urban magic – new class and giveaway!

urban magic an online urban sketching watercolour class

I’ve just added a lovely watercolour class to my website – “Urban Magic”.

This is a class on painting bold vibrant urban scenes, using simple sketching and watercolour techniques.  You can find all the details here.

To celebrate I am giving away 2 spots in this class! To enter just comment below and tell me the place or town that you would most like to paint.



Winners will be drawn by random number generator on Friday 9th December. AEST. I will contact you directly if you win.

For an additional entry in the draw you can also comment on my Facebook post here.

** If you purchase the class and win a spot you will be reimbursed.



  1. Congratulations to Michelle Andrews and Valerie Parise who won the two spots in this class, thanks everyone who entered.

  2. I first learneo d about you through some taster sessions. Your art really speaks to me I am very drawn to it. This is why I would be grateful to win a free spot to this class. Thank you for the oppurtinity!

  3. I would like to paint a little town called Leavenworth, Washington State in the USA. The entire town sits high up in the mountains and is like stepping back into Germany three hundred years ago. The town looks like a vintage Christmas card in the winter and the fall they have a traditional Octoberfest. It’s very quaint and picturesque….. a perfect place to paint

  4. I would love to win this amazing class as I love all of your fantastic workshops. I would love to paint the beautiful colours of Burano in Italy where all the houses are painted individually in vibrant colours. Such a beautiful little town.
    Thx for the opportunity..fingers crissed

  5. Thank you for this opportunity – the class looks like it would be so much fun!
    I have over 2,000 photos from a cherished trip to Italy several years ago (my last holiday before becoming too ill to travel anymore). I would love to be able to learn techniques to help me paint the streets and architectural wonders from several of the places I visited during that wonderful 3 weeks – especially Castelmezzano, Sorrento, Positano and Varenna.

    1. Love your color choices as usual Toni! Morocco pictures could use some beautiful texture too maybe with some hand made collage papers too! So much fun!

  6. I have a computer filled with pictures from my trip to Costa Rica and this winter Im heading to Belize. I think they would be great places to paint.

  7. I would love to paint the Thrapsano, Crete.
    Full of narrow winding streets, cafes with outdoor seating, and lots of sunshine!

  8. I would love to paint Amsterdam as the houses there are unique and so many are right on the cannal so you get beautiful reflections.

    We have visited this beautiful city a few times but due to chronic pain I can nolonger travel. I would love to learn how to paint so I could paint this stunning city.

  9. Hi Toni! This class looks absolutely thrilling, fun and adventurous! I would love to capture a unique spot in Old Town Nicosia, Cyprus on the Greek side where I lived for a few years. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot. XO

  10. I loved painting the Santorini scene in one of the many on-line classes. Morocco seems so vibrant and mystical. However, I’d LOVE to see what you’d make of Burano, Venice with the brightly decorated houses, bridges and Canals. Amsterdam is a dream urban sketching venue too. Beautiful architecture, Canals and bridges…. my two ‘Venices’. Thanks for sharing inspiring works with us, love your style!

  11. Beechworth in Victoria Oz would really lend itself to your great whimsical style. Thanks for the chance to enter. 🤗

  12. I have Ireland and Italy on my bucket list. I’ve never been there but sketching these with your loose drawing style would help me feel like I’m there.
    Sandy Skinner

  13. I absolutely love your classes Toni, and your new one looks brilliant. You know what I would love to paint – I would love to paint a scene in Morocco. Anything whether its the streets, an overview or the market. Oh I bet you could do an amazing piece on that.!! 😉

  14. I would like to return to Tortola, British Virgin Islands, and paint some of the colorful buildings and the activities taking place in the everyday life of the people. Thank you for this opportunity.

  15. Oh I dream of going to Ireland in an old and cozy town in County Cork. Such charm and color! Not to mention the lovely old shops and buildings. This I’d love to paint with many glorious greens!

  16. This looks like an amazing place! I’d love to visit Japan again and paint the beautiful scenery and temples there.

  17. Thank you for the chance to win – this looks like another amazing class! I would love to paint Tokyo, especially at night with all the neon!

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to win this class. Also a great price to purchase it. I’m “IN”!!!

  19. Hello Toni,
    Having been to Santorini, your painting brings back wonderful memories and touches me deeply. Morocco promises new discoveries for me. I would love it if you offered classes with Venice, Paris, etc. Thank you for this opportunity to win a place in your class.

  20. I love your work and classes, Toni. I would live to paint Anacortes, Wa – where I grew up. It’s a harbor town in the San Juan Islands off the northwest coast of the US.

  21. I would love to see Sydney Harbour, Paris or anywhere on the French Rivera painted in your style. I love the loose way you have with your paints and drawing. I’ve just finished your Get Comfy course (which I loved), and am working my way through Tutty Fruity (although I’m struggling to be “loose”, but am improving with the more painting I do).

  22. I love your classes, learn so much, this one is an absolute winner in my eyes, can’t wait to start it. I’d love to paint in the Uk particularly the Cornish villages by the sea

  23. I would love to draw and paint Gaudi’s buildings around Barcelona.
    The colours and contours would be amazing to bring to life on paper

  24. Thank you for the chance to win this class! I love your art! I think I would attempt drawing from a picture of a Scottish town or Irish town I saw. I’m not great at drawing but it would be fun.

  25. I would love to paint architecture. I love your work. I’d love to paint some Italian places, or beautiful European places. I especially love beautiful doors.

  26. Thank you for the kind offering I love ur art in fact I have joined the taster session and draw the blue one would love to continue to draw the other two

  27. I love your cityscape/landscape classes! I lived in Europe for 3 years. There are so many little towns in Germany & France that I’d love to paint. (Bacharach, Bernkastle-Kues, Rüdesheim to start in Germany. Lille, Eguisheim, Nancy, Riquihir, among a very long list in France)

  28. This looks like a really fun class. I would enjoy painting the colourful areas of Puerto Vallarta.

  29. Just signed up for another great class, Toni. I’m post, 2nd cataract op, so will start the class in the New Year. Yay!!!

  30. I’d love to paint something in Portugal, a place I’d like to visit and haven’t yet. Love your classes , Toni.

  31. I would love to paint Chile, Ireland, Spain, and Italy ❤️ I’ve yet to visit these places, but they are on my bucket list of places to visit. I purchased your pink houses workshop and participated in your taster session through Willowing Arts, and I was hooked. Not to mention I love your pottery with the bunny ❤️

  32. Oh how wonderful memories of past travels! I would love to paint the colourful houses of Burrano , the white and blue of Mykonos and the decorative balconies of Paris 💗👏

  33. Since I don’t travel much I would enjoy painting anything that you suggest. I love the ocean/beach.

  34. i would love you to sketch St. Augustine, Florida!! the Architect is amazing and i love it there. thanks Toni for all you do. I just love everything you put your hands to. Amazing lady…

  35. Hi Toni,
    I want to visit the places you have depicted so beautifully!
    The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain has always fascinated me. My daughter visited Samaekana in Uzbekistan, the mosiacs look amazing too!

  36. Oh it would have to be Tuscany- my dream location to visit!! Someday!! Love all your classes!!

  37. I’d love to paint some of the historic old buildings in a neighboring town, iron mountain Michigan…I was married in their courthouse almost 41 years ago and it’s one of many beautiful buildings.

  38. Soooo many exotic places for inspiration, it’s too hard to choose…although I do love anyplace with colorful doors.

  39. I would love to visit and sketch/paint Santorini! I am always captivated by any photos I see from there.

  40. J’adore ton approche du urban sketcher. On a de beaux sujets dans le vieux Québec (Canada).

  41. I would love to paint Front Royal, Virginia. It’s where I live and we have so many beautiful old homes and churches. 💛 I’ve taken one of your taster sessions before and LOVED it. 🤗

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