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Altered books are my favourite kind of journal – they are full of history, character and charm, and they even smell great!   …ok well a faded, old, sort of greatness 🙂

Creating art in a beautiful journal is so enriching to your soul, and even better when you have lovingly hand crafted that journal yourself.

This class focuses on not only the adorable girls we bring to life in our journal, but we also make the journal ourselves from an old, musty, smelly book (or you can use a new non-smelly one if you like 🙂

After our journal is ready we really get stuck into the colour.  Bold colours and watery soft media lend themselves beautifully to creating girls with loads of quirky charm and big personalities.  And these girls really know how to let their light shine 🙂

Come and join me for this heartfelt adventure, and create your own lovely journal and your girls.

This class is available NOW for immediate access.  This is a self paced, go at your own pace class, with a full 5 hours of video instruction!  This is my biggest class ever 🙂
For more information on how to join this class, and the supplies list click below.

To celebrate I am giving away two spots in this class!
To enter do both 1 & 2 below:
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2.  share this post to your facebook page
Also for an additional chance to win!!!  you can comment on my facebook post as well as this post ….just visit my page here)

I will draw the winners by random number generator in 4 days time (Monday 19th March AEST).


  1. Congratulations to Linda Mason and JoAnna Jackson who won the two spots in this class.

  2. Altered books will open up a whole new perspective on journaling – just like your Petit Vue Course changed the way I look at buildings now. I just love the wistful style you create.

  3. Thank you Toni for the chance to win one of your wonderful classes…and your generosity for the opportunity.

  4. Toni Burt I must be stuck in a rut and need a push from behind. Your art work is awesome. I would love to participate in this class. Thank you for your time.

  5. Wow, this looks like so much fun😆 Love your style. It is so soft and feminine. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  6. This sounds like a great class. Love your style. Just beginning a journaling journey and would love to learn from you!

  7. Your art is so inspiring and I enjoy your videos. Thank you for this opportunity to try your class.

  8. As a trained librarian e.g. book lover and a big fan of your classes, this is a must-have class for me. Iyt will be a nice easter egg :-))

  9. Oh my, another beautiful class! I love old books and while I hate to destroy one, I would like to learn how to “save” an old book by making art.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  10. Lovely ethereal and uplifting. A perfect background for meditative thoughts! Thanks 🙂

  11. I would love to try something like this it looks such fun and I love your expressive girls.

  12. This class looks awesome. Too bad I can’t join the giveaway since I don’t do facebook.

  13. Love your art and your style! Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity!

  14. Would love to take your class! Your ladies are beautiful and who doesn’t want to recycle an old book!

  15. These Journal Girls class looks like fun AND we learn something new in the process.

    1. Hi Toni I have done a few of your wonderful courses and you have helped me free up with my own personal art. Love you and love your work. I have already posted to my FB page. thank you xx

  16. I LOVE altered books! This would be the first one I’d make… I love your art Toni! And would love to win this class!

  17. I have started an altered book and would love to add the “Journal Girls” to it as well as make a new altered book journal.

  18. These girls are beautiful! I haven’t ‘journalled’ before, so this would be an exciting introduction. I have the ‘Loose Ladies’ class and I love it, so I would love to win this one please Toni! 💜💜

  19. Ohhhh-how I’d love to win this course…I don’t use FB…is there something else I could do that’s equal to FB? IG maybe??

  20. This is the first I have seen journals repurposing old books. I love books and I love art. Looks fantastic!

  21. Toni, I would love to take this class!!! And guess what? My birthday is Monday the 19th, the day you announce the winners. How cool is that!?! I may have to buy the course as a “Happy Birthday to me” gift.

  22. I’ve been loving these journal girls when I see them on Instagram and Facebook. Would love to win the class! I’m fascinated at your skill for omitting lines in the face and body, but still conveying the whole idea

  23. I’ve been loving these journal girls when I see them on Instagram and Facebook. Would love to win the class! I’m fascinated at your skill for omitting lines in the face and body, but still conveying the whole idea.

  24. Oh my, Toni … your girls, a vintage book, textures and colour … heaven! Thanks for the opportunity to win … have shared on fb. 💕

  25. Oh boy, look at how yummy!! I’d love to look into this process and see you transform a book into your beautiful art.

  26. Wow! Just love what you are doing, Toni! Would love to get to do this class…

  27. I love altered books, art journaling and would love to learn how to create beautiful girls in your style from you!!

  28. Altered books are one of my favorite places to create. Your class looks fabulous and a must to take part of for further inspiration. Thank you for this offering, Toni.

  29. My favorite is using the old music books behind the pictures. They tell such a story!

  30. love old smelly books and how they can be made into a journal that is so personal.
    This class looks awesome!

  31. Shared! I’d love to win a spot in any one of your classes. They are all so awesome. I’ve been wanting to make one of these journals. Your girls are so amazing.

  32. Would luv to win a spot in this class! I luv all your work because you use all my fav things. Girls, color, and vintage! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  33. So exciting!!! I shared it on my Facebook page as well😀 Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity

  34. This class looks incredible! I love old vintage books (that aren’t too smelly😁). What a perfect blend of amazing things. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  35. What I especially appreciate about your classes are that they I can go at my own pace and it’s not a huge time commitment. I love your loose style and I find I can relax and make art without undue pressure on myself and I always learn something new. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  36. This looks amazing!! I would love to win a place but if I don’t I will be back when money is available!! 😀

  37. Just an amazing journey (journal) and who doesn’t love 💗 and altered and handmade book to keep off your own and hand down. So inspiring Toni thank you xxt💕

  38. Wow I love your tutorials you have a unique style and an inspiring approach. I have added to my collection! X

  39. Oh I so hope I win this! There are so many classes that are on my “list” because of finances😕! Your book you were using looked while on holiday great and something I’d love to try! Thanks, Toni for the chance! Fingers crossed!!(and toes too!!!)

  40. These are amazing! So fluid and vintage and gorgeous. I can feel the pages. I found you from a friend that shared this on her page, I will now share this for my friends to see 🙂

  41. Oh my goodness♥️♥️.. I am so excited about this class everytime you post one of these lovelys on your vacation on IG I was blown away. Anxiously wishing, hinting, itching for a class and as promised you have delivered and now I am jumping up and down 😂🤗😘 (IG – @artjournalist47)

  42. Toni,
    I am having so much fun with your other classes esp the journal class!! It’s becommng an obsession!! I just started Petit Fluer and I am loving it also!! I truly love your technique and teaching style!! Thank you for sharing your passion!!

  43. I am new to your art, but just love it! I would love to win a chance to learn more of your techniques. I’m looking forward to a hands on workshop!

  44. I’m so very addicted to your style of art – I now have almost a dozen half finished ladies because I keep allowing myself to be distracted ny each new class you release!

  45. Love your style of painting, the class looks wonderful and would love the opportunity to take part. X

  46. I love doing your classes and especially the face to face one. So much fun.
    Thank you Toni.

  47. I’ve been enamored with your work for a while now and this combines my current obsessions: faces, old books and creating journals! ♡

  48. Wow! Another inspiring class. Looks awesome Toni! Thank you for the chance to win a spot. ❤

  49. Wow! Another inspiring class. Looks awesome Toni! Thank you cor the chance to win a spot. ❤

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