Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024 is an inspirational year long art course with over 40 international artists teaching.  I will be one of the teachers, and would love for you to join us!



I am super excited to announce that I am going to be a part of the Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024 teaching team!

You may have already heard about this amazing course as it is one of the most popular art classes in our online art community. However, if you’ve never heard about it before, in a nutshell, this is a year-long art class with weekly lessons, it is a fun, informative, inspiring and interactive course with a main focus on portraiture, alongside additional subjects like animal portraits, still life, and more, perfect for beginner and intermediate level artists.

You will learn from the very best! There are over 40 amazing artist instructors who will share with you their knowledge, tips and tricks in order to create beautiful art. You will be practicing on a regular basis with over 65 lessons.

I will be teaching 2 lessons, and they are already filmed and ready to go.  This is them below – “my story” and “our story”.


This course is hosted by the artist Olga Furman of and is a wonderful collaboration of international artists. All of us are looking forward to sharing our unique creative process, our knowledge, tips and tricks with you, from start to finish. For all of the information and details about the course just follow the link here.

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