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Watercolour is a wonderful medium for painting the figure. It brings a softness, warmth, and a loose quality that captures emotion and form. “Watercolour figures” is a bundle of three lessons where you will learn to paint the figure. You can find out all about the class here.

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To celebrate the launch of this bundle I am giving away 2 free spots!

To enter the giveaway simply comment below and tell me why you would like to paint the figure.

Winners will be drawn on Friday 10th May Aussie Time (Thursday for those of you in the USA).  You will be notified by email if you have won a spot.

**If you purchase the class and then win a spot you will be reimbursed. 


  1. Congratulations to Tammy Rayfield and Gail Smith who won the 2 spots in this class, GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED THANK YOU.

  2. I took an earlier class of yours and found it to be challenging. I’d put the pieces away and found them again only recently and was amazed at how much better they looked with the passing of time. These new figures look like they’ll be a lot of fun to paint and I’m curious to see how the intervening years have affected both my ability to learn and take direction and to see how my skills have improved.

  3. Toni, thank you for your kind teaching style. I have learned so much taking your classes(line, watercolor and even sculpting) . I am hesitant to draw figures, but look forward to this challenge. Yolanda

  4. Love your style. Love how you instruct your lesson. Your creativity is beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. I have always wanted to learn to paint the human figure. It has always been so intimidating to me, yet these are so pretty. They inspire me to learn.

  6. I love your watercolor figures and the way you layer your colors. You have such a unique style. To win this class would be so much fun!!

  7. I love the style of your work and have always wanted to learn how to draw figures

  8. I love the loose free style of these figures, and yet they portray so much feeling.

  9. Your style of using watercolors Toni is so laid back and relaxing and just fun but rich in detail and very informative …I haven’t took a class as of yet from you but I have watched you tube..Thank you Toni for a chance to win a class😀

  10. Love your style Toni! I draw figures but they are tight, and rarely paint them. This class would help me with both. Thank you.

  11. Love all your classes, Toni, and I am sure this would be wonderful!! I need to be ‘looser’ in my work, and I know you are one to help with that. Lol

  12. Hi! Oh my goodness how wonderful this lesson looks Tony! To explore your lesson would be an amazing learn for me and help curb my fear of working with figures in my art. I’m just getting over my fear of working portraits and I am so happy to have engaged in working this fear so figures would be next for me. Thank you Toni for this chance to win a place in this lesson, I’m grateful❣️

  13. Oh.my.gosh. I would love this class. You are truly amazing at all you do. These figures are fabulous! Thanks, Toni

  14. I would love to practice figures as I’ve been doing portraits for some time and it will be nice to progress to the full body.

  15. Hi! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love your art a lot and all the lessons I learned from you! Hope to win a spot for this one! 🤞

  16. Have enrolled and now thinking what have I done! I have never drawn a figure before unless we can count a stick figure, hehe!
    I just saw the post and thought why not, I have taken many of other classes of yours and always come out the other end learning so much more than when I started, cannot ask for more than that! Here I go again.
    Take care
    Jenni ☺️

  17. I have always loved your style and these are so beautiful and flowing. I’m a beginner and will definitely be buying this class. To win a spot would be a bonus.

  18. I started my journey with art 4 years ago at the age of 60. I love watercolour and I love your style, particularly the looseness of your art. I haven’t had the confidence to try figures yet but would love to give it a go with your guidance.

  19. First of all I love your style and have done a few lessons of yours through different challenges on Facebook etc and found your lessons so freeing and it takes all self sabotage thoughts away allowing you to put your whole self into the painting. Secondly I’ve started a journey to better my figure and portrait painting and drawing this would be a good lesson for this. Thanks for the opportunity to be in the draw.

  20. Ohhhhh, I would soooo love to win a spot in for this course.
    I just love the way you teach in such a peaceful and easy manner, and I love your style of work.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter ❤❤

  21. I would love to win a spot to help myself connect with love and compassion through the watercolour figures to feel more embodied, resilience and strength. I love your work as it helps connect and release so much for me. Lately my resilience and strength has been lacking so would love to connect deeply with these teachings to help me again x

  22. I’m still finding my way with watercolours and have done some lessons with you before. These are beautiful I live the soft styling and colour palette and know I can learn more from you 🥰

  23. I love to your style and these figures are absolutely beautiful.
    I’m a total beginner and am finding my way, finding my medium, finding what I love ❤️

  24. I started painting in earnest since early retirement Toni and have spent several years trying to express emotions through portraits. I have wanted to extend this to figure work for a long time but have been nervous of it. I would really love to learn from you in this class.

  25. Would lovecein this give-away because I want to learn how paint loosely with figures and this will definitely help me.

  26. As so many others, I love the style of your work, it always makes me want to recreate what’s you have posted. I would consider myself a very lucky girl if I were to win this course x

  27. Hi Toni
    Thank you for the wonderful offer. I am starting to draw figures and loving it. This class would be a wonderful opportunity to learn more. 🙏🙏

  28. I would love to learn to paint these figures.
    Your classes and style are amazing and I really love your calming voice Toni.

  29. I would love the chance to listen and learn from you. What I like about these ladies is how expressive they are . There is a feeling of movement, energy, and emotion that is so much more than just proportion. I’d love to learn how to make my figure drawing more animate. Thank you!

  30. Watercolours are divine. How gorgeous to paint figures and capture all the shadows and light. I would love to win this. It’s just what would help me evolve right now. Good luck everyone. And thanks Toni for this chance to learn and try something new.

  31. I would love to take this class to learn more about watercolour – which I love, but still find intimidating at times! I would also love to learn more about the figure … I usually draw or paint in a rather non-realistic style.
    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂 Love your style!

  32. As I did enjoy your „uncovered“ class so very much I‘d really like to do this class, too. It‘s always so much fun to watch your instructions and follow them along and I alway learn so much.

  33. I love all your classes and lessons. I always feel confident with them thanks to your style, teaching, and encouragement. I’d love to draw and paint the figures. I love doing pencil gestures and capturing movement, but I don’t know much about painting the body. I’d love to know how to capture the form and light. Thanks for all your classes!

  34. I would love to learn how to paint a figure. I’ve learned to paint a face pretty well, but the figure has always overwhelmed me with getting proportions and fine details right. I love your style and would love to take this class!

  35. I’ve never attempted to draw or paint a figure. I would like to learn and I like your style. Thank you.

  36. I have never painted the figure in watercolour before but would love to learn how. I love your style and love drawing the figure with charcoal usually. Trying new mediums always excites me.

  37. 🙏Thanks Toni!💝 I love painting figures in watercolor. I have to do this more often 😁🤞

  38. Toni, I’ve always loved your loose style art, I really struggle to get anything resembling a looseness, I have done some of your classes before and loved your teaching style.

  39. I just love figurative art. They body represents so much and is beautiful in everyday. Like they saying that the body keeps the score, your body can also show it in art

  40. The female form is one of the subjects I admire most in other peoples artwork. Is strength and grace and oh so interesting. As a self taught artist in the making I would love to get insight on how to paint the female body! This looks like such a fun class.

  41. I have practiced faces quite a bit, but the entire figure only a few times. I would love to get your take on it, Toni! ❤️

  42. Oh wow! I have never painted or drawn a figure but would love to learn from you. You are a great teacher and easy for me to follow.

  43. Because I love human figures and love watercolor too.
    Thanks for this great opportunity to participate. ❤️

  44. I love your courses and your art. I have never tried painting figures but with your course I will definately try it.

  45. Love your style and your classes are always my favorites. I have very little experience painting the female form and would love the opportunity to learn from you.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  46. I’ve never drawn a human figure and I don’t anticipate it will be easy – but – if anyone can make me more confident and successful it’s Toni!

  47. Toni, I love your art style and the way you teach. I would love to learn figure watercolor painting from you because it looks so expressive! That really appeals to me.

  48. Another rainy Autumn day, your post cheered me up and as I have always struggled with figures I would love to start with your course.

  49. I always feel so hesitant about painting the female form, but its something I love so much. I think I worry too much about getting it wrong rather than just enjoying the process. Your figures are so relaxed and have such movement I think they would be a great place to grow confidence. Thanks for the chance to win a place Toni.

  50. Your style is unique and beautiful. Very inspiring artist. Figure work is always a challenge for me. Faces too. 😊
    Marsley Holderman

  51. I just love your style and you bring such joy to art. It would be amazing to take these lessons from you. Thank you for the opportunity.

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