FAQ’s & copyright

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Yes my classes are perfect for beginner and intermediate level.   I go though the lessons step by step so you can follow along and see everything I do.  I explain every single detail.

How do I access my class?

At checkout you will be asked to register a username and password, you will use these to access your classes via the LOGIN section under MY CLASSROOM on this website.    You will receive a confirmation email and also a paypal email (please check your spam email box).  You should be able to access all class materials immediately by simply logging in.

If you have previously purchased a class from me and already have a login, your new class will show up when you access your classroom page.

Am I able to download all videos and materials?

You are able to download all videos and materials for the course you have purchased, simply click the link under each video and choose your resolution.

How long will I have access to the course and materials?

All courses purchased from my site have no end date, as long as I am here your class will be here.

Do you have facebook groups?

There is one communal facebook group that I use for all of my classes.  If you are a facebook friend of mine already I will add you or send you an invitation.  If your facebook email is different from your account email please message me so I can add you.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the online class and immediate access No refunds are offered.  Once you purchase the class it is final.

Can I sell the work that I create during this course?

Please read through the guidelines on copyright in the next section below.


Copyright Questions and Answers

People often have questions when it comes to the artwork and videos created for my online classes. Below I have listed and responded to the most common questions asked.

If you have further queries after reading through this document, please contact me.

Question: Am I allowed to sell the work or prints made of the artwork that I have created in your course?

Answer: If your artwork looks exactly like, or very similar to mine, I am comfortable with you selling it as long as you credit or reference my name. You can include something such as “inspired by Toni Burt”. If  you can, please reference the class with a link.

If your artwork that you created was inspired by my lesson, but does not look like my piece, then I am okay with you selling it. Including a reference link to me would be appreciated.  If you are unsure at all, about anything, please contact me and I am happy to take a look and discuss.  Please do not sell prints or copies of the work that resemble my original work.  When doing this, you are generating income for yourself on a design that was not your own.

Question: I really enjoyed your process and would like to create a video sharing the same technique. Am I allowed to do this?

Answer: If the video that you create is sharing the same process that you learned in my lessons,  then I am not comfortable with you filming that, especially if it is a current class that I am offering.   If you want to use portions of my techniques in your own designs, that are substantially different from mine, that is fine.  Please do not redistribute, post or reteach class content as either video tutorials (of any kind), written instructions/pdf’s, or in person workshops without asking me first.

Question: I own my own studio and would like to teach one of your lessons to my students in person. Am I allowed to do this?

Answer: I am uncomfortable with you teaching one of my lessons, step-by-step, as you learned it in this course.