Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024 Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to my Giveaway for one free spot in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024!

PYHaS is a vibrant, diverse and inspirational year long art course with over 40 international teachers.

Next year I will be teaching 2 lessons in this course.  We’ll be creating loose, emotive, quirky portraits using water based media. Below are the finished artworks you will create with me. For all the details on what you get with PYHaS just follow the link here.


To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY simply comment below and tell me what emotion you would most like to capture in your painted portraits.

Good luck and I hope to see you in the classroom next year.

Winner will be drawn by random number generator on 12th September 2023.

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  1. Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Belinda Spencer who has won the free spot for PYHAS 2024. Thank you to everyone that entered.

  2. I want to capture longing and remembering – maybe some sorrow. I’m not against joy though!! 🙂

  3. I would love to be able to portray the expression of hope.
    For many years I have suffered from depression, recently I have been much more settled and have begun to feel hopeful for the first time in a very long time 😊
    I would love to try and get that across in my art.

  4. Toni, I worry about our world and I would like to create the emotion HOPE. Because I see that in your work!

  5. Hi Toni, the emotion I’d like to paint is gratitude as that is how I feel about this chance to win your giveaway! Thank you 🙏

  6. Hello Toni – I am a huge admirer of your work and absolutely love all of your pieces.
    I would love to one day draw a picture of a happy me, one that has resolved or come to terms with the past and can take on new adventures! :-). Thanks very much for your giveaway. xx

  7. Much like what inspires me about your own art 🌸Toni 💓, I strive to capture the emotion and feeling of “flow….letting go…realism entangled with abstract”.

  8. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I try to capture peace and tranquility in my paintings.

  9. I love your work and I would love to draw more emotions…like nostalgia for the past or sadness. Thanks for the chance to win a free spot

  10. Thank you for the chance to win!!
    I seem to have trouble capturing the emotion of sadness. I hope that we can work on that in 2024.

  11. I love , “Not the Norm”…a little edgy, fun, and expressive portraits. Your lessons are always exciting. I always look forward to your texts and videos. Thank you Toni!

  12. Serene / Peaceful expression ~ I would be thrilled to win a spot in the course! Always love your lessons Toni 💖💕

    1. I love to do a workshop with you and all the other great artists! I would learn al kind of emotions.I’m already happy when I’ve made a decent face, I’d like to learn different emotions from you!

  13. Love your work Toni. I would like to capture the struggle people have with mental health issues such as anxiety and the pain captured in their faces

  14. Faith….faith in whatever is special to one’s self. For some that might be religious, for others it might be faith in humankind, in nature, in love, etc. I lost several of my dearest friends and want to acknowledge them through my faith that they are still with me. With their loss, I’ve become ‘wilted’, so I am looking forward to next steps.

  15. I would like to be able to do portraits that express a sense of peace and calm. I love your work. Learning from you would be such a great experience.

  16. I have learned so much from your lessons. Each lesson teaches me to let go of “precious” and just be free of expectations. I want to learn more about letting go and letting it be easy.

  17. Definitely I would love to be able to draw a portrait of someone in a joyful & super excited state. I have been watching a lot of baseball lately… I am constantly excited… the players get wildly excited… I want to capture that feeling! Thanks Toni!

  18. I always enjoy your lessons and admire your exploration and mastery of a variety of mediums (including your clay work). I strive to allow they eyes of my portraits speak, to tell their stories. I’m told that the emotion they frequently convey is sadness.

  19. I would like to learn how to capture despair, and then also hopeful relief.
    Thank you so much, Toni.
    Your lessons next year look really intriguing.

  20. I would like to capture a happy emotion. I have a difficulty with mouths. But I would like to learn anything because I’m still struggling with faces.

  21. Hi Toni,
    I love the paints I ordered from you. I would like to learn to paint portraits showing the emotions of peace and joy. I love your style!

  22. I would love to paint the feeling of inner peace. Love all your stuff Toni, thanks for all you do.

  23. Toni, I would like to paint a surprised face. I think it would be fun and challenging. I love your classes so much!

  24. Love your art lessons, especially the expressions and emotions everything can have. These new classes look fantastic!

  25. Hi Toni. I love all your art. Thanks for adding me to your give away. I have been challenged by the PYHaS 2023 and will be there next year whether I win or not. Blessings.

  26. Hi Toni. These classes look great. I would love to be able to create any emotion. I feel mine mostly lack emotion so far.

  27. Hi Toni, thank you for this opportunity!! I live all your classes!! ! The emotion I like to capture is confidence

  28. It would be great to see an expression instead of a face without any emotion. I love your way of painting. Would be great to join PYHAS.

  29. Hi Toni, thank you for this opportunity to win a spot on this fantastic course! The emotion I like to capture in my portraits is a dreamy, lost in thought look!

  30. I’m amazed by the looks of the simplicity within the complexity of the four different portraits. They look so easy to make and yet so complex to show through the different emotions I can spot in each unique piece! They are not only unique but also nostalgic to me with their black and white expressions!

    1. Wow just discovered you and I love your work! Congrats for the hard work!
      I would like to capture joy and happiness in my work as it reflects my personality. Would love to win this spot so much! Hugs form Italy ❣️

  31. I want to be able to make faces that show emotion, any emotion and not just be flat, excited for these classes

  32. I am new to drawing faces! I love all of Toni’s expressions. I just turned a “ young “ 70 and have so much joy and gratitude to be thankful for. I would love to express that through art and paintings!❤️🙃🙂

  33. I would love to see hopefulness.
    I’m just learning to paint faces and I love the freedom of your painting Toni. I signed up for PYHaS for the first time and I’m really looking forward to my learning process in 2024.

  34. Toni as usual your faces are stunning, this one tugs at all my heart strings. I would love to learn how to capture sadness but will happily take any emotion that comes from the brush xxx thank you for the opportunity and I’m excited to join you in class xxx

  35. I love faces! I want to learn how to show all the emotions,. Joyful, anxious, excited, sad. You name it! Thanks

  36. Hi Toni! Love your work and the chance to be part of this. My emotion I wouldcapture would be happiness especially if I won.

  37. Always enjoy your lessons Toni and thanks for a chance to win a spot. I like seeing curiosity, hope and compassion in portraits.

  38. Hi Toni! Thanks for this opportunity! The emotion I’d like to study and convey would be surprise.

  39. Thank you for the opportunity! Your lessons are always inspiring and make me want to just “relax” and let it happen..

  40. The emotion I need is serenity. I’m in such a stressful situation for over 18 months now… I need peace and faith that all will be well.

  41. I would most like to be able to capture a sense of mystery– as in the portrait can be interpreted in many ways by the viewer. thanks, Toni!

  42. The expression of wonder! Or innocence! Oh heck anything you paint or teach us to paint is marvelous.

  43. J’aime votre univers, votre façon de travailler que j’ai eu la joie de découvrir au revival sketchbook 2023

    J’aimerai peindre un petit grain de folie malicieuse et joyeuse

  44. Win a spot or not…Toni I love your work…I love seeing you become a international artist name….your style is very inspiring….thank you

  45. Hi Toni,
    I love your work. I don’t think it’s easy to express as much with such simplicity. Most of my girls look calm and/or half asleep. I’d like to be able to show humour and frustration. In my world, they can go together.

  46. The emotion I’d love to see is Excitement and happiness! That is what Art is to me. I love your work, it makes me happy to see all of your work including pottery.
    I’ve taken a few classes of yours and find it so exciting!
    Thank you, Toni, for this opportunity! 💕

  47. I would like to express mixed emotions – joy and sadness at the same time. My kids are growing fast – I am happy that they blossom, but feel sadness that almost empty nested now…

  48. I am always learning new techniques or tools with your lessons! I am so looking forward to your next ones!

  49. I would really like to capture joy. This past year has been a tough one, with the loss of both my mother and mother-in-law. As such, I have been more quietly contemplative and that shows in my art. I would really like to harness more joy by putting that emotion into my drawings and paintings of people. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spit in PYHAS 2024!

  50. I would like to express the awakening/ rising of my soul out of the grief and ashes after my husband passed away because of covid and me surviving covid.
    Simply love all your artwork

    1. Nehemiah was tasked with a very difficult task. Those in power in his day took a firm stand against him, even though rebuilding the walls of the fallen city of Jerusalem was the God-inspired way to their freedom. Nehemiah told the people, “The JOY of the Lord is your strength!” The impossible looking situation of Nehemiah’s day kind of resembles our predicament today. Joy is one tool we use as a weapon in this war!

  51. This would be an amazing opportunity. Thank you Toni. I would like to be able to capture the emotions of joy and sadness.

  52. Toni I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. I would be so excited to win these classes. It would make the perfect birthday gift, since my birthday falls on the 13th. The expression I would like to learn how to do is mix between hopefully and loved. Something I feel we need to spread through out our communities. Again thank you so much 💕

  53. Thanks for the opportunity Toni…at the Moment i feel a lot of fear and anxiety….therefore i would like to capture some kind of expressive moodiness

    1. Layers of life force… vibration of life…is what I’d like to discover through painting and creating.

  54. 🌸🌸The emotion I would like to capture is personality and character of faces and architecture that I am learning to paint with new watercolour techniques. 🌸🌸🌸thanks Toni.

  55. Oh my… Hard question, but I would love to learn to express ALL emotions I am going through. Thankfully I am doing better and better… I think what I would like to express very first is my face when I realize another mindshift simply “happened”

  56. Hi, thanks for the opportunity.
    I’m no good at faces… and I live your work more and more each day. The expression you add to any of your paintings is so inspiriring. Besides watercolour being my favourite medium, I would enroll this course only for your lessons, if I could afford it. The other artists wolud just be a very welcome and joyful bonus. Xx

  57. It’s been an awful year for our family ….. tired and struggling a bit.
    I would love to create a painting of hope, love, support and strength.
    Could you help me to do that? I would make prints for all my family, a kind of family heirloom. We are getting there, but it’s been hard.
    Love to put this into reality, not just in my head.
    With love and positivity

  58. I would like to capture contentment. An emotion that I have finally achieved. Already signed up for 2024. 😀

  59. Believe it or not, I would like to be able to express anxiety in a portrait. I am using my art for self expression and I’m not sure where to begin with that. How wonderful that you are able to give away a place on the course. Thank you for the opportunity!

  60. Hi Toni, I like to practice all types of emotions in my portraits. Right now I’m feeling the need for more joyfulness so that is what I am attempting to portray! Joyfulness snd magic!

  61. Hi Tony,
    How wonderful it would be to win a spot. Since I’ve been struggeling with depression I would like to draw a hopeful face. Maybe hopeful and determined to never give up. 😉
    Thank you and all the best for you.

  62. This is so exciting I would love a free spot. I would love to capture the emotion of wonder ❤️

  63. Thank you Toni, for this give away
    I would love to learn how to capture hope and wonder…

    X Karin

  64. Hi, I love learning new ways to do art and your style of art Toni really appeals to me. I am looking forward to learning and creating art from you.

  65. I love all your girls Toni! I’ve never taken a portrait only course, so that would be awesome! Lots of emotions come to mind: joy, intrigue, whimsy… Wisdom. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

  66. I so love your style and I’d love to win the free spot. The emotion I’d like to capture is melancholy..

  67. Hello Toni! The emotion I’d like to capture is a surprised face❣️ Thank you Toni! That would be a delight! Thanks for this opportunity to win a spot! I could sure use something like this to keep me creating this next year… the line up is absolutely outstanding😉xo

  68. Just to have lessons with you would be awesome. I love all your different classes an have gotten a few of them. All of the teachers have such great creativity with their work. A year of a new lesson each week sounds amazing.. I’m retired an I find art really gets me through my days!

  69. Hello Toni, I am just returning to my art after a long time as an integration aide, where I tried to bring creativity into my student’s life whenever I could, it was such a privilege. Now retired, the emotions I would love to give my portraits is I guess what I need right now, that is calm acceptance, and quiet tranquility. Thankyou for the chance to be chosen for the course.
    Take care Toni, & bless you.

  70. Wonder and pure bliss would be awesome to capture. Thank you for the chance of winning a free spot.

  71. Hi Toni, I would love to capture confidence. Confidence that I wasn’t afraid to paint something and that I did a great job or at least the best I could and not be ashamed to show anyone my work, including me Lol 😂
    Love & Blessings

  72. I would love to capture that wistful look, hope, tinged with a little sadness that makes you wonder what their story is. Love your work and lessons are always a pleasure to follow.

  73. My sister says my portraits always look miserable so would like to portray someone feeling happy and carefree. Thanks for the opportunity Toni.

  74. I would like to capture a thoughtful and happy look. Something to even out the crazy things in my life right now. I love your portrait and ink style. You have already made me addicted to drawing with ink.

  75. A thoughtful expression is nice and so is a happy face. There’s enough negative to go around elsewhere so my prefer is something positive.

  76. Ik geniet van jouw creaties zowel het keramiek en de fantastische schilderingen. Ik zal je niet nadoen doch wel een mooie inspiratiebron. Waarvoor mijn grote dank.

    I enjoy your creations, both the ceramics and the fantastic paintings. I won’t imitate you, but a nice source of inspiration. For which I am very grateful.

    I was born in the Netherlands and live in Hungary

  77. That far away, dreamy look, thinking of beauty and peace.
    I love your whimsical dreamers.

  78. I would love to paint different emotions, the dailies. Sometimes it’s joy (yeahhh) sometimes the dark side.

  79. Thank you for this opportunity. For me I try to capture joy! Joy in painting helps me get through my days. The creation of art gives me joy and then looking at the pieces I end up creating continues to fill me with internal joy! 😍

    1. As it is New Years Day when people look forward to the year ahead. I want to practice being present in the moment. My emotion is joy in the here and now.

  80. Hi Toni – I would like to capture love and happiness – my girls I have been doing over the last 2 years look perplexed – probably because that is what I feel. Long story short because I lost my mum. I don’t want faces of confusion and sadness anymore.

  81. I would like to capture a person that looks like she has emotion. All my girls look fake and dull

  82. Hi Toni, thank you for the opportunity. I would like to capture ‘dreamy eyed optimism’ in my portraits.

  83. There is so much trouble on earth I want to escape and depict unbridled joy I experience in the natural world. Love your loose style and your colour choices, Toni!

  84. Hi Toni
    The emotion I would most like to capture is ‘inspired’. When inspired we are more likely to break through our own or external barriers.
    Thank you for the opportunity to connect with you!

  85. I want to capture WILDNESS in my paintings (less details and more abstract) thank you for the opportunity to win a seat

  86. Toni, you are amazingly talented! Your style feels so light and loving , like a big hug ❤️ I would love to see curiosity:) Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  87. I would love the opportunity to learn from so many wonderful artists, including yourself, Toni. The emotion I would like to capture is childlike wonder. As soon as we’re adults, we forget what it’s like to look through the eyes of a Child and as a lady in my 50s, I would like to capture this in my art for adults.

  88. The emotion I most hope to capture is hope.

    As a old (64) new artist, the thing I struggle with most is letting go of control. I am so very hopeful to learn how to allow myself and my art to be free.

    In a world with so many worries and so much anger and hate, each time I sit down at my art table I hope for peace and love. I would love to be able to capture that emotion in my art.

  89. I’d love to capture happiness on a picture I had as a little girl! Thank U for the oppprtunity !

    1. Wops , the website said the comment was a ‘duplicate’ and to try again, so I wrote another one but it posted both! So my apologies if there are 2 of them!

  90. I love the freshness of your whimsical art Toni.
    An emotion I would like to capture is Hope. Light filled hope.

  91. Your style is so unique, I love It!
    I’d love to capture the beauty of my young Grandma on her wedding day picture❤️

  92. Hi Toni, I’m so happy you are one of the PYHaS2024 teachers, love your lessons and watercolor! I would like to paint the emotion of fright. Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. Just a quirky smile of pleasure. I love your work. I have tried several of your free art tutorials and they are fantastic.

  94. Thank you for your fun art Toni! I would love to take your course through the free giveaway. X

  95. Enthusiasm…I was invited by a friend last winter to work on a piece of art..first time …it was one of yours. Since then, I am hooked! I have participated in the Sketchbook revival 2023 and benefited again from your lessons and other excellent artists. would love to discover this new group of artists because beside you Toni and Jenny, i do not know any of the featured artists.

  96. I love how your work looks easy and cute for someone like me could do all the while looking super impressive and colourful would love to give it a go..

  97. Hi Toni
    Thanks for this lovely opportunity!
    I’d love to create ‘cheeky’ expressions on whimsical faces I draw.
    Being able to access the sessions in Paint Your Heart and Soul would help reignite my arty mojo (which seems to be missing in action at the moment)!

    1. joy..i wanna paint joy..directly crim the heart..soreading sunshine in the life of the person looking at the oainting. so needed in this world right now ❤️

  98. I’d like to show the emotion of remembering with a bittersweet feeling, a sort of nostalgia, both happy, wistful and longing.

  99. Hi Toni, I would love to capture any emotion in a portrait. I’m still new to faces and feel they all have the same look and feel with little to no emotion. So excited to learn how to add that touch of feeling to my work. Thank you for all the inspiration and this chance.

  100. My emotion is contentment. Would really love to win a spot. Thank you for the opportunity Toni 🙂

  101. Hi Toni, I fell in love with your style of painting, I’m retired and just started my journey with watercolours. I would love to be able to express joy and wonder with my art.

  102. Hi Toni I would like to be able to embrace the essence of whoever or whatever I am painting, but also learn to “let go” and paint more freely. Not letting the constraints of life and my natural urge to control things I interact with.

  103. Toni,
    I had so much fun and was completed in love with the watercolor scene I produced watching your lesson through Sketchbook Revival’23. I’ve had watercolors for decades but never got excited about using them until your lesson. Thank you so much for guiding me to loving watercolors. I have your “Little Houses” class earmarked to gift myself. They resinate with my being and bring me joy just looking at your samples.

  104. The emotion I would want to display is
    Sadness as I’m sitting by my father’s bedside as he slips away.

  105. Would love a free spot. I like your work. I also enjoy drawing and painting faces. Would be fun to capture a surprised look.

  106. I am a long time fan who has learned so much from your art lessons. I would love learning to portraying peace and strength in upcoming lessons.

  107. I want to capture the emotion I’m feeling most at the time. I guess that would be a deep authenticity; sometimes grief, sometimes joy, sometimes sadness, sometimes peace.

  108. I would like to be able to draw and paint an image, that portrays a thoughtful faraway expression. You know those times, when you are with people, and float off somewhere, not hearing the conversation fully, just away with the faires. I find it so hard to not make my drawings look twi, but they do. I need to push the boat out and practice more.

  109. I like to capture courage and strength the best! Thank you for the chance to win a free spot!

  110. Mystery, mystical, whimsical, content
    I learned a lot from watching you draw faces feastures 1st.

  111. Can you believe it’s another year Toni? The time is going quickly! I’m ready to be painting joy and happiness. I’m a little burnt out on sadness and loneliness.

    PS love your recent posting of your pottery pieces.💚

  112. So excited to see you will be teaching PYH&S 2024, Toni! I would like to express serenity. That’s what I feel when I paint. I want it to show in my artwork too.

  113. I would love to be able to create darkness and spookiness in my portraits. I am a huge fan of the horror genre so to create dark portraits would be fun for me. 🙂

  114. I usually have a hard time expressing emotion in my drawings. I would like to paint joy or peace in my portraits. Thank you for the opportunity, your artwork is stunning.

  115. I’ll be happy to capture ANY emotion you want to teach me! Im a total beginner when it comes to drawing portraits/faces.

  116. I have never tried Paint your heart and Soul before, but if Toni is involved I believe it must be wonderful. I’ll look forward to the new classes!

  117. Peace…….ahhhhhhh p e a c e – Thats what I want to feel when I look at my painted portrait. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  118. Gratitude…for so many blessings! Including artists who share their expertise and love of creativity ♡

  119. I love your art! My mother passed away two weeks ago. I would love to capture the peace she was feeling as well as love. She was surrounded by all 5 of her children. Mom was 94 years old, had Alzheimer’s but she still remembered all of her children. Many, many thanks. You are such a wonderful inspiration. Pam Propis

  120. I am not sure if this is an expression that can be drawn or painted…. I would like to be able to express on paper the
    “I have had had enough of this “

  121. Thank you for the free spot. I would like to paint hopelessness. I have always wondered how to capture emotions. Thank you.

  122. My interest is drawing vintage style ladies from the 1920 s era, so I would like to be able to give them a coy and shy expression appropriate to the times.

  123. As a newly minted 50-year-old, the emotion is most like to capture in portraits is grace, the best word I can think of for the combination of nostalgia, bittersweet recollection, quiet confidence, and inner peace through trusting one’s process. Toni’s work always captures so much and is endlessly inspiring.

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