totems and talismans – 2019 – course and giveaway!

You guys when I was invited to be a guest teacher on the year long course “Art Walk Alchemy” with the 2019 theme of “Totems and Talismans”  how could I resist!  I mean the thought of it made me swoon!

We all want to create from our soul, things that are special to us, give meaning to our lives…make each moment special.  To me that is what totems and talismans are all about 🙂  They are symbols of the things we hold dear and the beliefs we uphold.  For me the spirit world embodies all those things.

This is a year long course that is all about those ideas, objects, and emblems that represent something significant in our lives.  You get 24 lessons (plus several bonus lessons!) that incorporate literal or metaphoric representations in the form of assemblages; journaling; jewelry; masks; watercolor, pastel, and acrylic painting; mono-printing; explosion boxes; collages; spirit dolls; and mixed media.

The lessons will be taught by 24 stellar working artists whose art you know and love. This course is suitable for all artistic levels so don’t be shy about joining us.   Scroll on down to see who all these artists are 🙂

In my lesson we will create a gorgeous “sacred earth bowl”.  Your bowl will encapsulate the spirit of mother earth and the faery realm, or as I like to call it the “otherworld”.  We will use air drying clay, recycled copper wire, scraps of sari silk and small glass and metal beads to embellish our piece.  The colours will be those of the earth elements, fire, water, air, you choose what resonates with you.

This lovely bowl was created with the water and earth elements as the basis.   She is my prototype for the course, the bowl I will film for my lesson will be almost identical, I’ll probably choose different colours and beads, but this is the bowl style I will be demonstrating.

To celebrate this wonderful theme of Totems and Talismans I am giving away this gorgeous bowl!  Simply scroll to the bottom to find out how to enter 🙂

To find out more about the course Click Here using my personal affiliate link. This is your way of supporting me as a teacher and is very much appreciated!

There is an early bird price of $99 if you sign up before December 31st and also an installment plan!


To enter the earth bowl give-away just do these 2 things:
1. Share this post on Facebook (share button is below this post).
2. Leave a comment below letting me know your favourite earth element and why (earth, air, fire, water).
*** for a second entry into the draw comment on my facebook post here as well !

I will announce the winner of the bowl on December 1st (AEST).


  1. I love my water sign, being a cancerian i am ruled by the moon, the tides of the earth and feel thay being drawn to water i can reflect on my life events. I find the lull of sea has an amazing hypnotic effect on me. I also love the earth for it yeilds beautiful plants, trees, flowers and crops and without these we could not exsist. And i love the wind as it helps to blow the conwebs away esp in the winter months when things go back to the earth to regenerate for the spring, im not so keen on ice as it is cold lol, but love the cool fresh morning’s of the cool refreshing snow. Thank you for this amazing chance to enter .

  2. My favorite element will probably always be water, secondly earth. I love the movement and sound of water nearby, refreshment, floating, etc. But I could never leave the scent of soil as well.

  3. My favorite element is water. I’ve always been drawn to water. I live a few minutes from Lake Michigan and spend a lot of time there. It “grounds” me, brings me into life. Thanks for the opportunity to win, I love your work!

  4. My constitution is fire but I love its opposite water…so calming to the sirit, contantly moving for the eye, sounds wonderful to the ear, feels amazing and..when fresh…tastes like a cup of cool crystal. Without it the earth and all upon it vanish with the water.

  5. My element would be fire as I am always hot to learn new things always!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this breathtaking bowl!

  6. My element from astrology is water but I resonate with so much. I love the smell of the earth waking up in the spring and the warmth of it in the autumn. I love to dig my hands into it and barefoot is the way to go…dirt and all:)

    Thank you for this opportunity, Toni!!

  7. Earth is my element, grounded and loyal. And I connect with water as I am intuitive and sensitive to other’s energy. This course is gonna be amazing!

  8. Amazing giveaway Thank you for being so generous, someone is in for an absolute treat. Earth is my favourite element only by a tiny fraction because what comes from the earth can create most other things if not all on an elemental level <3

  9. My dear element is air. Since my two brothers are born equidistant around the cycle of the year, we are all air signs. Curious, creative, spiritual and altruistic, all three of us!

  10. I am an Earth sign, grounded…strong….giving. But Water has always resonated with me too! This bowl is lovely. I’ll begin clearing a spot for it. 😁😍

  11. I am an air sign, a curious, inquisitive, free spirit. I love all forms of communication, especially the arts. It would be such an honor to recieve your bowl. Thank you for your consideration.

  12. The blue ribbon on your bowl speaks to my water sign…cancer. Congratulations, Toni for being chosen to be one of the teachers!

  13. The Earth element is most special for me. As our Native Americans, especially the Hopi, believe we get everything we need from our Mother Earth. We have a responsibility to treat her gently.

  14. Being a Taurus I am an earth sign …Ancient Roman astrologers considered Taurus to be rules by Venus, the goddess of beauty, while modern astrologers consider Earth, the primordial goddess of the earth and life an the sign’s modern ruler. Love your beautiful bowls & all things earthy! Thank you for the opportunity to win this beauty!

  15. Thank you, Toni. My element is air. It’s both my sign (Libra)and soul. Appreciate the chance to win a spot in this interesting course.

  16. My element is earth. My favorite place to be is outside in the woods where my thoughts can clear. I love this beautiful bowl and will love learning how to make one 🌏.

  17. Mother Earth is definitely my element . I feel connected to her and all things living, that we share her with. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful bowl ❤️

  18. I am an earth soul. I love to connect with the earth by gardening and you’ll always find me with bare feet, summer or winter. I’d love to win your beautiful bowl. ❤️ I have shared and left a comment on your Facebook post. The course looks wonderful, I hope to join before December 31.

  19. My favorite element is water. I love its movement, it’s calming effect and even its sound is like music. To me water is magic. Thank you for this opportunity!

  20. Ooooooo mine is water. Even if I wasn’t a Cancer I Believe it would still be Water. Thanks for offering up this Beautiful bowl for a give-away. It’s truly lovely.

  21. Air is my earth element being a Libra and therefore it is my fave! Thanks for the opportunity to win your gorgeous bowl. 🤞🏻💕

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