Life Book 2023 Giveaway!

life book giveaway

Welcome to my Giveaway for one free spot in Life Book 2023!

Life Book is a year long mixed media art course with a focus on creative & personal development, wellbeing and healing. Create art with over 30 mixed media art teachers (including me!) for a whole year.


Scroll down for details on how to enter my giveaway spot, but I also want to let you know I’ve been super organised this year and I have already filmed my two lessons for Life Book next year, Yippee!

These are my lessons below, two artworks created using a loose and vibrant urban sketching style.  Capturing all the emotion and sense of place.  If you are thinking of joining us or want to know more about Life Book 2023 just click here.

life book urban sketch watercolour and pen

life book urban sketch watercolour and pen

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To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY to win a free spot in the course next year simply comment below telling me a place you have been that you would love to paint.

Winner will be drawn by random number generator on 9th October.

While you are here you might like to watch my free tutorials or bookmark the page and come back later.  There’s no time limit on these lessons they are always there.



  1. I would love to go back to East Coast of Canada. It has gone through so much with Climate Change that I would love to paint and sketch the challenges that the community is facing. It is very challenging times for many places in the world.

  2. i would love to paint a forest i used to hike through every summer. sadly it is now closed to the public.

  3. One of the most amazing journeys I ever took was driving across the desert in Egypt. The vastness, the shifting colours, the emptiness, the beauty. I would love to capture all of that in art somehow.

  4. Lived in Hawaii for awhile and I would love to go back and paint from some of the places there

  5. I would love to paint Table Mountain along side the ocean in South Africa. So beautiful there!

  6. I’m blessed to spend time at my home in Rainbow Beach Qld Australia. Just on the southern tip of Kgari Fraser Island and home of the magical Rainbow Sand Cliffs. I would drive along the beach to my favourite spot where the sands are the colours of a whole palette from pink to ochre to rust and beyond. It’s so spiritual and one of nature’s true gifts, especially to an artists eye 🎨🌈

  7. Scotland or Ireland if I could get there, but I live near St. Augustine, FL, one if the first Spanish settlements in The US. There are so many quaint walls, gates & doorways. I’ve taken photos of them thru the years. It would be a great start.

  8. I would love to be able to create paintings of the villages we visited when I was 14 years old. We drove the backroads of Germany and Denmark and stayed in many tiny inns and homes (the original Air BnBs!) I have so many pictures in my head of the beautiful cobblestone streets and quaint old buildings and castles we visited. While I may not get there in person again, I can still see and smell these wondrous places! It has been in my heart for years and maybe I will finally get those out and onto paper!

  9. In 2018 I moved from the Netherlands to Belgium, and I have seen a lot of beautiful places around the country since then. I think my most favorite one is the Church of Val Dieu in a village called Aubel. Every single time I go there I am deeply moved. It’s a beautiful Silence Church with a WWII history, as the friars helped protect a lot of innocent people against persecution and death from the Germans, and some of the friars were killed for that. There’s a beautiful park there as well, and there are a lot of local products still being made, like beer, cheese and sirup. The surrounding countryside is also breathtaking, especially when the apple and pear trees are in full bloom. I just love going there.

  10. A little lemon grove in Sorrento, Italy. It was behind a home, beside a street. As we were walking up from the train station, we passed it. Strangely, I couldn’t draw it from memory, because all I see in my mind are splashes of the fence and the tree tops, but I have this overwhelmingly satisfied feeling when thinking of it. I wish I had taken a picture.

  11. This year we’ve been to Entrevaux in France. That is a beautiful medieval town in the south of France! Would love to paint some of those houses!

  12. I am from India and there are just so many beautiful places here. But one place that has my heart is Pondicherry. The colonies and small lanes filled with bougainvillea are perfect to draw.

  13. Thanks for this opportunity! It’s hard to pick one place but I will go with New Orleans <3

  14. We have recently been fortunate enough to travel the North Coast 500, around the very top of Scotland. There were so many breathtaking magical places that I would love to paint and draw there that I dont think I could pick a particular place, maybe Smoo Cave or Ceannebeinne Beach and the caves ♥️

  15. My middle baby Paris is one year in to her solo travel around the world. I’m so inspired by her wanderlust and free spirit, being brave and adventurous and taking it slow and easy. Learning, watching, listening and embracing as she goes. She’s an incredible artist herself and I would so love to go and join her right now in her current stop in Morocco. We could sit together and paint the buildings with the incredible tiled patterns and the earthy tones of the desert. Sunset on our backs. We could share the stories of her travels and I could feel my heartbeat warm and grateful just for a moment with her lost in ourselves. 💕🌸💕

  16. I would love to paint my family home that was sold a few years ago – it would be a wonderful keepsake for my family

  17. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot on LB2023. I would love to paint the open air markets I visited in Mexico.

  18. I would love to paint in Greece again where my cousin lives. It is a magical place! And thank you for offering this give away!

  19. I would love to paint in my hometown, de Great Church and some of the old electric busses… Or the white villa in the biggest park of this city… Maybe i just got to do that soon sometime! Its only 15 minutes by bike.

  20. I was in Eze in the south of France in another lifetime! I would love to learn how to paint the beautiful colours of the sky and water that I saw there.

  21. The Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland captured my imagination; would love to paint scenes from there.

  22. I would love to paint the Trolleys in London. I love that they’re double decker, and red, my favorite color

  23. Thank you. I’d love to win a spot. I would love to revisit and paint New York City. I was 19yrs young with a pocket full of dreams. It of course didn’t work out but it will always be my New York.

  24. I would love to paint the bridge in Venice from my honeymoon. That was such a memorable time in my life and something I hope to one day relive the experience.

  25. Hi Tony, Would really love to win a spot in Lifebook. I really want to make a painting or drawing of the Weissensee in Austria. I have been there with both of my parents when I was young. Very good memories there.But don’t know how to start. Thank you for the opportunity.

  26. I would love to paint scenes from my trip to Arizona. Sedona and the Grand Canyon were breathtaking.

  27. I would love to paint / sketch the Inner Harbour of Victoria, BC. There are so many historic / character buildings there set against the harbour , it’s just beautiful 🙂

  28. One place I have been I would love to paint is Oxford. It has such great texture in the buildings around town and it would be so fun.

    Thanks for the lovely session. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

  29. although I live in Italy I would love to paint my home town of London, the streets of London. When I lived there I never really appreciated the colours of London and now you also have the new architecture mixed with the old, so much choice to do urban sketching but a bit frightening at the same time.

  30. I would love to paint a scene on Colchester Pond in Vermont, where I used to live when I was young.

  31. I would love to paint the many beautiful sceneries of Hinchinbrook Island. I went there when I was 18 and have yearned to go back.

  32. Hi! I would like to paint a beach, calalafell near Tarragona (Spain) is where we spent our summers. I like the sound of the waves and feeling the wind in the face. There is another place that have beautiful beaches also, in Menorca (islas Baleares) where my cousin lives, but I don’t go so often because I have to take a plane to go there. But there is lot of beautiful landscapes 🥰

  33. Greetings from the great Pacific Northwest, Lakewood, Washington! My destination location isnt any fancy spot overseas or a fabulous castle, or US Monument. Mine is much closer to home. Literally. My folks’ home of 42 years will always be my safe space, the place where my heart feels most at rest. My parents are/were the most important people in my life. We spent decades in the gardens, just connecting with nature and making memories.

    Daddy passed in 2015 (he was severely brain damaged & physically disabled. But that didn’t stop him from sitting outside with Momma & I while we worked. We called him the Straw Boss! 🙂 Sadly, Momma (78) began having fractures in her back (9now) since 2016, so it has kept her from working in the yard.

    She loves my silly drawings and mixed media pieces, so I thought I could draw/create a spot in her back yard for her. I think the subject is beautiful and I’ve been wanting to take the time to do it. Why is it that there’s never time? I am sole caregiver to her, so running both households (mine & Hers) plus my two jobs, makes it very difficult to carve out time for my art.

    We have a beautiful fountain, we call her Rebecca, that sits in a little mini courtyard, surrounded by Northwest plants & Trees. I think she would love it if I created that for her, bringing her outside inside. Thanks so much for the chance at this… Blessings from the Evergreen State & PNW!

  34. I was lucky enough to visit Venice a long time ago. I still have beautiful images in my head. I know they’d fit this style perfectly. Otherwise I’d paint Wales where we now spend our annual holiday.

  35. An old shearing shed on a very large farm in New Zealand. It looks abandoned, but is actually still in use. The tin is rusty, the weeds are tall in the pens and there are old original fruit trees growing around.

  36. I have tons of photos from my summer trip to Rome Italy that I would like to paint. Thanks for the reminder.

  37. Nantes, France. I’d love to paint the school I went to, the house I lived in, little coffee shops I liked.. all the little streets and European street signs and cars.. sweet memories.

  38. Huntington Beach, Cali, we went to the loveliest pizza and beer place up in the hilly area across PCH from the beach. The trees and plant life, all around the little porches and colors of the restaurant were so sweet and romantic ❤️

  39. I just love visiting Skagway, Alaska…..My husband and I have been there 5 times and each time we have enjoyed the scenery and the feel of walking through history and going back to Gold Rush period. Main Street and its old buildings would make a lovely sketching subject. Thanks Toni for this opportunity to win a free spot on Life Book 2023.

  40. I’d love to paint the house we used to go to on a small island in the state of Maine’s unorganized territory, where there is no bridge to get there, nor running water or electricity once you do, and all the things we love about Maine: rocky beach, little harbor, big sky, dense woods, ferny openings, clamming, fishing, seals, sea birds, salt air, lichen, moss; the same furniture, dishes, shells on the mantels, and all the moods of the days and nights.

  41. I’d really love to paint the countryside of Eildon where my family often visited and we’d make up stories of the hills and surroundings in keeping with the Lord of the Rings tradition of elves, giants, fairies and ogres. And add in the kangaroos, wombats and deer that populate the area.

  42. I would love to draw/paint old Australian Queenslander style house with wrap-around verandah and lush gardens. I would love to own one of these too. 🙂

  43. Hi Toni, I haven’t travelled much but still I can think of many things here, where I’ve recently moved. It’s a very small town in Northern Ontario in Canada. Now that I want to get serious about sketchbooking as well, I seem to be seeing everything in a new light. Thanks for the opportunity x

  44. Paris, so much inspiration and amazing architecture everywhere…..Thanks Toni for your inspiration and guidance

  45. Hi Toni
    We just returned from a part of the Westcoast in South Africa called Western Cape. It’s flower season and the views are just spectacular. Historical buildings surrounded by orange/yellow /white/purple and even blue flowers like daisies. I would love to paint the old church and flowers on ceramic one day… Thank you for your inspirational sessions. Mwah

  46. I’d love to revisit photos of my travels in France and Italy – creating whimsical sketches that remind me of feeling young and free!!! Thanks for the brilliant lesson and the opportunity to win access to the Sketchbook 2023 course.

  47. I visited Edinburgh castle in Scotland a few years ago,would love to go back and have a go at painting it 😄

  48. I plan to paint a little church here in my home town of Sydney, Australia.

    Why wait to travel…there is so much beauty in our own backyard.

  49. Everywhere I go! I would like to have enough patience, time and skills to sit and take an impression of every place I visit. So many little wonders that we don’t notice as we take a stroll or travel! Thank you for your session.

  50. The Needles, Isle of Wight. The island is one of my favourite places & I’ve been on holiday there several times 🙂

  51. I would love to stay in a house that is perched between the ocean & mountains along the Pacific Coast Highway and paint the spectacular views!!

  52. Newport Oregon. My favorite place on earth (so far). Right on the ocean. I love to visit there every year. 🤗💜

  53. The Italian coastline, or Southern France, or Greece, or England. There are fun things to paint everywhere, I suppose.

  54. I have not done much travelling outside of Canada but my dream is to go backpacking with my daughter through England, Ireland and Scotland in a couple of years. I would love to capture through my eyes the land as it is, people that live there and the history of time gone by. Thank you for this opportunity Toni.❤️

  55. I’d love to paint some of the rugged coastline of Cornwall where my husband comes from but I’m not experienced enough to get a good representation of all the ocean crashing against the rocks and all the spray ☹️

  56. I would love to paint some of the unique architecture, redwood trees, rocks and stairways in Berkeley, California. Especially as the light is beginning to change to an Autumn light, there is so much that is charming.

    Thank you for your painting demo for the Life Book Taster Sessions (2023).

  57. Oh! The squeaky white sand and turquoise waters surrounding the bushland at Whitehaven Beach 🙂

  58. I live in Scotland now and there are plenty of beautiful, some magical castles. I would love to come to the point where will be able to paint some of them, x
    Thank you for the “door” tutorial, really opened it up about watercolour and pen.

  59. The place that I would like to visit would be Venice, Italy. I’ve been reading the Magic Tree House to my kid for bedtime story that let’s me visualize and imagine what the places would look like, even though the only place that I’ve ever went to is Hawaii. I would love to draw traveling on a boat, called a gondola, going under the bridge. Wish I can go to a Magic Treehouse and travel to many places! Thank you for a chance to win a spot in lifebook 2023.

  60. I saw a harp player at a renaissance fair and I thought it would make a lovely painting but don’t even know where to begin or if it should be loose or tight or what! I enjoyed your painting process. Thank you!

  61. I think Stone Henge at sunset would be my favorite place to go but for painting I think Venice. The architecture and the gondolas offer so much detail for sketching.

  62. Well that’s a tough one but probably England. The countryside is so beautiful and so is all the old architecture so there would be a lot of options to choose from.

  63. I have a few hundred photos of Walking the Camino in Spain that would be so delightful to paint! So much beauty!!!

  64. I would love to paint the small church I went to that was made in wood and stained glass. It was absolutely beautiful. I could not believe all the work that went into it!

  65. I am feeling really down today and didn’t feel like painting so I just watched your video and it really lifted my spirits. I would love to win a spot on the life book 2023 as I know it would be so good for my mental health. Thank you for your free lesson. It is so calming and so beautiful 💞🌸

  66. I would love to paint Tallinn Old Town or
    some places in Barcelona.
    Thank you for the opportunity.🙏♥️🌟

  67. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in Life Book 2023. I love the taster session so far and your lesson was great. I would love to paint the old red cottages with white trimmings in Dalecarlia ,Sweden.

  68. Osaka, Japan streetscape.
    Thanks for the class. I loved the not painted areas. They really make it work!!

  69. I have been to South Australia. I love the old colonial brick houses with wide verandahs, and the old hay barns that are scattered throughout the Adelaide hills. I have photographed some but would love to go back and leisurely paint them. They seem so sad to me, abandoned and crumbling. However, they have character and I found them to be soothing. I do need many more lessons before I can do that!

  70. I would be thrilled if I could draw and paint the canals of Amsterdam. I’ve only visited it once and just loved the old architecture hugging the canals. I actually purchased a couple of watercolors by an artist on the sidewalk there and brought them home to frame and hang on my wall. I just love them. Alas I don’t think I could do the scenery justice but I’d love a chance to visit again and try.

  71. I would love to paint a little village on the Isle of Wight (can’t remember the name!) – I visited more than 20 years ago, but i remeber falling in love with the cute thatched-roof cottages

  72. munot (castle in schaffhausen switz) or rheinfall also in same area!
    beautiful work you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!

  73. There’s a local spot called Buttermilk Falls. I’d love to sketch and paint it. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway and for you taster class.

  74. Hi Toni! I’d love to return to and paint is the landscape of the ppalachian Mountains in spring. So beautiful and so full of life.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot. Cheers!

  75. Hello hello. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot. Immediately as I was watching your tutorial, I thought of Parthenon – Greece. In college, I had to do the three columns on 11×14 bristol paper using only micron and form in pointillism, cross-hatch, and another shading method – it was torture for three weeks. But it would be breathtaking to step into Greece and explore the statues, pottery, mosaics, and it all!

  76. Hi Toni,
    I would love to paint my beautiful country, South Africa. We have such beautiful spaces here that I would love to capture, including Table Mountain, Aldo National Park, and our Botanical Gardens have such amazing colours. We also have such diverse cultures in our country, I would love to capture the colourful people and their homes. There are so many places in my own country. Thank you for this opportunity

  77. There’s a beach in Michigan that’s shores are made up of Agate stones. I think that would be a beautiful place to paint. My Dad used to take me there when I was a child.

  78. I recently visited Lennox head and was pretty impressed by all the houses there. All the different lines were very eye catching. Would love to have a go at painting some of them.

  79. I would like to paint the Victorian downtown of my small town, Belfast, ME. It doesn’t have a history as long as places outside of the US, but it’s charming and I love it and the bay at the end of Main St, which is a lovely hill. The town was built in the mid 1800s. Fascinating history and it has turned into a wonderful artsy community!

  80. I would love to paint the historical buildings of the streets of china town in Singapore.
    I love your of horizontal & vertical lines expressions of vignette, very free yet defined.

  81. I went to Japan when I was in high school. I have a lot of photos from there and I think it’s time to get them out and paint them. I’m now 62 so it’s been a very long time ago! Thank you for your lovely lesson. I think you are my favorite artist with lifebook. I enjoy your loose style with watercolor and ink.

  82. Paris!! It took me more than 20 years to get there, but I finally made it and it was even more beautiful than I imagined ❤️

  83. Hi Toni! I would love to capture the quaint artist/fishing village of Provincetown, Massachusetts. It’s close to our summer home and have visited often, but I’ve never experienced it with the quietude of an artist!

  84. There is a special place that we visit often that I would love to paint. A place called Loch Sport in Gippsland Lakes, VIctoria, Australia. It is a beautiful little country town with a lake on one side and a surf beach on the other. There are plenty of beautiful places there to paint. I’d love to get better at painting water/lakes/surf but also botanicals.

  85. I have only been able to travel to Ireland 20 years ago, but I would go back in a heartbeat. I’d love to travel and paint there from the perspective of an artist.

  86. I would love to paint the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome! For those who don’t know, this cat sanctuary is located in downtown Rome in the ruins where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death! So, if you love ancient ruins and you love cats, this is the place to be!! We visited there several years ago and I was amazed by all the cats and the great work that the staff do taking care of disabled cats for their whole lives (the cat’s life–not the staff!! LOL!!)

  87. Taiwan is my home country and I would love to paint Jiufen. It’s a very special place with a lot of stairs along with red lamps.

  88. I would love to paint the views on Capri Island in Italy, especially the boat ride to the blue cave

  89. I would love to paint the Smokey mountains and Gatlenburg Tennessee. The mountains and the little city and chair lift. I though it was one of the most beautiful places I have been to. and the bears I saw outside my cabin window, were fabulous.

  90. Reading all these comments is like taking a virtual trip around the world. Well, I love where I live and would like to paint the old Nipawin bridge.

  91. Thanks for the opportunity!
    There’s many beautiful scenic places on the east coast of Canada in my hometown, which I visited, but never painted. This would be awesome! xo

  92. Would love to paint scenes from Arcadia National Park and some of the beautiful German castles and cathedrals (some much rich architecture and culture)

  93. I love your art Toni! I have several places I would like to sketch and watercolor…Bolivia, South America, Peru, Kathmandu, and rural life in Nepal. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  94. I would love to go back to where i grew up in Wiltshire, England and paint the view from the downs that overlooked the family home. Thank you for the chance of winning a Life Book 2023 spot!

  95. We made a trip to Arches National Park in Utah a few years back, and Mesa Verde in Colorado and I would love to translate my photos into paintings. I wonder why I haven’t? 🙂 Thank you for the chance of a spot in Lifebook!

  96. The only place I have visited overseas so far was to Southern Ireland in my early 20’s. Absolutely beautiful! Wanna go back again and take my husband just to see his reaction. I’m going to have to dig through the old pics and see if I can find one suitable for the Memories lesson. So excited to give it a try.

  97. The trestle bridge in Cloudcroft NM. It’s a simple enough shape that I think my limited drawing skills could still do it justice and then adding the color would bring it to life!

  98. My husband and I were lucky enough to visit Myanmar a few years ago. I would love to paint some of the temples we saw in Bagan. I would love to win a spot on the course. Thanks Toni.

  99. I live in Colorado and would love to learn how to capture the beauty of the aspens in the fall … what an amazing talent you have!! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  100. Would love to paint the natural beauty of Jackson Hole Wyoming, some of the spots in Yellowstone, Grand Teton Park and of course all those magnificent mountains!

  101. I took a National Parks trip with my oldest daughter in June and it was amazing! We had a fantastic view of the Tetons in Wyoming from our campsite and I would paint the morning sun on the Tetons! I think I would continue with the Black Hills which are stunning and I would like to try to capture the native prairie grasslands we saw in North Dakota. The native grasslands in our country have only little patches of original growth still intact and they are beautiful!

  102. Hi Toni! From my childhood in Cuba I fondly remember the country homes (shacks) with their palm frond roofs… would love to paint one of those 🙂 Thank you for being such an inspiration and for this opportunity to win.

  103. Thank you for the opportunity. Love to learn painting – ink line and watercolour – flowers, leaves and portraits.

  104. Hi Toni. As a child I spent many holidays at Yamba in N.S.W., which is where my love of the ocean started and now, any time I visit the coast I think I would love to be able to paint the waves and beach!

  105. I would love to paint the old town of Altea, Spain. Love to visit that town with all de white houses with the beautiful flowers against the mountain. Love it!

  106. so many beautiful spots in the world my fav place is edinburgh castle from the lawn of the botanical gardens looking out in the distance with the castle in the middle of the view

  107. Hello Toni
    I would love to paint the whales as they come up from the ocean as I’ve seen in Alaska. The birds hover over the water and that’s when you know those giant mystical beings are about to erupt. What a joyous sight and one that I will never forget! Thank you for offering this free spot on life book. Good luck to everyone 💗

  108. I have just moved to the East coast of Canada. Would love to paint the beautiful scenery here.

  109. That’s easy! I just returned from a two week trip out West, that included Yellowstone National Park in the US. I can’t wait to paint the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone!

  110. I drove the ‘Romantische Strasse’ in Germany and visited Neuschwanstein Castle. That was so beautiful! I would love to draw it.
    Thank you for he opportunity to win a spot!

  111. I would live to paint a place called “The Gardens” in Cape Town (South Africa). There are so many little nooks and sculptures and tea garden…. It is beautiful!.

  112. A couple of years ago I visited Edinburgh and the Highlands, and of course fell in love with the town, the country side with all the castle, lakes, mountains. So I really would like to try and capture the feeling of that visit. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win a spot in the Life Book 2023. Greetings from Sweden.

  113. I would love to paint a place I haven’t visited but would love to…. England, Ireland and Scotland.

  114. I would love to be able to draw the old parts of Swansea, the town near where I live. The docks, High Street and Wind Street (which weren’t bombed in WW2) the fisherman’s cottages in the nearby village of Mumbles.
    I would love to be able to do these in the loose sketchy pen and wash style that you teach.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot

  115. I would love to paint some buildings and the roosters in Key West where my late husband and me had a lovely sightseeing and great lunch in March 2020.

  116. For me it has to be Stac Pollaidh in the Scottish Highlands. It’s craggy topped and an interesting shape so it would be a good subject.

  117. I would love to paint Bagan in Myanmar, standing on top of one of the tempels in the morning mist. Just breathtaking! Thank you for the opportunity, love your style 🙏

  118. Thankyou for this opportunity.
    I would love to paint a scene in the Lake District in the UK. I haven’t lived there but have visited many times and for some reason it’s my favourite place. I feel at home there. I love the fells and the lakes -somewhere by Lake Windemere or Castlerigg Stone circle. Its magical there. I do also like urban scenes -cranes and machinery make interesting subjects too…..

  119. I really love your lessons and always do them. They are such a pleasure and really add a different element to my journals. I would like to draw probably more of Paris where I stayed when I was having rests from cancer treatment. Thank you again. x

  120. Copenhagen is wonderful, I went there many years ago. The spires, the architecture, the Little Mermaid, who really is little.

  121. I am absolutely in love with Venice. The little canals and beautiful casa’s. I think an adorable city to paint.

  122. Hi Toni! I would love to paint some Jerusalem Holy sites in the Old City. I live in Israel and I love the Old City because its historicals and religious sites that are important for all the religions in the world.

  123. I was in Barcelona and saw the Sagrada Familia from Gaudi. I would love to paint the church. It is so impressive and beautiful. All buildings from Gaudi are absolutely amazing. Thank you very much.

  124. I would love to paint the wooden church and the lighthouse called Djurstens fyr from where I grew up on the Swedish island Gräsö.

  125. I would so love to paint the streets and buildings in the greek islands Mykinos etc
    and the interesting doors in India and in Italy
    I look forward to getting inspiration from you Toni
    Thanks for this opportunity

  126. Wow!! Lots of comments for you to trawl through, popular lady! After a recent trip to Italy I’d HAVE TO go for StMarks Basilica and imagine (!!) the Campanile in St Mark’s Square…. both in one painting. Just the colours on the outside of the Basilica and the little clusters of globes on the roofs they are polishing up to gold. Stunning.

  127. Ive been to Gettysburg Pa and would love to paint street and battle reenactment scenes from there and also many of the area’s we traveled through on our trip there. Would also love to paint ghost towns across the USA.

  128. I would love to paint one of the places my friend (gone now from cancer) and I visited in Costa Rica. The plush exotic plant and wildlife is incredibly amazing! It was our last trip before he passed and one I will never forget!

  129. Years ago I traveled to Athens, Greece. I would love to paint its streets and statues. I can’t wait to watch your taster session and fingers crossed to paint along with your main lessons!

  130. I would love to paint one of the areas I visited in Costa Rica! It is so plush with exotic plant life and my friend (cancer took him) and I had such a memorable time there!

  131. I want to paint Tucson, Arizona. I took some great landscape pictures at sunset and am looking forward to trying to capture the beauty I saw.

  132. Hi Toni,
    I have so many photographs I would like to pain, but 2 ideas keep pushing for top spot. One are a series of doors I photographed in France. They have such character and I would like to do a series or 2 or 3 larger formats, with 6 doors each.
    The other one I cannot get out of my head, are a series of photos I took at Uluru. I didn’t expect to feel so spiritual by this place, but I really did. Special places, hidden in the rocks, or a still pond in an enclosed area, surrounded by beautiful trees. Either would be fabulous! And thank you for sharing your special style with us. It’s such fun and enjoyable.

  133. I would love to paint Venice and Burano in this whimsical way. Our visit to this part of our world was such a treat!

  134. Hi Toni,
    I would love to paint the flora and fauna of the Daintree rainforest in far north Queensland. There is such a magical feel to the area.

  135. Hi Toni! I absolutely love your style! The clothesline in the piece here…ahhhhhh! Love it! I would love to create an artwork depicting my Great-Grandparents farmhouse. They lived there well over 60 years and the gravel road they lived on was named after them. Their home was my favorite place to visit as a child and I have a ton of the most incredible memories from being there.

  136. Hi Toni,
    I love to paint some scenic areas 8n Tasmania. There are also some great old buildings to paint also.

  137. Hi Toni, I think I’d like to try and capture some views on the amazing island of Skye. Or else I’d chose the castle I lived in growing up (my dad was the concierge).

  138. Thank you so much Toni for this opportunity. Your lesson was brilliant. I have been amazing places – what would I absolutely love to paint? I have one photograph that I took years ago in Africa that was was primal and original – I would love to paint that (oh I am so far from that one) and my second pick would be one of the places in Yellowstone – such beautiful colours 🙂

  139. I would like to paint the autumn leaves of New Brunswick. I think that is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

  140. I would love to draw the home places I’ve visited in various places in the Appalachian mountains. The places tell stories all on their own. I just want to capture a moment of their existence.

  141. Hi Toni,

    I just started taking an ink drawing class, and I’m excited to incorporate your watercolor technique into my drawings. I would love to paint San Francisco: the beautiful old houses, the trolley cars, the harbor, parks, bridges, street scenes, all of it!

  142. I would go around my own town and take photos of the details of old houses and churches with the intention of painting them in your style. I live in Bulacan, Philippines.

  143. I love the old churches in the small towns in the mountains around Puerto Vallarte in Mexico. I’d love to paint them or the ranches or ruins all around Southern Mexico.

  144. I’d love to just be able to paint great scenes from my garden, the city around me, or when I take a day trip. There are so many beautiful things to see and I’ve found I don’t have to travel anywhere exotic to see them.

  145. Toni, thank you so much for this great opportunity. I would love to paint scenes from my travels to Italy, particularly Bellagio. My inspiration would be my favourite cafe, the quaint shops, ancient garden gates as well as the stone walls and steps.

  146. I would love to paint in Amsterdam … the canals, the bikes, the beautiful buildings. I would also love to do some plein air painting in Northern Germany , southern Denmark. The countryside is so amazing! and those thatched roofs!

  147. I would love to paint some of the old streets in Vivier, France that I visited in 2017. The old town was founded in the 5th century.

  148. Many, many years ago I went to Puerto Rico and was amazed at old San Juan and the rainforest. I would love to go back now and capture the beauty on paper.

  149. I lived in Japan for two years when I was 10 years old. My mother sent me to oil painting class then. I would love to go back to Japan and paint castles, cherry blossoms, and shrines as an adult with the skills and eyes I have now, those of an old women 🙂

  150. I am a novice sketcher in public. I think I would like to return to the West Coast of Vancouver Island and try to capture some of the beauty and rawness of that coast. I adore the Toni style of Urban Sketching, and who knows, I may end up sketching an urban scene surrounded by people.

  151. I would like to return to Ireland and paint the countryside. It is so green. The rock walls, farms, animals, and small towns would be wonderful to paint.

  152. I fell in love with architecture very young and dreamed of castles and palaces – designing, building, owning, or even just staying in them. I sadly walked away from architectural design courses to meet other responsibilities, but I have never lost the awe. But now, at 58, my eye is more pleased by the simple, well worn, inviting places. The quiet thatched roof house with an English garden, the whitewashed hills of Greece, even the fish smoke houses in Norway won my heart for their untold stories. All of Paris begs to be painted, or the riverside streets in Dublin.
    The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland would be grand.
    But I think the little shops, anywhere in Italy – tiny spaces in ancient buildings, crammed so full of their specialties that they are spilling out into the streets to make room for just a few people to get inside. Flowers bursting out of one, fresh produce from the next, and then another with only pasta – every kind you could possibly imagine and then some more – hanging around the open doors and big woven baskets trying to capture the tide of colorful packages.
    I think I will fill a book with all of them ♥

  153. I actually love to sketch old cemeteries and – the old gravestones and other monuments are works of art. And many of the plants and trees there are heirloom varieties or old established mature trees. Happy halloween and thanks for the opportunity to win a spot Toni!

  154. I’m not a world traveler, so the nicest place I would love to paint since I wish I could be there is Key West. I loved the sunsets there at Mallory Square, the characters that performed there. There’s beautiful vintage houses and old outside open bars that would be lovely to paint.

  155. Greece. It’s been many years since I’ve been there but it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

  156. Toni I love your drawing style and the lightness of your watercolor but strength of the colors. I would love to paint Avignon at night under the bridgeby the old youth hostel if it still exists. That is a wonderful memory for me of hitching all over Europe in my twenties. I’m 74 now and started my young career as an artist over again too. The other place I”d like to paint is in upstate NY called Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz NY. Great memories there too in that pictuesque place. You must make a journey there one day
    thank you. I’d love to take classes with you in2023

  157. I had the privilege of serving on a mission team at the salmon run in Alaska. The large nets, fish, and hearts of the people were bigger than life. I would love to sketch a scene to be a reminder.

  158. Hi Toni
    I know it’s been done heaps of times before but not in your style & I reckon the beach shacks at Mothers Beach in Mount Martha Victoria Australia would look fabulous. Thanks 🤗

  159. I live in Far North Queensland and would love to paint and draw some old buildings around the area, especially Parronella park, which isn’t too far away. There are many interesting buildings in Qld from the pioneering days and beyond when the architecture blends the different cultures that built this area.
    Really looking forward to your lesson during this taster week and in LB23

  160. Hello Toni!
    I absolutely adore your art and love your classes! I think I would like to paint the old houses in Portland Oregon. Some of them are quite charming. Thank you for a chance to win a spot in Life Book 2023!

  161. As a young teenager, my grandparents took us to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A small Victorian town in the Arkansas mountains. Great buildings and houses, hot springs and even a haunted hotel! Lots of fun sketches. Makes me want to go and sketch! Thanks Toni for this chance for Lifebook 2023 membership!

  162. Thank you for the chance to win a spot on LifeBook 2023 … so enjoy your sessions, your style is so freeing. We are scheduled to visit Ireland in the Spring. If it is anything like Scotland, there is magic everywhere.

  163. I visited Castle Rising in England many years ago. I would love to be able ro recreate it in a fanciful painting.

  164. Hi Toni! Your classes are always fun and your art and teaching style is delightful. I have traveled to Ireland and Scotland and there are some wonderful scenes there to paint. I have also traveled all around the USA and the old New England towns are scrumptious and the landscapes of the West are amazing. I could be inspired by many places.

  165. Thank you for this opportunity, I love your style of drawing and painting, I’ve attempted a few of your mini tutorials and am in awe of your skill, you make it look easy. I would love to go back to Sydney and draw the opera house and some of the old streets and buildings near by.

  166. I’d like to paint San Antonio Texas. There are very cool historic buildings and the river walk would provide some wonderful subjects. Thanks for your lesson. I’ve been delving into painting a journal with line and wash called PLACES.

  167. My favorite place that I have visited so far was Mendocino, California. A very Art friendly coastal town that is just beautiful. Small town with big views…I would love to paint it!

  168. Hi, Toni ~ Three years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the walled city of Xian, China. It would be awesome to paint any place in that beautiful city. I watched your class twice. Loved it and your easy-going, relaxed instruction.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot in the classes.

  169. I would love to paint anywhere in Hangzhou, China That is where my daughter is from and we went there in 2002 to adopt her. It’s a really beautiful place with many amazing sights to see and paint. It would be really cool to paint together there. We are both artists but our style is REALLY different and I kind of love that.

  170. I live in Toronto Canada a bed we have a castle that is in the middle of our downtown core. When I was a child I was fascinated by this castle and looked forward to Christmas when we got to go inside for tours. I would love to paint Casa Loma it was such a piece of my childhood.

  171. The island of Molokai. I can still remember the unique foliage, especially the trees with roots visible above the ground. The backdrop of the lush greenery and the wide expanse of sea and clear sky was so dramatic.

  172. I love the ocean and going to the beach. So I’d love to paint Navarre Beach in Florida. White sand and emerald green, crystal clear waters.😎😎😎

  173. Long ago I was in the Alps in Austria. Would love to be able to paint the magnificence….but fear that just like being there, it would not even look real!

  174. I went to Deadwood, South Dakota once and it would be fun to try to paint a western town like that. The Bullocks Hotel was beautiful.

  175. Savannah, Georgia (USA) is full of history with beautiful buildings, streets, and squares. The trees have hanging moss and a beautiful waterfront with cobblestone street near the waterfront. It is also a major shipping port. Then there are the marsh areas. Beautiful place to sketch and paint. Check out these images:;_ylt=AwrhdeLBmzNjjRMStxtXNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=savannah+historic+homes&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t-s

  176. Thanks for this chance Toni 🙏💝💐I love historic buildings and luckily you can find them all over the world 😁🤞

  177. I visited White Fish, Montana years ago. It was one of my favorite places. I would love to paint the small and charming main street with the various shops and restaurants. Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  178. Thank you Toni for giving this special opportunity of winning a spot on Life Book
    2023. I would love to go back again to the Netherlands (where I was born) and paint nature and the beautiful old & new buildings in the Netherlands, including windmills and tulip fields.

  179. I used to live in England and would love to paint a picture of a high street in one of the villages there.

  180. HI! I have been blessed to travel the world and even graduated from High School in Tehran Iran. I love doorways so your tutorial is soooo fun. I would like to paint the colorful building in Puerto Vallarta.

  181. I went to Toledo years ago on a honeymoon, and would love to paint elements of that place! Sadly, my backpack with all my film was stolen, so I have to rely on Google, I guess. Thanks for this lesson!

  182. Thank you for being so generous. I have visited Peru and would love to paint some of Lima, Cusco and other historical places and landmarks in that part of the world.

    Love your style.. Thank you again


  183. I am blessed to live in Maitland NSW which has, along with surrounding areas, many beautiful historic buildings which would lend themselves nicely to this style of painting. Time to go take another/new look at the details of the local architecture 🙂

  184. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, Toni! I would love to paint the steets of Paris, particularly with some beautiful old lanterns ❤️

  185. My husband and I went to Europe for our honeymoon and I was so taken with the beautiful green landscapes with the medieval castles tucked away into the countryside. This would be so awesome to sit and sketch/paint. Thanks for your classes, time and your talent. Kinds regards!

  186. Hi Toni, I would love to go back to Pitlochry, Scotland and paint some of the quaint houses and buildings. I was there in my pre-art days,1985. I have fond memories of my visit there.
    Cheers and thank you for chance of winning a spot in Life Book.
    Happy Creating.

  187. I don’t travel much so I would love to paint the dog park at the lakefront where we take our dog Pepper on the weekends.

  188. I live in Adelaide, the city of churches. I would love to have the confidence to draw/paint some of our beautiful churches

  189. I would love to paint an old cathedral I visited in Mexico. It would work well in your style I think. I would love to win a spot. Thanks!!!

  190. I would love to go back to positano and paint the scenic hillside or interlaken and paint anything of the city, it was so quaint and charming.

  191. I’d love to paint the buildings in my town in central western NSW. It has many old colonial buildings and is very whimsical. I love your style of loose and free expressive painting. I think it would suit the old buildings here. There are a million places in the world to visit and paint, but sometimes what is right in front of our noses is just as beautiful!

  192. I want to paint my neighborhood in New Orleans. I’m going to start with my old creole cottage. Thanks for the lovely lesson and for the inspiration!

  193. Hello Toni. I would love to paint an old mill and water wheel that I saw in Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA.

  194. Thank you so much for the free lesson, I have been a bit low on funds lately, but climbing out !!! I appreciate the great content, it was wonderful…I will be trying this technique on an old church in town, hopefully this weekend…Thanks again !!!!

  195. Having quite severe ME/CFS makes me almost fully housbound. As I got this sick, I moved 300 km away from the Village where I was borned and lived my whole life, and now Im to sick to travel so I cant go home to se my family or the surroundings that I so much love and miss.

    So I would love to paint the deep forests in Småländska Höglandet in Sweden and at least travell there in my Dreams and mind 😊💗

  196. I would love to paint just about any of the scenery around Sedona, Arizona. Everywhere you look there are gorgeous red rocks and desert scenes. Time of day, different shadows and various angles of perception would give unlimited creative inspiration.

  197. I have never been fortunate enough to travel much out of Virginia in my 70 years of life but did visit Gatlinburg TN. I would love to paint a Cades Cove scenic view from h its mountainous views of the valley and the wildlife below.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot in the Life Book 2023.

  198. Hi Toni, loved your taster lesson, this kind of urban sketching is something I’ve been wanting to try – so many places I’d love to paint, one would be London, from a pavement coffee shop, where you get wonderful old buildings cheek-by-jowl with new architecture. Thanks for the chance to win a spot and for the free tutorials, I’ve earmarked them for later 🙂

  199. I would like to paint the wildflower field in Tony Grove, Logan, Utah. The flowers are stunning!

  200. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I love your style and the looseness of your art! I would very much like to paint some of our photos from Tenerife <3

  201. Hi Toni..
    I grew up in Durban, South Africa.. never travelled much but I miss the sea and I would love to be able to draw a beach.. our favorite had a little ice cream shop.
    Thanks for the chance

  202. My favorite place in the world is back home in Oregon. Camp Sherman on the Metolius river near Bend, Oregon. If you ever get the chance to go you will not be disappointed. The water comes up from a natural spring and is so cold and clear. The trees and scenery are amazing. I haven’t been there in almost 30 yrs. We used to go several times a year when I was growing up. Definitely need to make a trip home.

  203. The Oregon Coast during a good storm was an amazing sight. Id love to go back with a good paint set and catch some of the more beautiful scenery with my notebooks.

  204. Hello to Toni and to all of you wonderful artists. I lost my Mom a few months ago. We were so close and we painted and created together all the time. I am flattened by what she suffered and going through some health scares of my own. The positive environment and inspiration of LifeBook could be just what I need to reconnect to my creativity. Thanks for the beautiful lesson and here’s hoping for good things to come.

  205. Little Pigeon River in Gatlinburg, TN – where I was married! I haven’t been anywhere else really. This was such a beautiful spot back then. Thank you for your lesson and the chance to win a spot on Lifebook23!

  206. There is a quaint location outside of Bozeman in a heavily wooded area that has a bridge over a beautiful stream. Brings comfort when I’m there. That would be my starting point.

  207. I haven’t been to too many cool places like some people, but i have been to Hawaii and loved the ocean. So i guess that is what i would want to paint.

  208. There is an abandoned castle that was never completed in the woods nearby where I live that I would love to paint in an abstract watercolor. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  209. Ciao Toni, I’m Italian and live in Torino in the North of Italy. I’d love to catch the beauty of architectural corners ofmy city. Here there are so many styles..a kind of historic crossway. I love ti walk with nose up through street: Roman, medievale, renaissance, baroque, contemporary corners ❤️ in a magique mix

  210. Hi Toni, I have been lucky enough to have been to some amazing places and thinking back there are a few I would now love to paint… Canyon Lake in Oregon – it is just so blue…. The beautiful colours of the Grand Canyon at sunset, a winding path by a lake in New Zealand… but my favourite would probably be scenes from Finestrat, a village in Spain. My late Mother lived there for many years and it was beautiful, especially the part just above the village where the delicious spring water comes pouring out of the rock. I have so many happy memories of climbing that hill to collect water.
    Thanks for the chance of winning a spot and good luck to everyone.

  211. My niece took me on a cruise in 2012 to the Bahamas. We went to St. John’s Island and I would LOVE to be able to paint the little cafe we ate at—where iguanas were walking around searching for some little morsel that may have fallen from someone’s table!
    I truly enjoyed watching you paint that beautiful door!

  212. Hi Toni
    I live in Maine and Bar Harbor has some amazing places to paint. Ocean views, hidden beauty, stone bridges. One stone bridge always takes my breath away. I would love to see what it would look like on canvas with water color. Thanks for the opportunity to see your art and creativity and for the chance at winning a life book spot for 2023.
    Warm wishes
    Michelle C

  213. A nearby historic site that was the first higher learning institution in Peoria County, Illinois USA. Name Jubilee College

  214. I would love to paint the Karoo sunset in the Northern Cape in South Africa.
    the quietness and peace is just unacceptable.

  215. Hong Kong. I was lucky enough to visit for ten days. I cried on the plane leaving. I still can’t put into words how much I was affected by the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere, the feelings of belonging and excitement!

  216. Antarctica – most people think it’s just blue and white, but it’s greens and greys and purples and more, with so many hues and shades of each ❄️🤍

  217. I live near the rocky mountain in Alberta, Canada, and would love to paint then one day. They are magical and beautiful place to be, you can feel God’s awesome power there!

  218. Butchart Gardens – my husband and I went there during our honeymoon many, many years ago, and I can still remember just how beautiful the gardens were. I would love the paint the temples in Japan as well, but sadly have not made it there … yet!

  219. Thank you Toni!!! I love the small town of Crested Butte Colorado with their historic old buildings and beautiful mountain vistas and so many flowers many fun things to sketch and paint!!😊

  220. Thank you Toni, for a chance to win💗
    I love old buildings and homes, we see similar architecture where we live in San Antonio, Texas; as in small gold rush towns like Cripple Creek Colorado as well as agricultural towns like Tallulah, Louisiana.

  221. The Maldives, no doubt about it. I was there twice, in 1995 and 1999, but I wasn’t painting back then.
    Thanks for this opportunity, Toni.

  222. I lived in San Francisco for a while but my place was so small I did very little journaling – no room for art supplies. Almost no room for me. I would love to paint the Golden Gate Bridge.

  223. Thank you for this chance to win a free spot. There are already so many wonderful ideas for painting buildings. I‘d like to paint Chambord castle, France, the Tower Bridge in London, UK and the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany. Good luck to all!

  224. I would love to paint the temples I visited in Cambodia. Thank you for the chance of entering the draw.

  225. Although I’ve never been to Italy, I’d love to paint the yellow houses with red roofs with the tall, thin trees included too. I guess the only place(s) in the UK which have anything similar are the yellow stone cottages in Gloucestershire and Yorkshire, so they’d have to be my inspiration instead!

  226. The amazing Kimberley, in Western Australia. The colours and contrast, the open space, the beauty of untouched parts of nature.

  227. I’d love to learn how to paint one of the fishing villages in Cinque Terre..
    Such a beautiful place my sister and I visited 4yrs ago..
    Love Love your work
    Thanks for the opportunity 🙏

  228. I would love to paint the buildings in Santorini. My parents are on holiday there now so hopefully they’ll come back with some awesome photos

  229. I would love to paint Most Holy Trinity church in St. Louis, Missouri. I was born right down the block from the church & attended Catholic school there until age 9. Would love to capture it in your style of art!!

  230. i would have love painting/ sketching different place in england , specially southampton that i loved visiting

  231. Dear my Tony, I live in Budapest where the houses full of little statues and also there is a huge cemetery in the city it is like a huge park where famous people were buried and it has amazing statues and pavillions.
    I love the style you paint the houses

  232. You know, I’ve never thought about this before, but I’d really like to paint my back garden, or part of it anyway! I think I have lots to learn yet, but I would like to get the feeling of peace I experience there down on paper somehow… Thanks for the chance to win and for giving me that interesting thought! <3

  233. I would love to paint my hometown. I moved away twenty one years ago and have not been back, but there are many memories I would love to capture. Thank you for the chance to win!

  234. I would love to paint the Rialto Bridge in Venice. There was a small market beside it when I visited there that had the most delicious peaches I ever tasted.

  235. I would love to paint the oceans and towns of the south of Western Australia. Thank you for the chance Toni.

  236. I don’t have to drive long. I love my hometown and want to paint our beautiful church and the nature around.

  237. Acutally when I saw your drew the European buildings, I was thinking to draw the Beijing old street and old buildings, I took a lot of pictures I need to find them out.

  238. Angkor Wat in Cambodia! That place is so magical, there is something beautiful to be found behind every corner, behind every tree. That place is arting heaven for me!

  239. I would love to paint some of the old colorful houses in San Francisco. They are so beautiful and have such history!

  240. Would love to paint beautiful Naxos in Greece. All the beautiful lines, doors, buildings and ocean.

  241. I would love my favorite spot from when I used to work in the Caribbean. The place I dream of when the winters are cold here in Sweden. The Bitter End in the Virgin Islands a treasure that sadly got destroyed by the hurricane so they had to rebuild. Hope to see it again one day but that probably won’t happen since my body is stopping me. So to travel there again in my mind by painting the happy memories would be great.

  242. I would love to paint the Austrian alps. there is such a range of colours from the blue skies, snowy mountains, lush fields and glacial lakes.. my favourite ever holiday

  243. Hi Toni,

    A place I have been to and would love love to paint would be the market streets of India, the bags if spices, the colourful jewellery and clothes, the people and so much more. Something to evoke all senses. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.


  244. Memorable trip to Ladakh in India… it is obscenely picturesque! One of the most dangerous road trips to get there. I’d love to paint sparkling clear shades of turquoise water of the Pang Gong lake surrounded by a stark contrast of very grounding mountains in every shade of brown. I have a photo of Buddhist prayer stone stacks seen in the rear view mirror and the lake and mountains in the foreground that will make a nice composition.

  245. There are so many nature scenes I would like to paint but I somehow don’t have the confidence to do it.

  246. It’s been a very long time since I’ve travelled. I would love to paint some beautiful European scenes. Thank you!

  247. I would like to paint parts of ‘Frankfield’, NSW, a lovely old house that is now owned by distant relatives, the house was built by Hamilton Humes brother. It has lots of character & charm.

  248. I have been in Berlin this summer for the first time. I love to paint a scene from Berlin. Thank you for a chance to win a spot.

  249. Hi Toni,
    Thanks for this opportunity 🙂
    I hope one day to go to Norway or Sweden to see the Northern Light there. Then draw or paint it. That would be SO fantastic!! 🙂 Xxx

  250. 🌸🌸🌸 I would love to paint the houses in Amsterdam and their tulips 🌷. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us all.🌸🌸🌸🌸

  251. I’d love to paint the hills in Tennessee. Driving through is so beautiful and serene. I have to resist pulling over and just staring at all the lush green trees.

  252. Hi. I would love to paint our house 1860. It used to be a place to store the carridge for the horse. We call it koetshuis in the Netherlands. At the moment we are rennovating the front. When its finished I would love to give it a go. And of course would be forever grateful to win a spot on the life book course 🙂

  253. I would love to paint the house I where I grew up. It was built by my grandfather 100 years ago and still standing and with all the memories I feel it is worth painting.

  254. There are a few places I’d love to paint. The hexagonal stones of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, the ruins of Macchu Picchu in Peru, the temples of Ankor Watt in Cambodia, Bwindi National Park home to the Gorillas of Uganda, the list goes on. I think choosing will be the most difficult part. I have my fingers crossed to win a spot on Life Book, so here goes. Letetia

  255. I went to Maui when I was in my early 20’s. I’m turning 41 in November so it’s been a while lol there was a cute little beach that was off the road. Literally we pulled over and parked on the side of the road and walked toward some trees. It was really small and trees were in back of us. It was cute. I have a few pictures. I actually had a film camera at the time so when I got back I had the film developed. I think there was at least 5 or 6 rolls lol. One of the pictures turned out so good. I don’t even remember taking it. At the bottom of the photo is a pair of one of our flip flops and it has the trees on one side with it arching over the top of the picture and then you have the beach with dark sand. The water curling up on the beach. So crisp and clear. One of my favorite photos and such a great memory! That would be an awesome place to sketch ❤️

  256. I would love to paint my own backyard. Would love to win a place. Love your tutorials. .. thanks

  257. My favourite place of all is Lakes Entrance in Victoria Australia. I would love to paint the beach on a stormy day

  258. I have traveled to Ireland a few times and it amazes me every time. I’d like to go and just paint everything I see. It’s so beautiful and amazing. It’s like what you imagine as home.

  259. Venice, Italy and the roads on the way to Rome. I loved the canals and the sunflower fields that we passed. I was only 13, and it was a class thing for my german class, but I remember those very clearly even with my memory being damaged. They’re sites that just stuck with me.

  260. I would love to paint a riverboat at the dock in Chester Illinois. It’s like a park around the area and not a big dock. So beautiful along the Mississippi.

  261. Peru and the Andes or those beautiful towns from the Sierra with the beautiful people with their typical clothing (costumes) so much color, Loved it

  262. I would love to paint some street scenes from Sucre in Bolivia. My son was born in a town not far from there before we returned to Canada. and we visited Sucre when we returned to show my son his birthplace. We were all entranced by the incredible melange of indigenous culture and colonial Spanish architecture. It would be wonderful to capture that feeling in a painting.

  263. England, with its thatched roofs is a landscape/urban area I would love to visit in your style of sketchy places… Thank you for allowing me to enter the giveaway.

  264. I would love to go to Italy and paint the amazing colours when the sun is setting and having a pinch me moment – nature puts on the most amazing sites ❤️

  265. I would love to return to the Loire Valley of France and paint as many of the chateaux and villages as I can before I get tired of doing so. I figure I should be able to get a good 30 days of painting in before tiring.

  266. I would love to paint TheNiagara falls during either winter or fall! Its so beautiful and peaceful.
    Also painting the beach at St. Petersburg.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  267. Many places come to mind that I would love to be able to paint (sitting on a beach by the ocean is my favorite place). I think I would love to paint the mountains in Bryson City, NC. My Grandparents built a home there in 1969, so I spent time with them every year until they moved from there in early 2000’s.

  268. I would love to paint Las Vegas! The lights, and different shaped buildings would be fun! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  269. I love the mountain … there are so many beautiful view you can see from the top, down to the valley … or the sunset/sunrise .There’s never exactly view to paint even when I sit in the same spot! Thank you for the chance!

  270. Ah haha there are so many places. But one that stands out is a recent trip to Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. Every step is just like an expansive, magical place. Gorgeous mountains, enormous trees, acres and acres of tea estates, an unbelievable variety of flowers and majestic bisons all around.

  271. Oh, that’s hard to choose. I feel like I am supposed to say Biarritz France or Costa Rica, but really I would mostly love to paint New Orleans and Seattle.

  272. there are a lot of places I would love to paint, I have lots of photos of place from my caravanning adventures around Australia, but at the moment with moving my daughter to the highlands in south coast of NSW I’m looking forward to creating art from this beautiful region of nsw. Hopefully I’ll be able to win a spot and share a little bit of our local area. thank you for the chance Toni

  273. I would love to draw something in Guyana (were my mother can from, who is unfortunately no longer with us).

  274. Hi Toni,
    I have travelled to Japan on a couple of occasions with family and friends. I have oodles of snapshots I always wanted to draw and paint but never knew how to start. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly gain a spot in LIFEBOOK 2023.

  275. I would love to sketch and paint a picture of my trips to Mexico! So much color, quaint buildings and flowers. Thank you for a chance to win a year of art lessons with Lifebook. I would love to try to do this class!

  276. Hi Toni, we visited the Ile d’Oleron a few years ago and have gone back every year since! It’s beautiful, arty, sea, sun, sand, lighthouse! I have a whole bunch of photos that I keep promising to paint…I do ink drawings with watercolour, so your style is right up my street! I’d really like this to be my project for next year! 😃

  277. Hello! I would love to paint more scenes from
    Walt Disney World or maybe even Alaska from when I went on a cruise several years ago. There were so many interesting details in May of the small Alaskan towns we visited. Your art is so bright and vivid!

  278. Hi Toni! I have been so many beautiful places around the world. One place I’d love to return to and paint is the landscape in Newfoundland. So beautiful and haunting in places. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot. Cheers!

  279. Hi Toni,
    I’ve been to Vancouver and Whistler and would love to paint the majestic Rockie Mountains as they call to my heart. Thank you for giving us this opportunity 🙂

  280. Hi Toni! I have been to Giverney France at Monet’s home. My hubs and I visited on our 15 year anniversary. We are going on our 30th year anniversary this coming. I would love to paint a scene from there. Thank you for this chance of winning a spot! I hope this is my year to win 🙂 Your lessons look absolutely exciting and to keep on learning from you would be …. Awe-mazing! Thanks Toni!

    1. The Place I Would Like To Revisit And Paint Would Be A Place In Turkey Called; ‘The Fairyland’ In Cappadocia’. It’s A Beautiful Place With Caves Shaped Like Little Fairy Houses. 😊❤️🙏

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