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If you have registered for your new login page (March 2107) click below to login

Where have my classes gone?

In March 2017 I switched to a more secure and convenient way of accessing your classes.  If you have not yet registered your new classroom access please follow the steps below to register your new login.

To register your new login click here and scroll to the bottom section and create a new user account under REGISTER.  You can allocate yourself any username you like.  I will add your classes within 24-48 hours of you registering.  If for some reason your classes do not appear in that time, please send me a message via the contact page here.

(note that if you use a different email address that what you originally used through paypal to purchase your classes you will need to advise me.)

In the interim you can still access your classes below, however these pages will be removed shortly.  (use the passwords you were sent when you first signed up)



click here to enter the wrapped in vintage classroom.






click here to enter the luminous soul classroom




flowers in her hair classroom



click here to enter the flowers in her hair classroom