Life Book 2022 Giveaway!

Welcome to my Giveaway for one free spot in Life Book 2022!

Life Book is a year long mixed media art course with a focus on creative & personal development, wellbeing and healing. Create art with over 30 mixed media art teachers (including me!) for a whole year. For all the information on Life Book 2022 just click here.

To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY to win a free spot in the course next year simply comment below telling me your favourite collage material/supply that you love to use.

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Winner will be drawn by random number generator on October 10th 2021.  GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.


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  1. I was gifted a ton of old buskers music sheets and some dress patterns and I love to use these in collage along with old (and not so old but given the aged look) book pages and out of date street maps pages too. I love the textures they give and that you have something interesting to look at it you choose to allow them to show through a bit.

  2. Paper of any kind, fabric scraps, and postage stamps are some of my favorite collage elements.

  3. I used to be a kindergarten teacher and we did a LOT of art in my classroom – so much focus on process and expression, not so much on product. But of course, their work was so free and colorful and endearing. And being kindergarteners, they would often forget to write their names on their work, and of course forget that they even made it. I couldn’t bear to throw it away, so years later, I’m dipping into my “treasure box” of discarded kindergarten art to use in collage. It brings back so many fond memories and I feel like I’m honoring them and my educational history.

  4. I love using old sheet music. I’ve also been watching in thrift shops for older texts to use.

  5. Favorite material??? I love so many. 🤣 Right now, I am really enjoying my Neocolor II crayons.

  6. I love to use tissue paper and also gelli printed pages with random stamps and shapes etc.

  7. I like to use pages from books and music that mean a lot to me. There is something about knowing it has been incorporated into my art.

  8. My favorite medium is mixed media involving paper, acrylic, and fabric! I love all the textures!

  9. I love to use tissue paper that I Have gel printed on, loved this lesson thanks heaps : )

  10. I like to use old sheet music, magazines, maps, stickers, origami papers, and scrapbook papers.

  11. I like to use magazines like the Flow. and I like working with different types of paint. I would love to win a spot. Thanks for the chance.

  12. I love using pages from all kinds of magazines or books but only when they are already damaged in surtain ways.

  13. I love recycling paper materials especially my old set of Encyclopaedia Britannica. It is great to print and paint on. Love doodling with paint pens too!

  14. I like acrylics and stencils to cover personal comments. I’ve just seen a video about this and can’t wait to try.

  15. My favorite collage materials are washi tapes, old sheet music, and hand painted pharmacy bags!

  16. Magazine with landscapes and recipes are my favourite collage paper amongst music and old books. I love to use my fathers score of The Mathheus Passion. He used it every year to sing it and watch it in the concerthall or on television. I saved it for years and since about 2 years it has a new meaning in my Art Journals.

  17. Collage is quite new to me, so i have to collect some magazines from my old job. Now I use dull and old Scrapbookpaper and pages from old books.

  18. I love making colourful backgrounds first, using acrylic based paint or crayons and pencils. Then I finish my art work off with a mixed media collage technique, including words.

  19. Anything old: its fun to collect all that cool stuff, but sometime hard to use it (it’s not the same scanning and using a copy) so I’m making myself crack on and actually USE it! I love to see how different old papers ‘suck in’ products a bit like dry skin sucking in moisturiser, or the opposite is like youthful skin with a kind of inherent sheen – the product just sits on top with nowhere to go to.

  20. I like to use whatever I can find in my stash. I’ve also recently discovered gold & silver flake….. soooooo divine.

  21. I love using scraps of my own art where possible, adds something personal to my collages and brings back memories of where and when I painted/created them which is nice too

  22. I love using all my scraps from cards, scrapbook pages and other mixed media projects into new project. reduce, reuse and repurpose 🙂 I love your quirky girl.

  23. I love all art supplies….but right now, I am focusing more on watercolours. I love that they are so freeing to use, but also am having trouble with them being so fluid, lol.

  24. I love to use found materials and old books to collage. Sometimes I love what I have so much that it is hard to tear them up and use them… but I do!

  25. I love using tissue paper – printed or painted – and old book paper . Thanks for a chance to win lifebook. Am really enjoying the sessions .

  26. I like to use whatever I have on hand! Which is usually old magazines, or scrapbooking paper.

  27. My favourite collage items are old dictionary pages of different languages. Transparent papers and beautiful craft papers.
    Thank you so very much for your lesson. It was amazing I am in love with your creations.

  28. My favourite collage paper is stamped on tissue paper so you can see the layers beneath

  29. My favorite collage material at the moment is vintage ledger paper. Also any hand dyed papers I make. Loved your lesson in the LB Taster Sessions… thank you for that!

  30. Probably my very favorite collage I tend to use is old handwritten letters from my ancestors. I feel like it makes any piece extra special to have their very own handwriting included.

  31. Thank you so much for your time! I love to use every day things that make me look twice. A image on a cracker box, a piece of sheet music, fabric scraps or especially a background with dreamy watercolors in the colors i’m feeling.

  32. I love to use rice paper because of the way it tears but I also love to use paper napkins that remind you of a place or friend and a wonderful day.

  33. I like to alter boxes, add things on top of them, and give them some colors, Thanks for the chance

  34. My favorite collage material is old book pages, both text and music. I also have some vintage labels that are fun to add to the mix. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  35. I just recently purchased a Cricut Maker and am love using that for my mixed media pages. I also really enjoy old book pages and beautiful colored scrapbooking pages.

  36. Old book pages, definitely! I have boxes and shelves full of old books, the papers all wonderfully aged and foxed.

  37. My favourite collage material to use in my art is fabric and tissue paper, I love the effect they create.

  38. I love handwritten texts, qoutes, pictures etc. printed on thin wrapping paper so it will blend nicely into the background when glued onto the surface. If it breaks a little, no worries, it will look fantastic either way <3 Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot i LB 2022 <3

  39. Torn book pages and sheet music and always nice but my favorite is tissue paper. I love it as a translucent top layer. Thanks for offering a free spot in LB2022!

  40. I love to use any old dictionary paper & gelli prints, but I also love to use white & clear gesso.

  41. My favourite collage medium is vintage book page and sheet music, my other fave supply is gesso and stabillo all black

  42. I’m not sure if this counts. But I think my favourite, because I use it so often, must be a good old Office Max black biro. Its what I seem to pick up again and again. I think because it takes some of the ‘its a serious artwork’ stigma away haha.

  43. My favorite collage material is a kind of newsmagazine paper, it is a little bit more translucent than a newspaper but it looks like it

  44. It’s hard to pick just one fav. I do like anything vintage, ephemera, numbers, letters, fiber paste, stencils and the list goes on.

  45. Thanks for the opportunity! My favorite collage elements are torn paper, of any kind, lol. I tend to have a lot of gelli prints, but I also utilize any of my random scribble pages and even older unfinished art pieces.

  46. Oh I just love your work and your courses Toni! Thank you for the chance at the giveaway. My favorite collage materials are tissue paper, old postage stamps and buttons.

  47. Hi Toni! Thank you for the chance to win a seat on LB2022! Love your lessons! My favorite collage material is paper – old book paper, music paper, tissue paper, gelli printed paper…all the papers! ;D

  48. Tea dyed anything (receipts, envelopes, scrap paper), rice paper (so expensive though), old book pages.

  49. My favourite collage materials are old book pages, old music manuscript sheets and pictures of flowers from magazines. I’ve also used the yellowed pages from old telephone directories.

  50. My favourite go to material is gesso, white or clear. You can use it on any substrate, cover or hide images, create texture , mix with paints and if you don’t like something just go over with white gesso e voilà a new page to use again.😁

  51. I’m completely excited by it all and each time I begin to collage I have a different excitement for a different material. Today I’m thinking about colour and what materials I have in the colour blue. So I find the process of choosing just as exciting as the materials themselves. I’m feeling a little glitter to add to my blue collage on today.

    Have a great day everyone with lots of sprinkles of joy

  52. For collage, I love using printed papers, random receipts/tickets and decoupage tissues.

  53. I like to use painty scrap papers, stencils, and ink sprays, and add lines with paint pen.

  54. Thank you for the opportunity. My favourite collage materials are old book pages, serviettes and scraps from old gelli printing experiments.

  55. My favorite collage materials are rice paper and tissue paper that I’ve stamped or stenciled.

  56. I love to use metallic jewel stickers and glitter, paper napkins and scraps of fabrics from my sewing days. Thank you

  57. I love old book pages. The brittleness of the paper is so unique, and is so precious to me.

  58. I love to add a little sparkle of some sort to my work, either metallic watercolor, jewels or a bit of glitter! So fun! 🥰

  59. Loved your painting Tony. My favourite collage materials are ephemera of all kinds, old book pages in different languages, old objects like keys and I love to created layers using pencils, acrylic paints and inks for example. Thanks.

  60. I love using papers with my own marks, and I also love using flowers from catalogs and magazines. Matte Medium is my go-to glue!

  61. Tough question Toni! Hmm… I am going to say book pages, because I love the idea of giving old/unwanted books a new life/story 🙂

  62. Watercolour paints. I’m new too them but find them really forgiving and freeing. It’s hard to make a mistake when using them.

  63. Ripped pieces of books, magazines, etc.. I really love to go out to second hand stores and find neat ‘new to me’ papers to use.

  64. My favorite thing to play with is paper and inks. I struggle with paint and drawing, but i’d love to learn more! Thanks for the great lesson!

  65. My favorite collage material is anything with texture, vintage papers and printed tissue paper.

  66. I like fine papers like tissue that i have printed/created on. Love some gold on them.

  67. I love the different weights and colors of paper especially layering rice and tissue papers and creating different colors and textures.

  68. I love to sprinkle sunshine everywhere using mica powders. Depending on the type of binder I use, I can make water colors, mists, acrylics and more.

  69. Hello Toni! My favorite collage material is likely old book pages – it’s inexpensive to pick some up at the used book stores and there’s so much variety in what can be on the pages.

  70. I’m learning to use watercolors and love it. I like to combine this with stenciling, my own painted papers and sheet music.

  71. I love texture, adding collage, ephemera, fabrics, sewing. Lately, I’m having fun with acrylic inks and watercolors with my acrylic paints.

  72. I love to use ephemera! Especially old book page. Thank you for the fun taster session and the chance to win a spot on LB2022!!

  73. Hi Toni, I would love to learn from all the amazing instructors on Life Book 2022!! Thanks so much for the chance! Fingers crossed.

  74. I am more familiar with doing paper crafts, although I do paint with acrylics sometimes, so my go-to medium for backgrounds is paper. . .old book pages, digital scrapbook papers, card stock, other scrapbook papers, fabric, lace snippets. I am loving learning more about watercolor this week.

  75. I do love working with Mix Media., I use old book pages mostly as collage, but also scrapbook papers. really depends on what i want to achieve.

  76. I have just started playing with mixed media and so far I would have to say I’m enjoying stencils, collage papers and inks. When I was younger, I loved using chinese napkins but have found they are much harder, if impossible to find today. Thank you for sharing your art with us today and the chance to win a spot! 🙂

  77. I like to use old bills, checks, postcards and other ephemera in my collages! Anything goes!

  78. I love to use the Golden Open Acrylics, especially wit gelliplate. Like to use that prints as collage in my paintings!

  79. I love to use NeoColor II and my watercolor pencils, Would love to win a spot on Lifebook 2022 to improve my art and join in the fun

  80. My favorite college is the old letters i found in my mom’s belongings after she passed. It makes my journal much more personal and i feel more connected to her.

  81. My favourite collage material is my old music scores! It feels like there is a piece of me in every collaged piece of art that I am able to include one.

  82. My favorite collage papers are book pages and patchpaper. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free spot. Fingers crossed!

  83. I’m madly in love with watercolours and would really appreciate the Free spot 2022! My life took a turn a year ago I was not prepared for and that was when I rediscovered painting! Thank you for the opportunity to win ❤

  84. I love old book pages, love music sheets they mean so much to me
    Thank you for the chance !

  85. I have a new favorite art project and that is black gesso. Black is my favorite color so it makes perfect sense to me. Stamps using white ink is beautiful.
    Thanks for the opportunity for the chance to win a place in LifeBook 2022 otherwise I will not be able to take it.

  86. I love working with watercolors as well as gouache and other water soluble media. I love the look of bright colored magazine pages as well as vintage music sheets.

  87. Thankyou for the chance of a free place.
    My favourite is old bookpages (preferably in a language other than English) and Neocolor II water-soluble crayons on top

  88. I love ink pad, especially black. I love to ink the edges of a lot of my projects and splatter paint to give it interest.

  89. I love magazine pages and dictionary pages to use in my collage, I also use old maps. Collage is so much fun… I would love to win this course, thanks for the chance.

  90. I love pictures from magazines, matte medium and podcasts pens. These materials make my collage pieces pop! Thank you Toni!

  91. old book pages, masking tape for altered books and scrapbook paper
    im new to mixed media but im an art stuff hoarder. i love pens (calligraphy nibs, fine liners, pigment pens, dual brush pens, brush pens)

  92. I love book and music pages. I have much to learn about collage but I try really hard and it just never looks right. I love playing though, especially with papers I’ve doodled on.

  93. My favorite collage material to use is old books paper and neocolors. They go so well together

  94. Hallo my dear!
    my absoutly favourite suply is watercolour. I love to paint with them in mixed media.
    Have a great day. Christine

  95. Funnily enough, my favourite collage material supply is the ‘glue’! Sometimes it adds so much in texture or affecting the paper that I’ve started to experiment. 😀 Thanks so much for giving us this chance to win a spot… <3

  96. Many thanks for the chance to win a free spot on this superb course. My favourite collage material is old dress making patterns.❤️

  97. I love to used old maps and study them before I use them 🙂 I love to use vibrant colors with the Derwent Inktense pencils, and I love water colours but just in a very free and flowing way (no inside the lines thing 😉 ). Thank you so much for your give away!! Lara from Spain

  98. Hi Toni, I love using old book pages and music sheets as well as tissue paper and of course some of my home made papers that Ive painted or made marks on. Anything that can give good depth and textures.

  99. Old book pages and stencils are my favourite collage items so far, as I’m pretty new to it.

  100. I have so many favourites depending on what I’m doing. This week’s favourite has been the good old graphite pencil and a very good eraser!!! 😁

  101. My favorite collage material (today) is clear gesso! This gives me the opportunity to decorate over everything, haha!

  102. Loving using my own made collage paper from gelli prints, coffee or tea dyed paper or love ecco printing with plants and flowers. Thank you for thischance🌈❤️🙏

  103. I like using the scrap paper used under a painting to protect the tabletop. The scrap paper has caught paint splatters and stray marks making for interesting collage material.

  104. My absolute favourite collage material is old book pages, especially from old dictionaries. But I also use tissue paper, napkins and patterned papers. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot on Life Book 2022 🥰 Greetings from Sweden

  105. I love using brown paper, stencil with buddhist peace chants in Tibetan script (this was a rare find), magazine image printing with Gelli plate for making collage papers.

  106. Collage is not something I’ve done a ton of but have created a few pieces using my own photography printed then collaged with hot wax and pan pastels added.

  107. Hi Toni! Thank you for the chance at a free LB 2022! My favorite collage material is scrapbook paper. I have stopped scrapbooking ever since I got a digital camera. I’m really happy to be able to repurpose all my “fancy” paper.

  108. I love to create my own papers on tracing paper with mark making and then rip these up to use as collage on my paintings. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the draw.

  109. I am still so new in this creative world and when it comes to collaging, I don’t feel I have enough experience to comment on a favourite material to use! However, when I was a young girl I had this amazing Art teacher my mum took me and my sister to when we were on holidays and she taught me how to use soft tree bark that was on the ground in collage work and I remember absolutely loving it🌳❤️. Thanks for the chance to win xo🌟💃🌻💖

  110. I love your work, your teaching/lessons and would be so thrilled to continue my learning journey with you and the other teachers in the group in 2022! I am very new to collage and find myself confused and overwhelmed. I tend to stop too soon, I think. I like simple things, uncluttered things, so I’m really interested in learning how to make a collage that is interesting yet not overwhelming. Oh and watercolors! I love them!

  111. I quite like using takeaway coffee cups with cool prints on them. I collect vintage print and arty promo postcards for background also.

  112. My two favorite collage items are old book pages and pages from my dad’s journals. Really love to use his handwriting….And I also use violin music sheets that were my mom’s…I think using things from my parents really helps my personal connection with every piece.

  113. I’ve collaged for years, mostly using old sewing patterns, scrapbooking paper, old photos , pages from old books and magazines, as well as wrapping & tissue paper, all embellished with an assortment of stencils, stickers, stamps, and sparkles … always a little bit of sparkle in every project!
    Thank you for this opportunity to win the LifeBook 2022 classes!

  114. I like to use my own paper that I make from leftover paints or just by making marks. Pages from books and cut outs from magazines also add interest.

  115. I really love my scrapbook paper but I also love cutting a little things out of children’s books i.e. hearts,stars,mushrooms etc.

  116. I have been collecting all sorts of papers over the years with a view to learning how to use them all in mixed media when I retire. I’m retired!!!🤗

  117. I’m a very beginner. So far I’m loving acrylics and colored pencils. But there’s still so much out there to experiment with yet.

  118. My favorite material to use is whatever I can find. I love getting creative and making do with whatever I have on hand!

  119. I love using papers which I make up of any excess paints, scribbling to get pens going, anything really left over from a project so I can then use them in other collage works.

  120. What I love most for collaging is that last touch of gold – gold splashes, gold glitter, gold leaf. And with the last touch of gold comes of the satisfaction of knowing the arting process is complete and it sparkles!

  121. ILOVE the taster sessions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LIFEBOOK…(Having trouble coming up with the funds this year. sr. citizen) I just love collage..cuttings and pasting…coloring
    ..painting…love love love

  122. I love to use very fine vellum, rice paper and decoupage paper with Matt medium so it ‘disappears’ and blends together and layers – yummy texture, and then get a stabillo all and draw over the top and activate with gesso!

  123. Toni, I have been thoroughly immersing myself in so many of your water color classes. You challenge and guide me.

  124. One of my mom’s at abundant and therefore favorite supplies is pieces of my artworks that have not done as expected… however bad a piece turns out it always has some great parts – design or colors that can be reused in mixed media pieces

  125. Hi there Toni!
    I’m just so in love with Liquitex Matte Medium for my collage work, and then printed tissues for their transparency! These two things are just so wonderful to work with when I collage! I hope to be in Life Book 2022, but if not, maybe the following year!

  126. Thank you Toni, I love your work and enjoy your classes <3 i find serviettes and vintage newspaper or books work well in collage 🙂

  127. Toni, I LOVE your landscape and flowers style! My favourite collage medium is hand painted watercolour torn/cut up, it’s doubly creative, first the painting, then using one’s own art to create further. Regards

  128. Toni, I LOVE your landscape and flowers style! My favourite collage medium is hand painted watercolour torn up, it’s doubly creative, first the painting, then using one’s own art to create further. Regards, Carly

  129. I love to use teabags, rice paper and old magazines for my collages. I like to make new pictures from pieces of old ones layered on each other.

  130. one of my favorite mixed media techniques is printing an image such as a flower on tissue paper with matte medium, then accenting the transferred image with paint, charcoal or soft pastels! love the effect.
    thank you for this opportunity. I just purchased your Blooms class and can’t wait for time to work with the lessons.

  131. Hi Toni, I love your work and taking your lessons, they are so soothing! Right now I’m enjoying acrylic inks and watercolors are always fun. Thank you for this opportunity!

  132. My favorite go to is watercolor… just love how it flows… anything water soluble really… and of course bits and pieces of paper of any kind…lol

  133. I love using old book pages and leftover scraps from previous projects. It’s also fun to use the papers that you use to clean your paintbrushes and rollers; sometimes allowing you to add a pop of color to the page. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot. I have participated many times in the past, but no longer can afford it in my retirement. Be especially blessed!!

  134. Thank you for the opportunity!! I love using for collage transparent materials lake vellum, tissue papers with prints, and inks.

  135. Thank you for the chance to win a spot. I have seen your lessons in a couple places, Kaleidoscope (?), Life Book, Studioworks, as well as your site. I always enjoy your lessons! My favorite collage material is old book pages, and I work most in acrylic or watercolor.

  136. My favorite supplies are watercolors and inks- mix them together and they do special things 😊

  137. My favorite collage element is antique ledger paper. I love hand written words torn from a yellowed ledger especially if it was written in fancy penmanship in fountain pen!

  138. I love using different colored tissue paper that is put down with matte medium. Adds color and lovely texture.

  139. I love ledgers, book and dictionary pages, and music sheets! So fun to distress them first with vanilla, coffee, teas, etc…

  140. My favorite collage material is white tissue paper that I’ve crumpled, stamped or written on, or painted. I love how it turns transparent and lets what is underneath show through. I also love using heavy gesso through stencils to create added dimension and textural interest.

  141. I love using old book pages from different languages. I also love dictionary definitions. Using gesso, threads and fibres Aldo make me happy. I have taken all your free lessons and created a small journal creating your faces and called it Face It. It was my attempt in facing my life after losing my husband to cancer.

  142. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. My favourite collage material are old book pages and lately am loving playing with watercolours.

  143. My favorite collage material is a newspaper in Mandarin. It gives such a nice effect to the finished piece!

  144. I like using to make marks on whatever I’ve collected. I love old maps, fruit wrappers, old ephemera. You name it, I collect it. I’m a veritable magpie collector and squirrell hoarder

  145. My favourite art medium is soft pastels. I was slow in getting to like them, but am so glad I persisted!

  146. Love your work and my favourite collage ingredient is usually whatever is on my table at the time so that could be anything from an old receipt, a photo or some sheets I’ve used to clean my brush on or some artwork that’s better off being a piece of collage fodder – think I have lot of those!

  147. my favorite collage material is paper towel that I have been wiping my brush on. I end up with beautiful color splotches and very interesting patterns. My favorite medium is colored pencil.

  148. Like many people here my other hobby is collecting art supplies so it’s hard to choose a favourite, but if I have to it would be acrylic paint.

  149. I love to use old book pages, currently loving the Japanese and Latin text books. Patterned tissue paper is also top of my list! Thanks for your sharing your projects, I always learn so much.

  150. Bonjour, I’m currently more interested in inks, black and white micro pens with a touch of watercolours and charcoals, black, grey and white… not so much collage at the moment.

  151. I just love old sheet music and vintage book pages. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  152. I use anything that I can find – newspapers, book pages, Rogers, neo colors, acrylica or watercolrs to paint and anything to doodle with. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  153. Wax crayons for resist and coloured pencils or tinted charcoal pencils for smudged edges and shadows are my favourite things to play with on mixed media artwork.

  154. I love using vintage dictionary pages and always try to find a piece with a word somehow related to the art.

  155. Thank you for this chance to win a spot! My favourite collage materials are vintage book or music sheets and I love to use my handcarved stamps and stencils. They do work quite well with my favourite painting mediums watercolours and gouaches.

  156. Hi Toni,

    thank you as always for your inspiring class. My favorite collage material is paper in all its varieties. Sometimes I even use my old railway tickets.

  157. Hi Toni! Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I love to use (printed) tissuepaper for collage 🙂

  158. I love using everything and anything but I especially love my Carand’ache Neo ii pastels. They are so versatile.

  159. When i make collages i often find myself using pages from my high school physics textbook, which makes it a very old book! 📖😊

  160. Hi Toni! Thanks for this chance <3. My very favourite collage material are images from vintage sewing patterns along with torn pages from a vintage dictionary.

  161. I love all the vintage papers…music notes, ledger papers, books, maps, stamps…just anything that has that vintage old look.

  162. I use sheet music for everything. I might collage a whole pile of it for a background or I may just use one little bit as an accent in a piece of artwork

  163. Hi Toni. Thank you for the opportunity to win a free spot in Life Book. My favourite collage material is serviettes. I collect them as souvenirs to add to my journal as well as searching for new ones to inspire my next journal project.

  164. mixed media: it all depends on my mood. I haven’t painted for a couple of years now but have been using pens and pencils. Dug out the paints last month and the canvas started out great but now is a mess. There are so many faces and torsos coming through that I cannot decide between gesso-ing over it all or pulling them out further lol

  165. Ohhh so much choice !!! but would have to say an array of pattern tissue papers . Such variety !!

  166. I really love watercolours, and tissue paper and sewing patterns are my favourite collage elements. Can’t wait for your Life Book taster session!

    1. Oops, I’m sorry I don’t know how to delete my comment. With collage, I like to use any paper with writing on it, followed by white gesso and acrylic ink. The effects are beautiful 💜

  167. I love oats, wheat, sprigs of ferns, pressed flowers, old pages from books already destroyed, feathers 🙂 Tickets, photos. 🙂

  168. Oh goodness – it’s so hard to choose. I’m just now learning how to collage and layer and create using all kinds of mediums, so I haven’t hit that sweet spot of knowing which items I tend to gravitate toward using. I’m loving trying my hand at some of the handmade journals using cloth and lace and vintage papers for pages, as well as texturing and using gelli printing, homemade stencils and monotype techniques — so really my favourite collage material is anything I can get my hands on right now. I love the tactileness (is that even a word 😀 ) of all sorts of different textures, and the joyful energy in repurposing old books, vintage papers and beautiful material, lace, findings, fasteners and jewellry etc into backgrounds, mixed media and journals…. I may not be all that good at it yet, but I feel so free like when I was kid and there were no boundaries around how I “should” create and express my artistic side.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to potentially receive a space on Life Book 2022!

  169. My favourite collage material is anything with an old world vibe such as old book pages, ledgers etc

  170. My favorite collage is my scrap papers I use for mopping up paints inks or what I’m using at the time.
    I love the bits I use in between of my journal book. You get lovely line edges in different colours and great angle shapes.

  171. My favorites: Natural materials, burlap, dried flowers, leaves, berries, birds and insects on top of soft backgrounds are great subjects for collage. There are a lot of possibilities for cards and small prints.

  172. I love to collage with all sorts upcycled goodies, lace, buttons, fabric, old books, music sheets just to name a few. I also like to use scraps from other craft projects of both mine and my friends. Makes me happy to remember our fun times creating together. I will usually keep them in a journal to look back on.

  173. Hello Toni, I love paper napkins as a main collage material due to the softness and how it blends into the background without bulk <3 thanks for the opportunity

  174. I love using objects and type from old magazines and books. Just enjoy Toni’s classes so much along with Life Book I did a few years ago.
    Thanks 😊

  175. My favourite collage material is deli paper that I have stamped on. I love to use black ink with stamps I have made to create really unique paper.

  176. Thanks for the opportunity Toni! My favourite collage material is book paper. I always keep an old book on hand to clean up excess ink or paint from my craft sheet. It prevents me wasting any ink and I have ready made collage fodder for the next project. My second favourite is tissue paper especially Tim Holtz and the stuff that comes in your shoe box when you buy new shoes.

  177. Looking forward to your Blooms class. I’ve enjoyed your other classes and the new class looks very interesting and inspiring! Thank you!

  178. My new favorite thing to work with is homemade collage using deli paper and paint. My second favorite is patterned tissue paper. Thanks for the opportunity Toni!!

  179. My absolute favourite material is definitely real vintage sheet music! I love going to second hand stores, finding old, worn out books . Other people seem to ignore it yet its so beautiful and i always feel so lucky when i find it! The more tan in colour, the better! ( I also love the old doilies from second hand stores and they can be used too if the material is thin enough! just thought i would mention it !)

  180. Hi! I love book pages as collage materials. Love to see all the pages under the paint. Thank you!

  181. My favorite collage media is PAPER. I LOVE paper… all kinds, especially paper that I
    make myself. Mixed media is absolutely my favorite and I would LOVE to win this spot! And thank you, Toni! I have taken many of your classes and I just love your art and your influence! <3 <3

  182. My favourite art supply is a 2B graphite pencil. So versatile and easy to take with me in the car while waiting to collect the kids after school.
    My favourite collage material is magazine images.

      1. My favorite collage things are pages from books bought at Goodwill, particularly music, & informational nonfiction books with descriptions of the oceans, coastal areas, & their wildlife

  183. If I don’t win your class I’m gonna buy it anyway! It looks awesome! I like to use dried pressed flowers.

  184. My favourite collage material is reused paper bags, I love the brown craft colours and the patterns on them! Thanks for this opportunity!

  185. I like using broken jewellery pieces on my collages. Thankyou for the chance to win a spot on Life Book 2022!

    1. My favorite collage material is magazines that are in different languages and beautiful color pictures of Italy.(I don’t speak or read Italian but love the magazine) and the writings) I like to use them in my journal and partially cover with gesso and use a stabillo all pencil to sketch into the gesso while wet. Then add bits of watercolor.

      1. I like to use old book pages and other pictures, stickers, fabric: all things that I can glue onto the page.

        1. I love using old book pages and sheet music, actually sheet music is probably my favourite it’s so beautiful

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