petit fleur

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Welcome to the petit fleur classroom!

This class features five petit fleur “little flower” artworks in still life style on 8×8″ canvas.   You will watch the complete project’s from start to finish as I create these little treasures.  I discuss all the details such as choosing colours, how to set out your composition, vessels/vases and more!

This page contains all the classroom content and links to the videos for the five lessons (which are right at the bottom of this page!)

I hope you enjoy your journey with these “little flowers” …they are such a joy to create 🙂

If we are not already friends on Facebook, please send me a friend request at Toni Burt

I have a private facebook group for all of my classes.   “a journey for the soul”  Here you can share your artwork with others taking my classes, and gain feedback and ask questions.

I will add or invite you to the group after you join the class.
(If you use a different email address for facebook please message me as sometimes it is difficult to join the group as it is a secret group.)


introduction video

download video here

materials & supplies video

download video here

colour and composition video

download video here

Scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find the link to the lesson videos.

supplies/materials list

Please use what you already have in your collection.   The items below are what I have used in this class.

  • Assorted  heavy body acrylic paints – I am in Australia and use Matisse Structure and Mont Marte Dimension – any type will work as long as they are thick impasto style heavy body.  A basic selection of around 12 colours is ideal – plus lots of white (I use zinc white and titanium white)
  • Synthetic brushes (this is a good set we will only use the two synthetic)  Filbert size 12,16 & 18, flat size 16 & 18  – or similar, use what you already have 🙂
  • paper towel
  • 20x20cm (8×8″ )canvas board or stretched canvas (qty of 5).  You can also use cardboard for your practice pieces, paper is too thin and will buckle.
  • small piece of sheet music or collage paper for project 4
  • fineline or needle tip bottle (for signing name – alternatively you can use a small brush instead)

*** please note links are for information purposes only, please choose equivalent from your country and in your price range 🙂


The video’s have been broken down into short intervals. Please work at your own pace.
There is no need to hurry.   You have access to this class indefinitely so relax and enjoy the creative process!

You can watch the video’s within the classroom or click on the download link under each one.
When you are taken to the download page click on the “download” button
and choose your quality/size.


PDF for this class

click on the link below the picture to open the pdf

petit fleur pdf instructions


These two boards have been created to help you choose your colours and composition, I discuss these in the colour and composition video above.

Still Life Inspiration – composition, flowers, vases, fruit imagery

Colour Palette – colour combinations


All classroom content is the copyright of Toni Burt 2017, please do not distribute outside of this class.
Access class content and video downloads are for personal use only, thank you.

Please refer to the FAQ’s in regard to copyright here.