paint your heart and soul 2019 – course and giveaway!


I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a part of the Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019 Team! Yahoo!

I’m especially thrilled because the theme for 2019 is Loosening up and creating expressive art, and you all probably know by now that is just my style!

This year long course is hosted by Olga Furman and is a collaboration of many international artists. All of us are very excited to share our knowledge and tips and tricks with creative people like YOU.

Together, we want to share with you our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our faces and portraits. You will leave this course feeling confident enough in your skills to never feel intimidated again!

The course includes over 50 downloadable video lessons and PDF documents, and is designed for individuals of all skill levels, ranging from a total beginner (no previous experience in drawing/painting is required prior this course) to an experienced artist!

In this course I’m going to provide two lessons: one using mixed media featuring a face, including a talk about colours (muted, earthy palette…one of my favourites 🙂  My second lesson will feature a creature from the animal world….yet to be chosen…but sure to be cute 🙂

Click HERE to find out more details about PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL 2019.

This course is now open for registration, and if you register by December 5th, you can purchase the course at a DISCOUNTED PRICE of $99 (save $30 from regular price of $129!) Don’t miss out!

And that’s not all!!!   I’m also going to give one of you a FREE SPOT IN THE COURSE!

To enter the give-away just do these 2 things:
1. Share this post on Facebook (share button is below this post).
2. Leave a comment below letting me know why you would like to loosen up!
I will announce the winner on September 24th (USA timezone).
*** for a second entry in the draw hop on over to my facebook post here and comment on the post for this class – you will then get 2 chances of winning the free spot 🙂

*If you’ve already paid for the course and win the spot, you will receive a full refund!


  1. Congratulations to Marian Brown who is the winner of the free spot! Thank you everyone for entering 🙂

  2. My dream is to create every single day in every single way. I deal with health & energy issues so I need some easy loose (I love easy & loose) methods & options I can access on my low energy days. I am very drawn to your art; it’s beauty & simplicity.

  3. I can loosen up that’s fine it pushing myself to do more art that I have to concentrate on..thanks for the opportunity to win a spot have shared on facebook..

  4. I started a journey of trying to create 6 years ago and stopped due to unfortunate events….as before I find I am too demanding on my self to create realism, I need a good dose of loosey goosey 🤗

  5. It is in freeing our minds that we are able to let our subconcious work. Great for relaxation and relef of anxiety. 🙂

  6. Loosening up is the one thing I have extreme difficulty doing in my art. I would love to be able to do it and push my art to the next level.

  7. Shared! And thanks for the chance to win a spot. I would love to learn painting loose and free, as I always tend to stiffen up in my portraits. So happy this will be next years focus!

  8. I’d love to loosen up and stop sooner. I tend to lose the luscious layers then I’m made st myself afterwards.

    1. Typos! I’d love to loosen up sooner than I do. Sometimes, I go to far, overwork and lose the luscious layers. I get mad at myself that I should have stopped or added a different kind of layer. Thanks Toni for the chance to win!

  9. Hi Toni! Another wonderful opportunity for this amazing class.. thank you! I’d really love to loosen up in my work so that it can free me up to create more than I am at the moment! I get so caught up in trying to be perfect that it sometimes drains me! I want to be loose so that the soul and emotion can flow freely..and quickly!😂😂🙈
    Sharing this on Facebook! Thank you xx

  10. hi Toni what a great work you make! my art is very static because I’m to perfecting anything and I want to loosen up so that my art is really art and more me and much more loosen up

  11. I find that time flies and I am in my bliss when painting in a looser more intuitive style. I need to remember that overworking and perfection can kill the spirit of a piece.

  12. Shared on FB and would love to win a spot. I definitely need to “loosen up”. I often can’t start painting because I feel too rigid and tight, so this is perfect. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Shared on Facebook. I would love to learn to loosen up my style. Right now my style is whimsical and almost cartoonish. Hard lines and bright colors. I enjoy this but I also see all the loose portraits with muted colors and I just love that too. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot.

  14. Im way too much of a perfectionist – i need to loosen up to allow the art to speak!!!! Shared!!!

  15. I desperately need to loosen up! I admire those that paint loosely, but usually end up with a tight drawing or painting! I wish I had the knack!

  16. My sons are grown and moving out into the world, which is brilliant, but bafflingly messy, apparently (in my head, I think I though they just left one day and that was that, you got your life back. Sorted!). So I am working on loosening up in making the transition from hands-on mum to full-on, child-free adventurer! Art is a big part of that.

  17. I’ve really been working on my inner perfectionist and inner critic…Doing Christine Neff’s course on self compassion…I’d like to feel free inside as well as in my art endeavors. I often let perfect be the enemy of the good.

  18. It’s time I got back to me. It’s time I got back to my art. This would be a great way to do that.

  19. I really am trying to be more loose in my art. I am drawn to artist who have managed to achieve this and would love to win spot in this workshop 🙂

  20. Loosening up is exactly what I need to do!!! This looks like such a fantastic line up of awesomeness!! It has been an extremely stressful year to this point, and this would help tremendously! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  21. Would love to win a spot. Enjoyed 2018 so far as it was my first year with pyhas. Loosening up would be great to relieve all the stresses in my life! Thank you for a chance!

  22. Yes, it time to loosen up…my favourite painting are those where I not worried about being perfect thus the painting were on the quirkly side but I love them better because they are eye catching & more on the whimsical side which makes me delightfully happy!

  23. This class looks amazing. What a great offering. I’m still very much a beginner but I find myself comparing my art to others who have been working at it for a long time. I think a class like this is just what I need to loosen up.

  24. I can’t paint without reference. Drives me nuts that I can’t access that part of my brain. Too much a realist.
    Would love to learn how to let go and paint.

  25. Having a light, freeing touch in painting would be a dream come true in my creative journey!
    Toni, thank you for this opportunity … learning from you has always been a pleasure; I look forward to your teaching, and all other artists, in this amazing year long art adventure in 2019!
    Now onto sharing this on Facebook!❤️

  26. Hi Toni! Shared
    I paint tight…as plain as that. I am fascinated with artist that are loose and have been “teaching” myself little by little to go with the flow and be loose. I recently did your “Goose Girl” lesson and just loved the entire process and final result… what better than to learn more from you. Thank you!

  27. I would love to win a spot! I strive to be loose and expressive, but need all the help I can get! Shared 🙂

  28. I am in dire need of loosening up….. sometimes I am too detail oriented and it is good to just let loose and feel free when creating.

  29. Thanks Toni for this great chance to win a free spot in the course…I would love to follow your class and loosen up more…..Shared your post on my FB and untill 24th of september I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

  30. Too many years putting off picking up and giving , ….creating some joyful free designing moments. Think it’s time to explore and give myself chance to create .Love your Ladies 🎠

  31. Shared on my facebook page. I love art that is made in a loose style and I wish I could learn to do it too. It would free me in a way and unlock my creativity. Thank you so much for the chance to win a free spot in this amazing class.

  32. Shared on my FB page. Loose and expressive, I think it’s more interesting for the eyes! It is just what I need…to loosen up and be more free in my paintings! Thank you Toni.

  33. I have shared on my Facebook page. I am so attracted to artwork that is loose and expressive. Learning this style for a whole year would be fabulous – how can something that looks so easy be so so difficult to achieve!!

  34. Your style is so beautiful. I draw a lot of animals, but my personal goal right now is to loosen up and to be more playful. I would love to participate in your classes.

  35. Shared! Would love to learn how to loosen us as that is the style I admire most in other’s paintings !

  36. Love the freedom of loose painting, I always feel like the painting has to be perfect. Loosely painting gives me room to be imperfect. Love it and working on it.
    Shared on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this class! See you there!

  37. I am beginning to feel very regimented in my painting, so if I can learn to loosen up I am sure my work will be so much more interesting and flowing

  38. To me, loosening up seems to be more about “learning how to loosen your natural style” by not staying rigid to what you have previously learnt in other mediums. I started with the Fine Art of China Painting and if a flower isn’t believable, as in; close to the real thing, the inner voice keeps saying, “keep perfecting it”. It’s a hard road to learn how loose you can get and; still stay true to your style of many years. This course offers hope and encouragement to break through and add that element of “looseness” that would take my Art to a new level.

  39. Well… as to why I would like to loosen up… anyone who knows me, knows how tightly I stick to the rules. This means when I sketch or paint, what I do must be exact. If it isn’t realistic then I think I’m doing it wrong. Same goes with the rest of my life. I need to learn to loosen up and I’m hoping if I can accomplish that within my art, then it will flow over into the rest of my life. Thanks for this opportunity, it would be so lovely to win a seat in this course. <3 ~Patti

  40. I really want to loosen up with my art work.. Looking forward to the classes in the new year.

  41. Love being loose when drawing or painting leaving the critic behind & just letting go…my best art pieces happen when I allow myself to let go fully…the struggle for perfectionism often gets in the way especially when I compare my work with others…I am learning to be true to myself & find beauty in all that I create…I as in my higher self!

  42. I would love to loosen up in not only my art but in everyday life … learn to be in the moment .. creativity helps tremendously .. these classes will help me to jumpstart the process ❤️❤️

  43. The classes sound awesome, Toni. I love your style and posted one of your faces in the 29faces challenge. What a hit it was, you now have a whole new group of fans. I was a realistic watercolorist . With a change in eye sight and a tremor I have moved on to explore mixed media, what fun . Once you start creating nothing can slow you down , can’t get enough of the rush.
    nancy jenkins

  44. Learning to loosen up would definitely help me improve, I’m sure. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. How cool is that!
    I would love to be looser in my art. Good luck guys and thank you Toni for the opportunity!

  46. I would love to loosen up in my art… you have been a huge influence on me and would love to learn more. I have also shared on my Facebook Page as well. <3 Thank you for the chance to win.

  47. I definitely need to learn to loosen up, I keep finding myself getting too involved with detail.

  48. How exciting Toni! I would absolutely LOVE to join all of you! Thank you for the opportunity! 🤗💕🎨

  49. I have loved your art lessons so far. The loose drawing has given me the confidence to draw because I feel that it does not need to be perfect. Because of that, I am drawing every day and getting better than I expected. Thank you!

  50. Fingers crossed for this one. I draw and paint in such a restricted manner yet love the look and feel of loose work. I need all the help I can get to work on this personal journey.

  51. Staying loose is always my biggest challenge…I tend to overwork pieces seeking perfection, when I should simply trust my instincts and allow the work to unfurl in a more natural way.

  52. Can’t wait to learn more techniques for loosening up… It’s destressing… It’s letting go of control… ❤️

  53. I have been honing my skills for the past eighth years. trying now to gain a loose style which is hard. Thank you for the opportunity

  54. I love this course and the 2019 line-up looks fantastic!!! I have tried hard to loosen up… but still not there, I really need more practice!

  55. This is a Amazing opportunity and chance ! I just feel inside there is SO MUCH to LEARN from so many talented people.

  56. Shared on FB. What an amazing opportunity, to learn. Expressive art, for me, has proven to be a challenge. ALWAYS fearing jyst lettibg it flow. Thank you for eligibility to enter.

  57. These lessons sound fabulous….. Let’s loosen up and de-stress with some beautiful art making! Thank you for the oppurtunity to win a spot!

  58. Hi Toni,
    I’d love to work with you again, but more than that I REALLY need to learn the art of loosening up while I am painting. Have share and am off to your FB to comment there as well.

  59. Thank you Toni for the opportunity to win a spot on this amazing course, I would love to be able to paint in a more loose and free style , I think it is one of the hardest things to do

  60. Hi Toni, thank you for this giveaway ❤️
    I tend to overthink my art practise so loosing up is kind of tricky for me.
    I’ll really love to learn more about tips of all of these amazing artists to help me this way.

  61. Toni, love your art style and would love to have the class with you and all the others! Thanks for the possibility!

  62. As easy as it sounds, loosening up in my art I find quite difficult. I think being loose with your art seems to convey more emotion and tells a better story. So for this reason I need to loosen up more 😊

  63. This online class sounds amazing! I am always Challenging myself to loosen up. It’s like when my husband tells me to lighten up🙃 Living and loving my art and life to its fullest!

  64. The first thing I think when I look at my artwork is “it’s too stiff, wish I could let go more and loosen up”. So, of course I’d be overjoyed to win a spot in the giveaway! Thanks for the chance 🤞

  65. Loosening up would be a wonderful gift. Just love your art Toni and many of those teaching. Thanks for the generous gift for someone 💕

  66. Art if a reflection of life and to loosen up and let go of control and be more expressive are qualities I would like to nurture! Thank you for this opportunity. Sharing now! Love your work too!

  67. Definitely need help loosening up! I love the expressive portraits I see and would love to try to achieve that. Thanks for the opportunity, Toni 🌸

  68. Learning to be more loose has allowed more enjoyable art experiences! This class sounds amazing!

  69. I love painting in a loose style. I have limited hand dexterity and learning to be looser with my mark making and style has been comforting and necessary.

  70. thank you for this opportunity, would love to win these classes and learn to draw more freely

  71. I shared on facebook and would dearly love to win a spot in this year long course of loosening up! Which I NEED! Thank you so much for the chance and congratulations for being included in this mass of talent. Well deserved!

  72. Ah! This promises to be an awesome year creating with this amazing group of artists and I know that their incredible talents will help me express myself in such a variety of ways. One of my gold is to continue to learn to let go and to take the challenge to loosen up, pushing myself through the creative process and to face some of my fears when it comes to draw portrait in an expressive way. I am also sharing this special opportunity with many other Canadian artists who I am sure will be ready to discover this wonderful team ” Paint Your Heart and Soul “. So perfect for me and good timing too! I am planning to buy this course! 🌹🙏🌹

  73. Is like vecto learn to be looser and more expressive as that’s the kind of art I’m drawn to!

  74. Have shared on my Facebook page. Thank you for this opportunity as my goal and fervent wish is to loosen up and be more expensive.

  75. Have shared on my page. My goal and fervent wish is to loosen up and be more expensive, love your style Toni.

  76. I really need to loosen up after focusing on making precise paintings for a year and a half. All my ladies eyes are starting to look alike! Help! Loving PYHaS 2018 and hope to win a spot for next year! Thanks for you generous contest Toni, love your work!

  77. Toni, this seems to me just what I need – loosening and freeing up!
    Thank you – would love to be part of this.

  78. I’m looking forward to loosening up with my drawing… it’s very hard to do! Looking forward to the course and I hope I win!!

  79. I would love to win this as i find it hard to loosen up and let go in my art. I’ve shared the post. Thank you

  80. Thank you for this opportunity. Very blessed and helpful. Art is needed in my life, but I am so hard on myself about it. Thank you, again.

  81. I have shared. Congrats
    Would love to win a spot I really love your style and am trying hard to loosen up

  82. Woot woot! Well I think we can all benefit from loosening up a little, in both art and life itself! Thanks for the opportunity to win, I’m looking forward to the course!

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