inky faces


Ink and water, when you mix them they create magic!  In this class we will use them to create wonderful loose and sketchy faces full of emotion.



There is something about ink when water collides with it, like a wonderful explosion they dance across the paper together and create magic!  Sketchy lines turn into flowing features, shadows become stories and a charming narrative starts to emerge.

The cost for this class is US$69.

This class is perfect for anyone that wants to loosen up in their art, to sketch looser, to paint looser, to find a freedom, and escape from perfectionism.  Inks are just wonderful for that.

There is a sense of joy I feel when I use inks, the process feels divine in a way.  You have no choice but to give in to the ink and water combination, let it do its thing.  It’s an exciting and deeply moving way to create art.

To kick off the creative process and get used to the inks we will start by creating 4 practice faces.  Then we will continue with what we learnt and create our 3 main artworks, where we will incorporate colour, doodles and imagery to complete the story for each girl.

ink faces online art lessons

This class is all about creating emotive and heartfelt artworks, of faces that tell stories. That embody feeling and a sense of a something to be told, to be unearthed.

Learn the joy of creating with dye based inks, they are quite different from pigment based paints such as watercolours.  They mix with water in such amazing ways.

In this class we will primarily be using fountain pen inks. We’ll also add a bit of sparkle with gold paint, what girl doesn’t like a bit of bling!

If you would like to create your own inky faces full of feeling and emotion then come and join me for this wonderful and fun class.

Who is this class for?

This is a beginners to intermediate class incorporating simple drawing and basic painting techniques.   There are 4 practice face lessons and then 3 full length detailed projects in this class. It is a work at your own pace class.  You will gain access to just under 4 hours of video in which I walk you through each step of the projects.

This is an open ended workshop with no expiration date.  Plus all the videos are downloadable and yours to keep! 

You will have access to my private combined FACEBOOK GROUP with others that are also taking my classes, to share your work and get feedback.

Toni is a wonderful artist and a natural teacher. Her techniques are accessible and straightforward and she explains everything so clearly that she brings you along with her every step of the way. Toni’s classes are a gateway into a creative world no matter what your level of experience, and such great value that you will be coming back for more. – Nicola F.

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What supplies will I need for the class?

Please use items you already have in your collection if possible.  Below are what I use in this class.  Links are for information you will need to source your items from suppliers close to you or in your country.

  • Watercolour paper – 18x26cm (7×10.2”) – I use mostly hot pressed with some cold press – either will work – I’m using this one.
  • Watercolour round brushes – I’m using these, but any medium round brush will work. I also use a tiny round brush and a small flat brush.


You have the choice of using Fountain Pens or Dip pens in this class.  In the supplies video I will talk about both.  If you have a dip pen and want to use it just get the inks below, if you have a fountain pen that you can refill just use that.  If you want to buy a fountain pen the Pilot Kakuno is the one I recommend.  It is cheap and really great quality, it is my go to pen now.

Fountain pens – I use 2 pens in this class, with a different colour ink in each.  The following are the 2 I recommend the most, they have almost identical nibs and write exactly the same.  Purchase the “medium” nib version.  The Pilot Prera is just a more expensive and slightly nicer barrel than the Kakuno.  Also the Prera comes with 1 converter cartridge so you wont need to buy it separately.  I would personally buy the Kakuno, they are a fraction of the price.

Fountain pen converter – this is used so you can fill your pen with your own colour ink.  However instead of using this you can also fill your pens empty cartridges using a blunt tipped syringe.  This is my preferred method and I show you how to do it in the class.  So you either need 2 converters (CON-40), or a syringe and some spare ink cartridges (IC-50).

Pilot IC-50 Black Ink Cartridge (we will be emptying these and refilling with our own ink colours)

Syringe like this one or this one, any kind will work if it has a blunt tip.


There are 2 main ink colours used in this class, the Parker Quink black is the most important, you can use that in all the lessons if you are unable to get the Diamine Ancient Copper.


  • Gold Ink  – I will add a recipe in the class if you want to make your own with mica, otherwise a gold watercolour paint or Ph Martin gold ink will work.  Also a gold Posca pen will work.
  • Graphite pencil – 2b or similar
  • Eraser – paper towels and tissues

Accessing your class

This class has immediate access.  When you proceed through the checkout you will be asked to login (if you have previously purchased another class) or register (if this is your first class on this site).  Following your purchase this class will appear in your My Courses page when you login under My Classroom in the website menu.  You can always find your classes here

**Due to the nature of the immediate availability of this course, all online classes are non-refundable.

If you have any questions?

If you have any questions at all please contact me via the contact page. I will do my best to reply to your message within 24 hours.   NB: I am located in Australia so there might be a little timezone difference!