she wore a butterfly – mini class

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welcome to the “she wore a butterfly” mini class ūüôā

she wore a butterfly

In this lesson you will be guided through the creation of this girl with a butterfly on her shoulder. We will do a loose sketch initially and add more detail as we go.   This piece is a simple mixture of collage, inktense blocks (see supply list for alternatives), watersoluble graphite, and some white soft pastel.   You will learn all the techniques for collaging the background, sketching and colouring the face using watersoluble graphite and colour.

I recently acquired some Inktense Blocks and sooo wanted to use them on a lovely collage piece. I love the simple looseness of this style and the drips and splotches of paint, pencil and ink!

This piece starts with me using my left non-dominant hand, you can choose to try this too or stick with your usual process.  I do however encourage you to try Рprobably on a separate sheet of paper to use your non-dominant hand, it is so freeing and liberating, however it does take a little getting used to!   So practice first.

We really do “see” things differently with our “other hand” as it sees with the other side of our brain. ¬†I have written a blog post on this subject which you can read here if you wish.

The materials we will use are below in the supply list, and also a link to the NYPL which has great resources in vintage letters.  You could also use some old sheet music for your collage.

I do hope you enjoy this mini-lesson, please ask if you have any questions at all ūüôā

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the supply list.


download video here


download video here


download video here


Please use what you already have in your collection.   The items below are what I have used in this lesson.

  • Matte¬†gel medium
  • Vintage papers or scrapbook papers – eg. old letter or sheet music – something neutral
  • Paint brush for collaging
  • Old credit card or piece of cardboard
  • Acrylic paint – white and a buff/cream (I use Jo Sonja Smoked Pearl and Tit. White)
  • Inktense blocks (or pencils) – these are ink based and watersoluble, you could also use watercolour pencils or neocolor/lyra watersoluble crayons
  • Large round watercolour quill brush or similar
  • Graphite pencils – I am using Lyra watersoluble graphite crayons 2b, 6b & 9b (you could also use Derwent or Faber Castel watersoluble grahite pencils)
  • Eraser
  • Brayer
  • White soft pastel (or white charcoal)
  • Canvas A3 size – (12 x 16″) (you can use any size you like or also thick paper would work)


NYPL (New York Public Library database)

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