inky faces – new class and giveaway!

Today I launched my new class – inky faces!  yay!!!

There is something about ink when water collides with it, like a wonderful explosion they dance across the paper together and create magic!  Sketchy lines turn into flowing features, shadows become stories and a charming narrative starts to emerge.

If you would like to create your own inky faces full of feeling and emotion you can find all the details here.

To celebrate I am giving away 2 spots in this class! To enter just comment below and tell me what element (animal, tree, flower etc) you would love to include in your inky faces artwork.


Winners will be drawn by random number generator on Sunday 26th March 2023 AEST. I will contact you directly if you win.

** If you purchase the class and win a spot you will be reimbursed.


  1. Congratulations to Linda Crawford and Amber H who won the two spots in this class, thanks to everyone who entered 🙂

  2. I am drawn to animals at the moment. My Dog Foo had the most expressive face and I’m not sure why I hadn’t tried to capture this. May be my next direction….Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. So many of your classes to do!!

  3. Hello Toni, first off thank you so much for offering 2 free spots for your class. I love your work.
    I think I’d love to see a jaguar or quetzal incorporate in a portrait.

  4. Love – love – love that bunny hat ❤️. Would love to see a fox. Also fireflies in the dark inky night would be awesome!

  5. I would put my dog Jack, my JRT of 19 years in my picture for sure. We just had to put him to sleep this month on the 13th, and he will be forever in my heart, and now in my art!💖💖💖

  6. Love your work! I am really into botanicals lately, not so flowers, but especially leaves and trees.

  7. Oooooh! I am so excited to try this class! I would love to incorporate budgies into my only girls!!!

  8. I would like to incorporate either a dragonfly or a hedgehog into a portrait. It would be fun!

  9. I think I would like to incorporate either a dragonfly or a hedgehog into a portrait.

  10. I love the sketchy style you do, loose and easy but it makes you stop and really look. I would do perhaps a feather or doodling like henna/mandala patterns, a moon and stars or the sun…something like that but also in a loose illustrative sketchy way 😉
    Thank you!

  11. Trees are my favorite subject to paint and I’m always interested in expanding and learning new ways to enjoy creating them!

  12. Hi Toni
    I would do love to do faces with my favorite creature the butterfly.
    So happy
    Thank you 😊

  13. Hi Toni, I am so looking forward to your ‘Inky Girls’ class! My first inclination is to include sketchy flowers and blooms. I am also drawn to straggly skinny limbs and branches:)

  14. This new class looks amazing! I love flowers especially lotus flowers and dahlia’s, but any really!

  15. I would love to incorporate a gnarled tree branch with an owl and poppies :). Also a bear and wild lupines or…. Lol. So many to choose from once I start pondering it 💙

  16. I love your style and would be super excited if I won this class! I am a cat person so a cat face would be cool. I also have a special place in my heart for owls and foxes.

  17. Trees! I love the energy of trees especially as they age. Thanks Toni for the opportunity. Love your work!

  18. I work in a hospital (non-clinical) and I see all kinds of emotions. While I can see and describe what I see I would like to be able to paint the emotions . I think this class may be the answer. Ty for offering.

  19. I’ve enjoyed your beautiful face sketching for quite a while and I’m thrilled I have the chance to learn from you in this class. Incorporating Jack Russels, deer, and any flowers would be lots of fun!

  20. This looks so fun- I would like to see a whale or a meerkat – ooh an owl! Cant choose!!!

  21. Your work is amazing! I would love to have a horse head included in my watercolor art class. My dream is to own a horse, but that reality is slowly fading so Painting a horse with a girl’s head would be the next best thing.

  22. It would be so exciting to win this class!!!♥️ your art , everything you do is amazing!

  23. I would love to win this class!!♥️ your art , everything you do is amazing!

  24. I am so in love with your style. So free and original. If I have to choose one option it would be flowers 🌸
    Crossing my fingers

  25. I absolutely love your work and of course I would like to win a spot in your course . I would love love to see magnolia flowers and trees incorporated in my faces

  26. I love the rabbit “hare”/hair. I would like to incorporate more quirky vibes in my portraits.

  27. Oh my word … such yumminess Toni. For me, birds, birds and more birds and then there’s tree “bones” (after all the leaves have fallen) and the faces found in tree bark.

  28. From your samples I see you’re doing creative things for HAIR! Always a problem for me. That would be my element!

  29. So love your style and the crisp colours in your art. I am really drawn to the animals, that bunny is adorable! Maybe with some great instruction, I could paint an animal that is recognizable.

  30. Wow what fantastic faces, these are brilliant. I love butterlies so guess these are what I would choose to include in my portraits. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in your wonderful course.

  31. Another wonderful class obviously! Thank you for the chance to win a free spot.

  32. I’d love to have the chance to try these faces. I’d like to create a Hawthorn Tree spirit woman. My choice of animal would probably be a hare since I was born in March and I’m slightly mad!

  33. The Bilby is a cute Australian desert-dwelling marsupial that is endangered. Their big rabbit like ears give them character and charm. The perfect companion for an inky face. And yes, I’m an Aussie 🌸

  34. Hi, thanks for the giveaway.
    Love your faces, your colours, your art. Would love to learn how you ‘loose’ draw your beautiful faces.
    Xx Marisa

  35. I love your style Toni! Can’t wait to take this course! Maybe adding some organic shapes would be fun😊

  36. Love, love, love your inky faces 🤍
    Daisies and bees… both bring a smile to my face 🌼🐝🌸
    And pandas, ladybugs, roses and sunflowers…. so many choices!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot 🖌

    1. I would love Bees and flowers. Thanks for the opportunity. Your workshops are great. 💕

  37. I would love to add flowers to Inky Faces – especially a Bird of Paradise (Strelizia). Love all your art, Toni 😊 xx

  38. Ohhh sweet!! I would live an animal with the faces class if I’m lucky enough to win!!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  39. I’m so excited for this class! Love the style and colours. I would love to include my border collie or my spirit animal – the wombat in my ‘inky faces’.

  40. Hi Toni! What a fabulous new class. I’d love to win a spot and I think cute birds and flowers would be great to add to the faces. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

    And so sorry for the frustrating FB issue. I hope they can get it handled for you.

  41. goodness, I would love to win a spot in this class, and I would include bears and irises in my inky faces

  42. This looks such a lovely and inspiring class. I would like to include the Bird of Paradise flower.

  43. I love your work and this class looks amazing! The elements I would include would be a butterfly and a koala.

  44. I think this may be my favorite class so far. My favorite elements to include would be birds and maybe a fawn?

  45. Love these Inky Faces! The bunny is my favorite! I wouldn’t mind having all elements included to learn them all and incorporate whatever strikes the mood of the day!

  46. Oh, so hard to choose! Either nature with flowers and/or trees, or animals, preferably my golden retriever.

  47. I just recently went through my old art work from the past couple of years to pull out “what lights me up” – every piece I have done from one of your classes has been a favorite!
    As for an element I’d like to add, I generally go for flowers but that bunny in yours absolutely stole my heart!

  48. This looks amazing! I would love to add animals, in particular birds to the inky faces; I usually draw and paint faces with flowers.

  49. I love the incorporation of natural elements and wonderful animals, so much a part of our lives!

  50. The hare is my animal of the year (and born in the Chinese year of the rabbit), so that is what I’d choose to draw. I would absolutely love to win a spot, but will buy the class anyway as love how you ink and colour.

  51. I would love to incorporate trees, animals and flowers (especially dahlia’s). Love the elements in this new class.

  52. I have taken a few of your classes, a couple of free ones and also one through a learning website. I was quite dumbfounded how simple little lines could create a face. I love birds and flowers and trees and….. thanks

  53. I’m so excited about this class! I would like to include some flowers and some geometrical shapes.

  54. Im thinking something flamboyant… Like the feathers of a peacock to go with all those amazing colours.

  55. I’ve been watching your posts of these beautiful pieces. They look so amazing. I would love to take this class. It really does look fascinating.

  56. I just love your loose style! I mostly include geometric shapes but would love to start adding animals.

  57. Stars and birds! Is that weird? I will be present for this class! It looks amazing.

  58. I love your happy colors! I really enjoy using elements of nature like trees, flowers, feathers and of course adorable houses.

  59. I love the bunny. I will use som flowers too snd maybe some stamped image or a stencil. The class looks great!

  60. I love the inky faces – so dreamy. I’d love to include a cat and bunnies with lop ears.
    These are so whimsicial. I’d love to learn how to use this medium and to draw like these beautiful examples.

  61. Well my inks are ready to go. I just need to win a spot now. Fingers and toes crossed.

  62. this would be another incredible class! Thank you so much! i would love to include an animal into my inky face artwork. Would love to determine what my true animal spirit is and include it!

  63. Looking forward to this inky class! The bunny is awesome… and I’ve loved all of Toni’s girls classes … so must try this new one!

  64. This class looks great. Even if I don’t win, I will try to purchase it, maybe next month. I love thé looseness of the portraits. I would love to include either a raven, or a wolf, fox or bear to my faces. Thank you

  65. I’ve loved all of Toni’s girls… so I’m so looking forward to this class… l do love trees and leaves… but that bunny is so cute!!!!

  66. I would love to incorporate the all elements into it recently I m very drawn to shamanic practice these drawing exactly is what I m looking for

  67. Oh how tempting, I love fountain pen inks, I would love to include storytelling elements in background, i.e furniture or books etc a homely background

    1. I love all your creativity.. You seem to do something special with every media you work with. From pottery, charcoal, pastels, watercolors, acrylic an oil paints. I’ve learned so much. Now ink ❤️❤️❤️!!
      I enjoy all your classes. Thank you for sharing!!

  68. Such beautiful work, Toni…I would love to add leaves and ladybugs to my inky portrait!

  69. Oh what a spectacular course you have put together Toni. I would love to include animals in my inky faces 🙂 I am a nature girl so all things nature are a given, trees, birds, fungi, flowers – but yes I would definitely include an animal. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot.

  70. Oh this class has me drooling! A bit outside of my budget right now, so I’d love to win it. I absolutely adore when you add your painty flowers at the neck!

  71. I would Include a bird. These faces are wonderful!! Your painting style always brings joy Toni!

  72. Would love to add flowers to my drawings. So excited to learn about using ink in my artwork. Thanks Toni!

  73. Love all three, love cows, trees and love flowers 🌸 thanks for opportunity to enter🌸🌺🌸 it’s wildflower season in Texas right now💕

  74. I’d absolutely add a winged bug – a butterfly or dragon fly or maybe even a lunar moth!

  75. I love the bunnies & birds though a Maine-coon kitty with the long hair on the tips of its ears would be fun. Random wild flowers… lol. I like it all.

  76. These inky faces are beautiful. I would love to include a squirrel because I feed one at work every day.

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