a peacock! I think it’s so beautiful and symbolises strength and empowerment.

  146. Thank you for this opportunity! I like to incorporate butterflies into my art work. Butterflies mean transformation, which is something happening on my healing journey.

  147. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, Toni! ♡

    I would love to incorporate a dragonfly in my art some day soon, since they are extremely beautiful and also a symbol of growth, transformation and new beginnings.

  148. Hi Toni,
    The animal I would like to incorporate into my art is a horse.
    I love that the horse symbolizes strength, courage and freedom.
    I’m grateful for this chance to win a spot, thank you Toni!

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