Let’s Face It 2023 Giveaway

Let's face it online art course

I am super excited to announce that I am going to be a part of the Let’s Face It – 2023 Team!

I first taught on Let’s Face It in 2016 and it is one of my all time favourite year long art courses. Let’s Face It is a course created and hosted by Kara Bullock. It is for anyone that wants to practice creating portraits and figurative art.

Each week in 2023, you will receive one new lesson from one of the fabulous artists! These lessons are created to inspire you and expose you to different ways of drawing/painting the face and figure. We all know that there is not a one size fits all way to learn. Together, we want to share with you our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our portrait and figurative artwork hoping you will find something that works for you to help you continue on your journey of creating portraits.

I will be teaching the two figure lessons below using soft pastels. This is a wonderful and expressive media to use and a joy to create with.  It has a spontaneity that you will fall in love with 🙂


Click here to find out more about LET’S FACE IT – 2023.

This course is not open for registration yet. However, you can read more about this course and bookmark this page so that on October 18th, you can come back and register.

Register by October 31st and you will get the course for ONLY $109!


I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team of teachers and I also get to give away one free spot in this course to one of you!!
To enter the giveaway tell me below the mediums you love to create with the most.
For an additional chance to win you can also comment on MY FACEBOOK POST HERE.  You’ll then be in the draw twice.

I will announce the lucky winner on 19th September.
Good luck and I hope to see you in the classroom next year 🙂


  1. Congratulations to Sharon Semple who won the spot in Let’s Face It 2023. Thanks so much to everyone who entered 🙂

  2. I go through phases. Acrylic paints were my absolute favourite for a long time as a beginner. Then I loved (and still do!) watercolours but recently soft pastels have stolen my heart and I add them to all my projects now ♡♡♡

  3. It’s difficult to choose just 1 medium when I have so many favourites, but my main favourite mixed mediums are acrylic paint, watercolour and markers. Would love this opportunity to win a spot… thank you, Toni!

  4. Oooo – how to choose….I love them all – combining mediums and making rich textures and layers is wonderful. One medium that I’ve been wanting to but haven’t really tried is soft pastels and I’ve recently purchased a small set to try my hand at those. I love the buttery soft feel they have when applying to the paper and I want to expand my understanding and use of those.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to perhaps win a spot. It’s a course I’d very much like to participate in as I struggle with portraits and figurative drawing.

  5. The mediums I work with most are oils and gold leafing, but I am excited about the things I have been learning from you about watercolors in “Uncovered”.

  6. Oeh that’s my problem, I like them all. But at this moment I do a lot with charcoal and acrylics so for now I am calling that my favorits.

  7. I am currently in love with watercolors. But open to trying other mediums. Would like to try warm colors, orange, red, yellow. I usually choose violets and blues.

  8. I like acrylic’s for the underpainting and then oil paints, BUT am interested to learn about new mediums

  9. I am struggling to find one favourite. I love watercolours, acrylics, neocolor iis, inks … It changes depending on what I am doing and the mood I am in!

  10. I love to paint with acrylics and watercolor 🙂 but I also like to create with other mediums like pastel, markers, etc.

  11. Can’t wait on this lesson … I love contemporary art, pastels, abstracted figures … all in one package …I love it💖

  12. I have a lovely set of soft pastels that are calling me to create with them. With a little help from You, Toni, I should be able to figure them out! Lori

  13. I love experimenting with all acrylics, pastels, and charcoal. I am a teacher and would love an opportunity to learn different ways of expressing myself through art.

  14. I love experimenting with all mediums and am currently ‘playing’ with pastels. I would also like to get back into painting with oils.

  15. I am still learning about a lot of mediums, including pastels BUT so far, my favourite medium is acrylic because you can go back and change things up. Also really like inks used in brush form!

  16. I work mostly with acrylics. I suppose because I’ve done that the longest. I also love working with ink pens and watercolors

  17. I love trying new things and enjoy all mediums, but digital art and acrylics are my favourite! ❤

  18. I mostly paint in acrylics and oils with cold wax,and have used encaustics a lot on the past. I’ve started drawing loosely in charcoals and would love to move into pastels in a loose contemporary way, to mix in with these charcoals.

  19. I am trying out many mediums, but recently have had fun with all things dark! Using charcoal powder, charcoal and carbon pencils, creating highlights by erasing or by adding white paint and also adding a splash of colour either in the background or on the subject.

  20. My favorite mediums are acrylic paint and markers. I’ve been experimenting with a bit of resin to enhance parts of my acrylic paintings and it’s really sharp!

  21. Hi Toni. My favourite mediums are acrylic paint, and watercolour. I started out in mixed media, so I am also drawn to collage and all the other lovely things, too. So many mediums, so little time!

  22. Hi, Toni! I adore your art: your pottery, your animals, your mixed media girls, and especially your soulful, exquisite portraits. Winning this giveaway would be a dream come true. Thank you for the opportunity!
    I enjoy working with gel crayons in combination with other media like watercolour pencils.

  23. I love experimenting with everything! My favorites are pencil, charcoal, ink, mixed media and watercolor. This class sounds so wonderful!

  24. I love painting in acrylic but, I am a mixed media artist so love it all!
    Love your figures and classes Toni.
    Thanks for the opportunity 🙏

  25. Oh what an opportunity! I’d love to participate. Thank you.
    My favourite mediums are, at this moment 😊, acrylic gouache, neo colors, watercolor and woody stabilo pencils. Groetjes uit the Netherlands 💐

    1. I’ve already replied; but forgot to mention the mediums I like to create with the most. I love it all.
      Lately I’ve been playing with inktense, and acrylics.xo

  26. I’d have to say Acrylics. If I’m gel printing then it’s Golden Fluids. Actual paintings and other crafts then Liquitex Basics.
    I really enjoy your art and classes.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. my favorite go to medium is now digital with procreate on ipad
    I can mimic all of the other mediums but mostly mimic charcoal, pastel, oil/acrylic.

    love the looseness of your work

  28. I love using pastel, acrylics and charcoal! I loooooove that you are doing this lessons with pastels and a full body ❤️
    Cant wait!

  29. I love acrylic paints and soft pastels, but also stencils and stamps or lines with pens. I love rubbing the colors with my fingers.

  30. I love acrylics because of their vibrancy and I love me a great pencil or Stabilo ( hard to choose 1) to sketch…..Thanks for the chance Toni!

  31. It is so hard to decide on a favourite medium because I am still discovering them all … lately I tries Neo-colour 2 crayons and they were yummy!

  32. My favourite medium is watercolour, I am also experimenting with inks at the moment and enjoying Let’s Face it 2022.

  33. I love acrylics for their ease of use, but am learning watercolors and find I really like them even though I never have.

  34. I enjoy using many mediums; charcoal, noecolours, watercolour, pencil crayons, acrylics, acrylic ink …. really haven’t found anything I dislike.

  35. I love using mixed media, acrylics, soft pastels, spray paints. love creating texture and layers.
    And I love your art, so soft and romantic!

  36. I can barely choose between watercolour, acrylic, charcoal and using graphite or pastel so I interchange between them often or sometimes mix it all together .. oh and I love collage and inks too 🙂

  37. I love all mediums, but right now I’m enjoying acrylic inks and am being pulled to bring out my soft pastels after years of non use. Thanks for a chance to win a spot!

  38. Hi Toni! My favorite medium at this moment is acrylics because they’re most forgiving— but I also love watercolor for its unexpected results.

  39. Hi Tony…watercolor plaster and charcoal currently inspire me…thanks for a chance to win! Stay well💜

  40. I’m still dabbling in everything to find my voice, but right now I’m being pulled to play with oil pastels.

  41. I love all the mediums, but I love to collage and then play with paints/ inks on it and finish it off with colour pencils 😁

  42. Hmmmm I love exploring all mediums even though I suck at some. 😂 but I adore working with charcoal and soft pastel.

  43. I am one of the crazy artist that love it all. My favorite is watercolor and always look to learn new techniques with new mediums. Thank you for the opportunity to join.

  44. I’m using acrylics a lot at the moment but love experimenting with different media especially watercolours and pastels.
    Really looking forward to your lesson. It will be great to have a teacher from my part of the world!

  45. I love using mixed media – acrylics, inks, charcoal, to name a few! Thanks for offering this amazing opportunity!

  46. I’m pretty normal I guess bcuz I love so many different medias, charcoal is a big one for me though!

  47. I am enamored of soft pastels! But I am no stranger to acrylics, watercolor, charcoal. I haven’t fallen for oils as yet. Looking forward to your lessons!

  48. I love oils, charcoal and mixed media in general although acrylics give me a hard time (they dry too fast). But I looove acrylic inks

  49. I haven’t met many mediums that I don’t like but watercolor and acrylic ink have to be my favorite. i keep going back to them over and over.

  50. This week my favorite medium will be gouache. Last week it was pastel 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!

  51. To be honest I’m still dabbling in every medium that comes along! I feel I’m still finding my way and haven’t found my ‘style’ yet. I think I’m leaning towards acrylics but still have so much to learn! I love Let’s Face It! It’s just perfect for someone like me who wants to try lots of different mediums and techniques and with so many brilliant teachers/artists to learn from.

  52. I haven’t met an art material I didn’t like, lol! I enjoy acrylic for its accessibility; I love oils for their yummy lushness and I love watercolour for its delicate mysteries. Thank you for this opportunity, and look forwards to learning from you💖

  53. I just love working with watercolours but like the flexibility of acrylics too. I paint flowers so watercolours are great for conveying the fragility of the blooms.

  54. I find something incredibly mindful about putting paint, any type onto a brush and seeing where I end up.

  55. I love watercolor, pastel chalks, collage, charcoal, and ink. I love using them all and learning new techniques.

  56. M&M’s! (Mixed Media) I use all mediums … everything everywhere … except oil paint. I’m way to clumsy to use oils. Maybe one day. But, watercolour, gouache, tombows, ink (lots of ink) acrylic paint, pastels of all types (even oil), colour pencils. You name it, I love it. Oh, and charcoal … lots and lots of charcoal smudging! It’s all such an endless and amazing journey. Thank you, Toni … learn so much from you. Some of my favourite architectural paintings are taught by you … and faces, of course.

  57. I love all mediums. I’m excited you’re teaching again. I love the female figure and body work. I have learned a lot from you.

  58. I am so very excited that I have to sit on my hands to keep from waving them in the air! I am in love with mixed media and acrylic. However, I am open to all mediums. Taking this course will expand my knowledge in other mediums. Insert excitement again!

  59. at the moment i am loving simple drawings, gestures with charcoal and pan pastel, really loving how an image can just appear. Thank you Toni 🙂

  60. The wonderland of watercolor always relaxes me so it’s is my favorite art medium.However, the one I use the most is definitely graphite!

  61. I use acrylics mostly and love mixed media. I have tried watercolour occasionally, usually for a wonderful Toni Burt lesson. I have many other mediums that are waiting to be used also. Thanks for the opportunity to win a place. 🙂

  62. I lean towards mixed media with acrylic, watercolor, ink and soft pastels.
    I can’t wait to dig into a set of pan pastels I just received.

  63. Hi Toni,
    I love acrylics in combination with lines (charcoal, stabilo all, China marker,…) and watercolours, because they are easy to take with me, when I leave the house…. But I’m always open for new mediums and art supplies.. And the mix of them…..

  64. Acrylics is my go to, probably because I am so familiar with it and I love painting in multiple layers. It’s like an old friend. 🙂

    1. I go through phases where I am caught up exclusively in one medium. Other times it’s a party and everyone is invited!!
      I enjoy watercolor, ink, acrylic, and fabrics.

  65. Hi Toni, I’ve wanted to learn how to use soft pastels for a while and your lessons look great. Most of my experience is with acrylic paint, air-dry clay, alcohol ink, I also have limited experience with watercolor but want to get more experience. There is honestly no art medium I wouldn’t love to learn.

  66. I love working with a variety of media but my favourite is watercolour for its exquisite freshness.

  67. I’m loving watercolors right at the moment but I really like exploring different mediums. And mixed media when working in my journals.

  68. My go to medium was always acrylic. In the past year I have begun to dabble in graphite, charcoal, pastel and watercolor. The only medium which continues to intimidate me is oil, although it tempt me. This will be my 8th year of LFI.

  69. I mostly work digitally and I always love to figure out how to use and transfer traditional styles, techniques and mediums into digital art.

  70. I like to have different supplies around me, like acrylic, ink, pastels, watercolor… it’s more fun to decide while creating.
    Your lessons above look great, I would be thrilled to take part!

  71. My favorite is watercolor. I love to watch it flow and any tension I have flows away with it. I have taken several of your class and you introduced me to oil sticks and I enjoy them also. Thanks for that!

  72. Hello! I absolutely love your work and have taken several workshops where you were a guest teacher. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art! I love the freedom of pastels, the flow of inks and watercolors and working with mixed media on hot press with collage and acrylics.

  73. Hi Toni,
    As a new artist since the pandemic started, I have tried everything in Let’s Face It classes and on my own, and I have found that I love the peacefulness and freedom and joy I get from watercolors! Everyone says watercolors are the hardest medium, but I find they fit my nature and movements and color mixing. I just tried pastels with water and acrylics medium, and that was great fun also. I have had some success with water- soluble oils and inks, and less success with acrylics, but keep coming back to watercolors!

  74. Hi there!
    I’m originaly a watercolor girl, dabbled at oils long ago.
    The last few years, I’ ve see the value of acrylics also
    watercolor is a calm medium as is oil. Acrylic seems energetic to me as it dries fast.
    I love to explore new mediums. watercolor pencil. I have a few pastels but am lost with them. They are beautiful when done well.

  75. I love using acrylics because I can’t wait for layers to dry (keep away from oils!), and I’m a control freak (so not so great with watercolours). But I love layering with fabrics and papers I’ve collected on my travels and doing fine details with paint markers.

  76. I really have never met an art supply I didn’t like… but my favorite are inks and watercolors.

  77. I love working with any medium I can get my hands on, the richness of oils, the textures of pastels…. love them all💕

  78. My favourite way to create is to feel myself as the medium…between Heaven & Earth, paintbrush & canvas, hand & pen creating through Intuition, movement & flow
    Love Love Love Lets Face It & I’d LOVE to participate again xx
    Much Love & Blessings everyone xx

  79. I am loving acrylic and watercolour paints, neo colour pastels, old book paper and loose sketching.

  80. I love everything from watercolor to acrylic to pastel to fabric and yarns to sticks and leaves and feathers! I loved your weaving lesson!❤️

  81. My favouritest mediums to create with are charcoal, watercolours and pastels. Here in Ireland, we have dreamy lush seascapes and those mediums add wonders to the subjects. I absolutely adore your work and would love for a chance to be in a spot for let’s face it! The lessons look so dreamy.

  82. My two favourite media are graphite and acrylics. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Toni. The 19th is my birthday – I hope that is a sign!!

  83. I love all mediums! Omgosh, how can I choooose? So let say mixed media – because then you can play with pretty papers and all the little things I like to collect! I love your work Toni and I look forward to your lessons!

  84. I use acrylics, but have a special love for charcoal and soft pastels. I also enjoy watercolors and water-solubles like neocrayons, woodies, stabillo pencils, tombo markers.
    Thank you💗

  85. Watercolours are my favourite although I’m better with acrylics as you can fix things easily. ❤️

  86. Hi Toni I am so excited that you are featured on LF2023! I have taken a charcoal portrait course of yours online ( was it called RAW?) and your techniques really blew me away and changed how I make art! I love the upside down one for creating loose and expressive portraits! My favorite mediums are acrylic paint and pastels, charcoal and also collage and any mixed media! I love experimental techniques with spray paint , gesso even resin ..I hope to be “ playing” with you soon 😍

  87. I Love all kinds of media, I love to experiment a different techniques and i really love your techniques

  88. I dabble in oils, acrylics BUT am intrigued by pastels & watercolors- the luminous look they can attain is intriguing!

  89. Hi Toni. I love to work in mixed media. Acrylic and collage mostly. I love drawing or mark making on top of whatever media I’m using.

  90. I started out with acrylics and always wanted to try watercolors but was intimidated , however, after many years, I decided to try, and fell in love with them. I’ve done some dabbling in charcoal, pastels, and still my love of watercolor remains along with art graph. I also prefer cold press to hot press.

  91. I’m so excited to take your classes in 2023! I love experimenting with all mediums but find my favs are acrylics, oils and pastels.

  92. I’m most comfortable with watercolour. I just bought a set of mini soft pastels so I can’t wait to play with this new medium. Beautiful lessons Toni.

  93. I work in many mediums.
    I love cardboard as a surface,
    I use, inks, acrylics, guache, pastels and even dirt…yup dirt
    Ground flower petals

    Jus see creativity in everything.

  94. I love my NeoColor II’s and I have a newer love for Dr Bombay India inks. And paper of that counts lol I love collage.

  95. I love acrylics, but I’ve been getting into multi-media lately, and using pan pastel and markers and pastels and pencils … whatever makes a mark! I’d love to win this!

  96. I am so excited to take your course in let’s face it 2023 I love the harmony of your piece What jumped out at me was the back ground as my art lacks that.
    I would love to see your piece in yellow and teal

  97. I love to work in the ancient techniques painting with egg tempera or casein paints with alternating oil glazes.
    And to draw with silverpoint…oh yum!

  98. Hi Toni, I really love playing with watercolour and I also like to draw with the stabilo all 🙂 thank you for the opportunity

  99. Dear Toni
    I love charcoal, graphite and acrylics. I d love to know more about soft pastels but still not sure how to use them.

  100. I love gouache for its’ ability to be opaque or more transparent with more water. It helps me to develop depth in layering.

  101. Hi Toni, oh my word, your sessions look amazing! My favorite medium is soft pastel but I am not that experienced with it. I also enjoy watercolor and acrylics. I will go check out your Facebook page.



  102. I may have to say mixed media, as I am yet to find my favorite medium. I am struggling to find my way, vibe, and style. I have found a spark in pouring paints and alcohol inks having little control over them but unfortunately, I no longer have the space to use them. I am drawn to the messy, raw types of mediums that give expression while taking their own path, yet I can’t find myself within the use of them. Maybe I need more practice, guidance, and self-awareness to break the barrier.

  103. Hello Toni !
    My favorite choice of medium has been watercolor for the last year. I also love acrylics when I am painting larger than 12×12 . I am in love with blues and teals and purples in all mediums. all substrates are good to use.

  104. I enjoy soft pastel, pastel pencils and watercolor most. No messy brushes to have to clean! And it’s all very portable!

    1. Hi Toni, watercolor is my preferred media. I have done charcoal, mixed media collage, pan pastels, color pencils, and acrylics. I would love to try pastels and oil. I have learned and enjoyed so much from your classes and would love to join this course.

  105. I love all things mixed media, but my absolute favourite right now is the leather bound handmade journal that my 15yo son bought for me at the Salamanca Markets (Tasmania). The cover is very Game of Thrones-ish and the pages are individually hand crafted. It is just beautiful and his gift brought tears to my eyes 💙


  107. Hi Toni, my favourite would have to be watercolours but I’m so eager to learn with many more mediums.
    Do you ever work with PanPastels?

  108. I go through phases like the moon – sometimes Acrylic- sometimes spray inks – I put my hand out and whatever is nearest – done. Love your talent. X

  109. Hi Toni! I love acrylics…they are so versatile….but I also love charcoal, pastel, neocolors, collage especially with vintage paper, coloured pencils graphite…

  110. I love charchol, gesso,acrylics, water colors, anything texture, intense inks,and am just experiencing soft pastels! Love your art and would love to win this class!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  111. My favorite art supplies – oh so many, lets see if I can narrow it down, Maribu Art crayons, so versatile; nuvo drops and stickles, (can save almost anything I don’t like);
    elegant writer activated with water (amazing results); graphite, gesso, matt medium, old credit cards, posca pens, spray bottle, stabillo all (I almost always use these), pan pastels, and distress oxide inks (just discovering how wonderful and unique the results can be), stencils and stamps (to add extra wow), and of course, good acrylics, watercolors, and paper, especially OLD paper. Fine liners, gel pens, colored pencils, and watercolor pencils. Whew I could go on and on but these came to mind first.

  112. I am most comfortable with acrylics but I venturing in oils. Because of recent health issues I opted to purchase snd use water mixable oils. So far things have been going well…definitely a learning curve.

  113. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Giveaway. My current favourites are graphite, pen and watercolours.

  114. I play with all manner of mediums. I particularly like acrylic paints and good old sea sponges for blending.

  115. I’ve used watercolor and acrylics the most. LOVE your watercolor lessons and have done a few with you. I’ve been playing with charcoal and would love to try the pastel. Thanks for the chance to win with you.

  116. I started in oils and have now begun acrylics with watercolor fixin’ to come in. Dabble in homemade books for collage and thoughts.

  117. My love is for pastels, charcoal and colored pencils – anything I can shade with but watercolor is a close second. Love my Neocolor II pastels also – so versatile! Cannot live with out my black Stabilo pencil.

  118. Toni,
    I’ve been teaching myself watercolor over the last 1 1/2 years and have a yearning to learn pastels next. Thanks for all of your instruction and inspiration.

  119. Hi Toni, love all medium honestly, but in love with acrylic and watercolor. Very interested in pastels also…

  120. So far I haven’t met a media I don’t like😊 Currently I am enjoying acrylics and mixed media with collage. And I always have a sketchbook going with watercolor and ink for travel journaling.

  121. Thanks so much for this opportunity! I love working with charcoal, acrylics, pencils ..well just about everything!

  122. Hard to choose! I guess watercolour in combination with (pan)pastel is my favorite atm. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  123. I love working with charcoal, graphite and watercolor. I am still trying to figure out soft pastels, so a lesson in that may help:)

  124. I love your work Toni!! hoping I can win the giveaway! it would be so amazing! Art is part of my mental health therapy!!

  125. I wish I could decide! If I had to pick just one it would probably be something to draw with as I seem to always come back to drawing despite my curiosity for everything else.

  126. I enjoy all mediums but at the moment, I guess charcoal is my fav followed by acrylics. Thanks for the chance, Toni!

  127. I love acrylic gouache paints. I’ve recently discovered, thanks to my class with Toni, that it is fascinating to use this medium on tan mixed media paper. I love this look and am doing alot of ot right now. Thanks Toni.

  128. I love acrylics, from fluid to heavy bodied. I dabbled briefly in encaustic too. Looking forward to LFI23!

  129. Thanks Toni for this opportunity. I love mixed media, so I start with acrylic or gouache en add all kinds of markers, crayons, pencils or pastel if possible.

  130. I love mixed media. I favor watercolors and soft pastels. I’m wanting to get back into oil painting. Love ❤️ your classes, I have taken many. Thank you for this opportunity as I’m on disability now and funds are squeaky tight.

  131. I like acrylics and gesso in any form, light, white, black, heavy, clear and fluffy. I use some watercolors and also collage. Thank you for this opportunity.

  132. My favorite medium is watercolor. I have played with other mediums and they all give great results, but I do love the softness that watercolor brings.

  133. I am truly a beginner, and so have only used watercolors. I love them, but am very intrigued by mixed media art, and would love to go there next.

  134. Hi Toni, I love watercolor and trying all mix media ( stencil-acrylic-pencil and paper)It is fun to see what creates before you. As a full time caregiver rediscovering art has been very therapeutic on so many levels. Some of my favorite colors used here with the Blues and purples. I also love to add a pop of bright yellow as an accent color when using Blue/Purple. I love all art you create and the pottery is beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway. 💗 Blessings Annie

  135. Thank you Toni for the opportunity to win a spot in LFI 2023. My favorite medium is aquarel, but since I am fan of mixed media I love to combine them with pencils, inks or pastels.

  136. My favourite has been long been watercolours, but I’ve been trying out acrylics more and more and it’s been so much fun! I was always afraid to use them, but I got over the ‘fear’ and now enjoy both watercolours and acrylics thoroughly.

  137. Charcoal, soft pastels, and oil pastels are my favorite favorite media. It is the texture of the three that love most.

  138. I really like using mixed media with collage and acrylic paints, colouring pencils, stamps, stencils ….. anything I can get really!

  139. I love the fluidity of watercolor and the transparency. Also like to work with mixed media. Have not had the pleasure of working with pastels to date but looking forward to doing this.

  140. I love working with watercolor, acrylic, neocolor ii and acrylic inks, especially with mixed media collage. Art is a spiritual practice for me.

  141. I love my neocolors combined with acrylics or watercolors and I am eager to try out my new set of Gouaches. Thanks for the chance to win a free spot !

  142. Toni, Through some of your classes, I learned to love watercolors. Then I began working with my six year granddaughter and she has already won a spot in the school district wide art show. I was able to be a long term art teacher substitute teacher for the middle school I retired from and used some of your techniques to help the students paint portraits of the school. I love these art lessons. Faces have been my strength since I was a child.

  143. Ahh, do we have to pick one?!! I’ll go with dry mediums, graphite, charcoal, pastels. Thanks for the opportunity.

  144. It has been quite awhile since I have drawn portraits and faces and have just recently returned to creating. What my favourite mediums to use are intense inks and neocolours, but I would love to learn other mediums.

  145. I am a true mixed media lover. Collage, acrylics, water soluble crayons and water soluble pencils are my “go to” supplies. I would love to try oils but for some reason they intimidate me!

  146. Watercolor, charcoal graphite, panpastel/chalk pastel. I really can’t pick a favorite. I love to use them all together but if I had to choose it would be graphite.

  147. Watercolor is my first love but recently I have been enjoying mixed media so much. I love using old papers, altered papers and beautiful florals in my work. I’m a huge fan of your work!!

  148. Been dabbling in acrylic, but watercolors are still my favorite. Would love to learn more about pan pastels as well.

  149. Watercolor is my first passion, but I love mixed media….. layering papers, stencils, mercy a coat of watercolor ground, then drawing with ink, adding watercolor, then a few pieces of molded clay on top.

  150. I love to dabble with all mediums. There are too many amazing mediums available to only stick to one. I really love to add some collage elements to the mix as well.

  151. Love using pastels in my zoom live life draws but yet still to master it as find them difficult. Love your work and inspiration especially in the ceramics

  152. I love acrylic as it’s what I learnt to use first, it’s versatile and easy to use. However, I’ve started to dabble with watercolor and love how it ‘moves’!

  153. I began painting with watercolours. Recently I have discovered acrylics and I am beyond thrilled.

  154. Like a lot of people, I love so many. My current favourite is watercolour and scratchy pens, but I have some soft pastels that seem nice, but I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing with them yet… lol! Thank you so much for the chance to win… <3

  155. Oh … I LOVE so many … I like to try out new techniques and experiment/play with them all. My absolute favourites though are acrylics, watercolors, gouache and inks. 👩🏻‍🎨🌈… Thank you so much for this opportunity!❤❤❤

  156. I love using watercolour with pencil; dark graphite, coloured pencils or pastel and lots of smudging.

  157. Toni, I’m so excited that you will be one of the teachers again this coming year! I would love to learn more about pastels. At the moment I’m enjoying acrylics and watercolors. But I also love creating with just a pencil. I hope to win a spot in Let’s Face It 2023. Thank you for the chance.

  158. Oh how I would love to win this amazing prize. I always love your lessons Toni t really can relate to them. My colours are aqua, blues and pinks/purple.
    I thank you sooo much for this opportunity Toni. Than you sooooo much.

  159. I love watercolours but I’m branching into pastels and I think they may be catching up in my love of using lol

  160. I have always loved soft pastel but am enjoying learning to use watercolour more confidently. Can’t wait for your lessons.

  161. I love acrylic paint, probably as that’s what I’ve had most practice with. However I’m enjoying mixing it with watercolours and coloured pencil at the moment.

  162. Charcoal and acrylic are my favourites but I enjoy adding fabrics, wire and ephemera and using a variety of mark making tools also for added interest.

  163. Just visited my local art shop and bought myself a water soluble soft carbon pencil (made in Portugal) as I’m always interested in new stuff. Its now my favorite medium as when you add water the rich blackness is awesome. Have you tried this? Its called ArtGraf soft carbon Varco Portugal. PS would do ‘my nut’ to win a spot ….

  164. I love mixed media so there’s many favorites. But I think I love acrylic the best and then watercolor. Just because I started with acrylic. Watercolor is growing on me. Art =Life 💕

  165. I am still new to water color and would love to learn more about pastels, always too afraid to use it because of smudging. Would simply love to learn more from you and your figurines is just speaking to me

  166. Hi 🙂 it’s hard to pick but I think my favourite are watercolours , charcoal , inks and pens like Posca and Microns

  167. I love to dabble in everything snd experiment but my favourite medium is oils, I just love the texture and glossyness of the paint and how rich the colours look.

  168. Hi Toni, my favourite medium is probably watercolour but I do dabble a lot with collage and some other techniques. Im drawn to learn more about faces at present.

  169. Hi Toni – I love mixed media. But over all my favourites at the moment are watercolour and acrylics. I’m sorry I can’t narrow it down to one, it would be like asking which leg do I like the most my left or right 🙂

  170. When I was in high school art classes I felt drawn to figures and seemed to have a hint of success at it. Funny, I’ve not tried them for so many years. This caught my interest so much! I have been using acrylics, mixed media, colored pencil. I used to love using graphite to smudge marks. I am frightened of pastel and fascinated at the same time.

  171. I love so many mediums..my art room looks like an episode of hoarders! My fav’s so far in my art journey are graphite, charcoal, toned paper, acrylics, alcohol markers(♥️/😈relationship 😆), inks for color & calligraphy, & watercolors. I love the look of pastels so I have a few pan pastels & random soft pastels…I just need some classes to teach me! HINT! HINT!😉😉 My Ultimate Art goal is to make my own art journal with all the beautiful things I’ve procured over many years.

  172. My favourite is acrylic inks but I’m also loving watercolour at the moment and discovering how to use graphite – it’s really beautiful 💜 So glad you’re part of LFI. I love everything you create, Toni.

  173. I love watercolour and graphite. Pastels have always terrified me but I’m very keen to learn! Sept 19 is my lucky day 😉 Those pieces of yours are EXQUISITE!! I love the colours and interesting patterns.

  174. I am currently using acrylic and charcoal but absolutely love working in soft pastels. They blend beautifully!

  175. I love watercolors and colored pencils , they are usually my go to items but I can not pass up anything that I can collage with, napkins, old papers, receipts etc.

  176. Watercolors. But I recently bought a set with all Amsterdam acrylic colors to try. So one day I might be bold and try it out.

  177. Hi Toni, Thank you for this chance 🙂
    I love creating with Acrylics. Simply Love how vibrant and ‘playable with’ it is 😀
    I also enjoy water colours, especially with stencils and for expressive sketches.
    This course seems amazing and I really hope I win a spot <3

  178. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!💜
    I love mixed media! It’s so fun to experiment with different mediums.

  179. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, Toni! I love to work with art supplies such as watercolors, acrylics and graphite (mixed media).

  180. Mixed media is my favorite, anything water soluble, like crayons, watercolors, pencils, etc. I have really enjoyed this year’s classes! Can’t believe we’re about 3/4 of the way done.

  181. My favorite medium is acrylic! I also like mix media using different papers and fabrics. Thank you for the opportunity!

  182. I’ve been using watercolor a lot more than usual and it’s very freeing. It’s the medium that puts me most at piece.

  183. I love to create with acrylics because of the texture but the ease & simplicity of watercolors also make my heart sing.

  184. I love working with all mediums. They all have their own special qualities that create a beautiful piece of artwork.

  185. My favorite medium is charcoal…and graphite….and pastels….and oils…and watercolor…I can’t choose…lol. So excited to learn from you again!!

  186. Hi Toni! I love to work with stabilo all and watercolours… I really enjoy experiencing the interaction between the two! Thanks for this chance Toni… it would a magical year for me if I am lucky enough to win a spot! Happy day to ya!

  187. I usually use watercolour and coloured pencil but am really loving gouache and pastels at the moment.

  188. Oh my. I was just telling someone I want to work on faces and figures! I work in watercolor, but would probably want to do pastels for some of these dreamy figures!

      1. Well, as a newcomer to this wild world of art, I am loving getting my hands on all mediums. I adore all the textures and colours. Maybe one day I’ll have a favourite!!

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