let’s face it 2020 – course and giveaway!

Hello Friends!
I am so excited to let you know that I am going to be a part of the Let’s Face It – 2020 Team!

LET’S FACE IT is a course created and hosted by the wonderful Kara Bullock.  I was one of the teachers for the very first Let’s Face It with Kara in 2016 and it has grown so much since then!

This year long course is for anyone that wants to practice creating portraits and figurative art, but is especially designed for those of you that have felt scared or intimidated to do so at some point in your life.

Together, we want to share with you our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our portrait and figurative artwork.  I will be creating 2 lessons for this course, both will be figures.  Similar in style to these.

You will leave this course feeling confident enough in your skills to never feel intimidated again! In 2020, we will be studying style development and the course will equally focus on portraits AND figures!

Click below to find out more about LET’S FACE IT – 2020.

This course is not open for registration yet! However, you can read more about this course and bookmark this page  so that on October 14th, you can come back and register. What is even better is that if you register by November 31st, you will get a discount on the price! YES!!! Awesome, right!?!?

I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team of teachers and guess what else!?!?! I get to give away one free spot in this course to one of you!!

To enter the give-away just do these 2 things:
1. Share this post on Facebook (share button is below this post).
2. Leave a comment below letting me know what you love about faces and figures!
I will announce the winner on 10th October (USA timezone).
*** for a second entry in the draw hop on over to my facebook page here and comment on the post for this class – you will then get 2 chances of winning the free spot 🙂

In the mean time, click here and book mark this page so that you can come back
on October 14th and sign up!!


  1. Congratulations to Sonya Lovely-Badgley the winner of the Let’s Face It spot! Thanks so much everyone for entering <3

  2. Shared!
    I’m a beginner artist and im not sure what it is about drawing faces and figure drawings that captures my attention and pulls me in but i am just OBSESSED with trying to learn face and figure drawings. I think they are the most beautiful art there is and i hope to one day be as good as all these artists that i see and follow online. Art has changed my life more than i would have imagined. I’m a 24 year old stay at home mother of 3 kids under 5. One has adhd and autism. My family struggles financially and i have developed depression and pretty bad anxiety, but art and practicing creativity has made my life and the world a much better place and my struggles much easier to handle.
    Thank you guys so much for the chance to win this giveaway! ❤🤗

  3. I find painting/ drawing faces intriguing and I am just starting to paint faces and figures and would like the opportunity to learn from people who have successfully mastered the human figure in their artwork.

  4. Hi Toni! I have never had the chance to take the Let’s Face It course and would love a chance to win. I love drawing faces and people and I’m always willing to learn from talented artists to improve my skills. My favorite part of the face to paint and draw is the eyes…the window to the soul. Thank you for the chance.

  5. I am keen to learn all the different textures you use to enhance my paintings especially the amazing portraits/faces/eyes. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the chance Toni. Love to try to capture the expressiveness in faces and figures.

  7. Dear Toni,
    Thanks for the chance.
    Love to paint figure and drawing. we are learning until we leave this World.
    I love your lessons would be great to see them.
    big hug from the other side of the World

  8. I have a love/ hate relationship with faces. They are the very reason I got started drawing (I want to be a portrait artist) but I struggle so much getting them to look even semi realistic. I would love to be able to learn from this class!

  9. I was there Toni, let’s face it 2016. The first edition and you were there also. I loved your technique with the collage on canvas and I still do.
    I even own one of your original canvasses…

    I love to return into the LFI community in 2020. The main theme is styledevelopment and I am still searching for my own style. Love all kind of media… Some I prefer over others. And I love how you developed during these 5 years, changing subjects-themes, media but always very recognizable. Thank you for the chance to win a free spot.

  10. Hi Toni. I love how expressive eyes and faces are. I think making a figure expressive is slightly more challenging, and something I look forward to learning. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  11. I would like to learn to drawn drawn the human figure as a way to express my life being disabled living with multiple illnesses such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and Severe spine problems. Im approaching my third anniversary of discovering art as pain therapy. I may not be Abe able to create art as often as I like but I’m a vivacious learner and love to try new mediums when I’m stuck in bed. It’s better than Netflix!!

  12. Toni,

    I love your Artistic style! I love drawing/painting faces because the eyes are the entry to our souls. You can look at a portrait, know what the person is thinking or feeling, by just looking at the eyes. I’m learning to draw figures better. But it is also true that however the person is positioned, explains what is going on with the portrait as well. So faces and figures are very dramatic and emotional, which is why I love to sketch and paint them. I look forward to joining you in your class LFI2020 with the many additional Art Instructors whom will help to increase my knowledge and skills with faces and figures! I shared this post to Facebook too! 👍💜

  13. I started drawing faces in 2017 and have so much to learn! But lately I’ve been feeling like I need to start drawing figures… I don’t know where to start. My intention is to take next year for learning! Thank you for this opportunity!

  14. We are all born to communicate without words when we are a baby. I would love to be able to draw and paint and show emotion.

  15. I love faces and figures as they are a reflection of us. They are all so different and such micro changes can change the whole emotions of your piece. Also they are so challenging.

  16. I love that both faces and figures can be so emotive and expressive to tell a story or to portrat a feeling.

    Shared on my FB page. 😊

  17. I want to get back to sketching and painting and need a push. I hope I win this so I can get that push I need.

    — Dalis

  18. I would absolutely love to win a spot in the course. My art has developed so much this year because of the weekly/daily practice from PYHaS this year. It has been absolutely fantastic learning from all of the different artists. It really has been a game changer for me.

  19. Faces and figures are my weak point, but I am learning . To watch some experts in this class would be amazing.

  20. Let’s face it… 🙂 if it wasn’t for your class on Sketchbook Revival earlier this year I would never have attempted to draw a face. You made it so easy. I would love the opportunity to learn even more. Thanks Toni.

  21. I love the feel of creating faces and figures…be they abstract or photographic reality. So much one can do with the human form.

  22. Faces and figures! I love the lines, shapes, and values. They are a never ending source of joy and inspiration.

  23. I find faces a challenge…especially to make them look like who I want them to actually look like….I am sure practicing!

  24. Faces & figures are my favourite type of art. I love how you can express so much as well as tell a story with emotion created in them

  25. I am obsessed with faces and your figures class has made me crazy for figures but I am not very good at it yet. I need more work!

  26. Faces and figures are so expressive. A painting of a face, just like the real thing, can make you fall in love or faint in fright. Hehe. They are so much fun and such a challenge. Love ’em.

  27. I love faces and figures so much because of their beauty and diversity and how one can capture such stunning emotions with them. It is a dream of mine to be confident in drawing both ❤️

  28. I love the emotion and neutral colors these images portray. It speaks to me on so many levels. The images are captivating uneven in their simplicity.

  29. Hello Toni! I absolutely love your figures and really just everything you create! I would treasure a spot in LFI!!! It would be a dream come true! Thx!!

  30. Hi Toni! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I would absolutely love to win and be able to learn more from you and the other artists! I’ve shared your post at my Facebook art page @BonitaHendriksArt <3 What I absolutely love about faces and figures is that they can be so expressive – I love how they can express emotions and tell a story <3

  31. Since I was a little girl I loved drawing people….especially women and faces. I’m intrigued by the different styles, whether whimsical or realistic, I love them all.

  32. All I know is that it somehow seems to satisfy my heart and soul when I manage to paint a face or figure that has a sense of emotion.

  33. Hi. I am 56, mother and grandmother, recently suffered a major breakdown and after months in hospital discovered art as part of my healing journey. Would love to learn and express feelings and posture through faces and figures.

  34. I want to concentrate on figures more than faces. However both are fun to draw and paint and due to my participation in LFI 2018 and 2019 I have improved on both subjects. I love the variety you have with faces and figures and also the aim to convey a certain mood.

  35. I love to draw and paint faces! I’m still pretty new and can only do the frontal views of the face. I admit I am scared to do a full figure but I’m always up for, and love, to learning new things! Good luck to everyone!

  36. Faces and figures are both fun to do. I like to try to get a likeness and i’m Working hard to try to be more loose in my style…which is really hard for me.

  37. I love faces in paintings/photos. I like to look at each face & think of all of the possibilities of what this particular person’s life might be like. I like to look for hidden lines & freckles in the faces.
    I like looking at abstract art figures & trying to imagine what pain or hurt they may have felt.

  38. your way of painting is heart touching to me its so beautiful style it takes my breath.. I would be so glad to learn more about your way of painting and would be great honor for me to be in your class ❤️🖤🎨

  39. This is a generous opportunity – thank you! I love faces of all ages…. bone structure, eyes and lips. Took figure drawing many years ago and have been afraid to take it up now… hope to expand my painting.

  40. I am drawn to painting faces especially. It has been my passion for a few years now. I would like to improve my figure drawing also. Love your work! Shared on FB thanks for the chance!

  41. I love creating. Anything really. But I am a bit lost when it comes to human figures and faces, so this is definitely something I need to work on. Winning this would be such a lovely kick in the butt 😁
    Thank you for the opportunity 💖

  42. Looking forward to joining in on this 2020 adventure. Would be wonderful to win your giveaway! Thanks for all that you do Toni. 😁

  43. Hi, Toni, Shared and follow you for a long time in all your courses. What I love about faces and figures is…..everything, I guess. I have never done one yet and it looks so overwhelming but I am determined to learn as much as I can. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  44. What I like the most about faces is how expressive they can be! I also like the fact that you can tell it’s a face without someone having to draw every single detail. I can’t draw faces or figures but I admire artists who can and would love to learn.

  45. I absolutely love painting faces. Mainly sweet little girls appear. I love the moment when they “come to life”. Learning new techniques from you would be a dream!

  46. I’ve loved drawing faces since I picked up my first charcoal pencil when I was 11. But life took me in a different direction. I fell in love with your two figure drawings the instant I saw them. To practice and learn with these amazing teachers would be a dream come true.

  47. I have always been interested in a number of crafts but I am a fairly new painter so would love to have a spot on this course to develop faces and more importantly bodies – as they scare me a bit!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  48. First art class I took as an adult – after “I can’t draw a straight line” was a charcoal figure class. It was super challenging but I sooo love charcoal and figure drawing but have never quite mastered faces.

  49. I have always wanted to paint faces but dont know how so I wish to win this giveaway to be able to learn how to paint faces/portraits. I want to show different emotions on the faces.

  50. I’ve been drawing faces since I was 10. I am motivated by the challenge and love to explore different ways of expressing our features.

    What i love about figures and faces is that, to me, they express emotions more than anything else. It is a dream of mine to be able to capture those emotions on paper- drawing figures and faces would be the most rewarding thing in the world. I just desperately need support & confidence .

    1. Shared on facebook!! this email isn’t associated with the facebook account and i really hope that doesn’t matter!

  52. I have been painting faces for 2 years now and have learnt so much but am now ready to go to the next level. I would absolutely love to win the competition!!

  53. Did I already enter this. I am not sure but I sure would love to learn from you and all the other wonderful artists on this course. So much to learn.

  54. I would love to learn techniques for different expressions positions, etc. I would be delighted and honored to win a spot for this class. Thank you for the opportunity!

  55. I don’t know why but I love a painting when a face is the focal point, it’s just “speaking to me” and I love the shape of the human body. And although I’ve learned how to manage the face, I find figures very hard to do.
    I love all your art Toni, and I always learn so much in your classes, but I’m especially intrigued by your latest figure paintings. So happy both of your lessons will be figures!
    It would be a privilege to participate in this awesome course to learn from all you amazing and generous artists. Thanks for the opportunity! 💕💕💕
    (shared on FB)

  56. I’ve joined Let’s Face it for last two years and love the variety of techniques you learn. It’s extra special as your one of the tutors yeh!

  57. shared it and would love to win 🙂 🙂 🙂 – yes you see, my faces are only made like this so I think I really do need this course because I would also like to love painting faces but till now I’m dare of it

  58. I love your life drawing, it’s so loose but realistic. It’s really modern. To learn from you and the other artists would be an amazing way to learn. Thank you for the chance!

  59. I would love to learn more about drawing figures and faces ,and having the opportunity to , this would be wonderful , I love doing figures and faces but still have much to learn thus far I am pretty much self taught and have so much more to learn. thanks

  60. Face have been always a struggle for me, but I have learned, with the right input and instruction everything is possible. I would love to take this challenge and am curious about new techniques and ideas.

  61. I always thought faces and figures are too difficult for me. But I have learned, with the right input and instruction everything is possible. I would love to take this challenge and am curious about new techniques and ideas.

  62. Toni, I have shared on FB. I have realised in the last few weeks that I want to paint faces and figures as everything else I have tried just hasn’t given me the deep satisfaction or connection that my soul longs for. We live in a world of people, connections, relationships and friendships, and this is the special element that draws me to want to create faces and figures in my art. To win a spot on LFI2020 would be a dream come true. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot. 💜

  63. I posted on my Facebook page. Drawing faces and figures intimidates me and I would like to gain confidence so that I can enjoy the process of creating them. It would be wonderful to win a spot in this course as funds have been really tight this last couple of years.

  64. I love emotions that are visible in faces and movement you can capture in figures – if you know how … 😉 That’s why I’d love to be on this course.

  65. I would love to win a place for this course. The variety of exercises would allow me to improve because I tend to represent women statically.

  66. I have finally started to learn how to draw faces and figures after many (many!) years of leaving them out of my paintings. I still have a lot to learn, but I finally realise what I’ve been missing out on.

  67. I used to draw lots of people—real and imagined–but, as the years have gone by I have found myself drawing fewer faces and figures and more landscapes and tablescapes. I would love to return to people—-but, I know that I will need to be guided into doing so. I have forgotten so much and fallen so out of practice—-

  68. I love your „Uncovered“ class so much and I‘d like learn more about drawing figures and faces.

    1. I love faces because they tell such amazing stories.. to learn to tell those stories by drawing/painting them is a wonderful journey 💚

  69. This would be a wonderful class to take, faces are so challenging.
    I have shared on Facebook and commented on your Facebook post as well. Thanks for the opportunity, cheers

  70. I have yearned to be able to draw faces as long as I can remember. I’m delighted to say I finally can do that beginning with this year. I’ve waited 79 years for this.
    Toni Burt I’m ecstatic that you came along and introduced me to your style. Faces are fun, creative. Expressive. And now I’m also able to draw figures thanks to your Uncovered class. I’m looking forward to getting better.

  71. I would love to be able to incorporate faces and figures in my abstract mixed media art. Not giving up…these classes would surely help!

  72. I think I am drawn to faces and figures because I tend to feel a connection to the images that come to life before my eyes. Shared and looking forward to an amazing journey!

  73. 2nd try – faces n figures are very different and present a challenge in capturing them – i quite like being abstract/contemporary when drawing/painting them

  74. My first online class was with Tam. With little experience I breathed a silent please dont expect me to draw faces! If I remember the first lesson was on faces, oh no, but guess what I loved it! Faces keep drawing me back in to paint them, I am slowly learning.

  75. Wow, I have not heard of this course before. I definitely could use some tips and tricks, faces and figures are not my strong point. But both can be expressive and powerful, so obviously I love to draw them. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  76. Faces are an unlimited and ever changing supply of subjects, and the figure too! I love it when I’m able to capture subtle emotion, so the face or figure comes alive. That doesn’t often happen for me, so I need a lot more practice. When it does it’s majikal! 😯😊

  77. I have shared on Facebook. I am a beginner in Mix Media Art and been enjoying it for the last 8 months now. I love the way faces and figures are drawn to real life. When I create a face I am excited that I have elevated up another notch. It becomes real when I’m satisfied.

  78. This is something I REALLY need help with! It is something I promised myself to work on this year, but haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had originally planned. Maybe a group setting like this would help me stay accountable to keep practicing!

  79. I am so inexperienced in this field of art but have always admired figures and faces from afar. It was doing your class in the Summit that actually made me believe I can do it myself so this course would be just amazing and the start of something new for me.

  80. I would love to do this class as I’ve learned so much from you!!! It’s really improved my drawing, painting an creativity…. I have also see Kara work and I am truly interested. A wonderful opportunity.
    I have shared on Facebook

  81. Drawing figures is what I love doing.
    I was a massage therapist for many years so figure drawing is what I’m passionate about. I’m only new to drawing so this would be amazing to do. 🧡🙏🤞

  82. Thank you! Although I’m not good at drawing figures or faces, I have always been drawn to people and emotions. I think this course could greatly benefit my art work.

  83. I need a lot of improvement on both faces and figures and would love to be able to participate in this class and learn more.

  84. Shared on FB and original post! I love the way you teach drawing and painting the figure so I am excited to continue my learning with you!!

  85. Shared on Facebook, and what I love about faces is capturing a feeling on the eyes of the person. The eyes is the most important feature to me. In life and on paper! ❤️ Thank you for the opportunity! ❤️

  86. Faces and figures are challenging to draw and paint. I have shared on Facebook and commented on the original post. Thanks!

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