Kaleidoscope 2022 Giveaway!

Welcome to my Giveaway for one free spot in Kaleidoscope 2022!

I will be teaching 2 full lessons in this course, plus the Free Taster lesson.   For my main 2 lessons I’ll be taking my inspiration from the delightful George Barbier, a French illustrator, my lessons will be influenced by his gorgeous artworks. Below are the finished artworks you will create with me.   For all the details on what you get with Kaleidoscope 2022 just click here.

To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY simply comment below telling me your favourite colour combination.

For an additional chance to win you can also comment on MY FACEBOOK POST HERE.  You’ll then be in the draw twice.

Good luck and I hope to see you in the classroom when we begin on the 1st August 🙂

Please comment below with your favourite colour combination to go into the draw!

Winner will be drawn by random number generator on Friday 1st of July 2022.   

Good luck!

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  1. my favorite color combo is baby blue and navy with a sprinkle of any bright warm color. I love it!

    xo: Cameren

  2. My fav combo is violet and teal I think.. Or turquoise and coral.. Hard to choose, so many gorgeous combos, but here is my ticket in the hat. <3

  3. I love working with blues and yellows and all the combinations of blues, yellow, greens that come into play. The colors are calming to me. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us, and the opportunity to win a place at Kaleidoscope 2022!

  4. My favorite mixes at the moment are ultramarine blue and transparent red oxide… but that will soon change I’m sure haha! Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. my favourite colour is pink so maybe blue would be perfect with it as an opponent and mixed it makes violet

  6. I don’t have one favourite but one I really was surprised by and still love is Paynes Grey (Winsor and Newton with the bluer tone) and Red Jasper (Daniel SMith which is sort of an earthy indian red sort of colour). They seem magical together.

  7. Great chance to win! Thank you! My favorite colors are blue and green, especially when used together.

  8. Currently I”m drawn to the refreshing, soothing, cool blues and greens with a pop of orange for dramatic effect.

  9. Love Turquoise and a coral orange together!!!
    I had read a book about William Morris years ago and had forgotten he was a poet!
    His color combinations are definitely something I’m gonna explore in the future!!
    Thank you for the wonderful “Wallflower” lesson!!!

  10. I bounce around with color combos quite often, but I most often find myself drawn back to some version of a blue and a green.

    I found your monochrome reds very appealing and can’t wait to try it later today! I especially love the quick sketches on trasing paper as a warm up/start to the piece!

  11. Paynes grey and bright green is my current favourite combination . Love love colour and trying out different combinations inspires me and makes me happy 😃

  12. I love purple and blue together. Have loved your classes, have had the opportunity to work with you in classes.

  13. Hmm that is a hard question , i would say Turquiose but my colors change with my moods 🙂

  14. I am currently enjoying blues and greens in watercolor.
    Thank you for your taster lesson and inspiration.

  15. Thanks for this opportunity! I am drawn to the ocean so for me I love having blues and greens together

  16. Some of my favourite colour combinations are Payne’s Grey, rust and brown, red, purple and orange, and teal and hot pink! Just finished your free art lesson and loved it. I love the way you draw faces and aspire to be that good!!!

  17. Great class Toni (as usual) just luv your free loose scribble style. Also luv the practice idea of tracking paper😊👌👍

  18. I love the purple and yellow combination you used above. It’s very lovely. I frequently use purples and yellows in my work as well.

  19. Some of my favorite color combinations are blue, green, & purple, hot pink, orange, and purple. Thank you, Toni!

  20. I also love and use teal/turquoise blue and fuchsia, and green/blue as in the ocean colors. Love the look of simple but very appealing work. Thank you.

  21. Thank you so much!! I loved your lesson. My favorite color is purple, but, I love them all. 😊🌹🌹🌹

  22. I love teal/turquoise blue and fuschia, yellow together. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot in the course!

  23. My fav color combo is deep, deep purple with sunny yellow and a streak of white to bring them together. Its my fallback colors every time I’m unsure of what paint color to start with…. opens up my creativity every time! 🙂

  24. I absolutely can’t say which is my favorite. I love so many colors depending on my mood. I used to hate orange and yellow when I started gardening and now I adore them. sorry I can’t choose!!

  25. I actually have two favorite color combos: 1. teal, pink, & purple 2. yellow, pink & red. I love trying different color combos, but I find myself gravitating to these a lot. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I’m a sucker for turquoise/teal paired with acid green and perhaps a pop of bright pink…the brighter the better! 😀

  27. I like magenta with orange and some turquoise to cool it down 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I don’t know.im not good at colour combinations. I likeall colours but never know how to mix and match them. I like your green combination above better than the pink.

  29. Oh Toni,
    I love these all,
    You inspire me every day to practice, thanks for sharing all your work.
    Loving the Blue, Grey and Green.
    Peta x

  30. I just can’t get enough of blues and greens, although for watercolours I also love blue with purple bleeding into it!! Yummo

  31. Thank you Toni💗
    I like to use complimentary colors juxtaposed; for instance, I love the way an orange background will make a blue kitty cat pop out!

  32. Blues and greens always call to me. But I have recently tried orange and pink for a more exciting vibe.

  33. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

    My favourite combination (at the moment!) is actually hot pink and naples yellow. I had a happy accident with them and realized how much I really liked the two together!

  34. There aren’t many color combinations I don’t like but my favorite among your two works shown here is the purple/green/turquoise one. I just love your style and it would be an honor to win a chance to study with you.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  35. My Favorites are turquoise and pink. I’m excited to take your classes! I have really enjoyed all of the ones I have taken so far! Especially the figure drawing ones!

  36. My favorite colours at this moment: gold and Prussian blue (and hot pink with gold… And Pink with yellow… And turquoise with purple…) I just love colours…

  37. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Toni! My favourite color combinations are blues/turquoises with sea greens 🙂

  38. I love the vibrant colors, but deep blues and greens with a splash of magenta and a little yellow. Heck…i pretty much named all the colors 🙂

  39. My favorite color combination is fuchsia and a deep teal green. I enjoy your lessons, Toni, thank you for this opportunity!

  40. My absolute favourite colour combo is lime green, black and white, it sets my soul on fire. I don’t know why but I just love it 😍

  41. My favourite Colour is Payne s Grey because it gives so beautiful tones and shades Some gold leaf and white 😍 thank you for your taster lesson . Would love to win a spot to be more in art colour and happy moments and less in the News Thank you. Patricia

  42. Teal and magenta 💕
    I rarely leave those two out in any painting.
    Prussian blue is also a favorite 🤩

  43. Ohh I love all the blues, shades of tears, and purples and pinks.. I do try to break away and try other colour combos , but always return to the blues and purples..every variation I can mix up. Thanks for your lessons Toni and this chance to get a place on the full course. Colours are a big creative block for me so this will be so much help.

  44. Thank you for the chance <3 My favorite color combo is pink and orange. I love slightly clashing colors together to try and make a more dramatic effect 🙂

  45. I definitevely love combination of pink and orange… but I’m sometimes heistating with pink and blue… ok Pink is one of my favourite colors 🙂

  46. My favorite colours is magenta and nice blues -maybe with som green or yellow/orange/pink for sunsets. I just love colours!

  47. My favorite color scheme is yellow, dark orange, and magenta with a bit or dark purple thrown in.

  48. Thanks for this fun opportunity! I love the fall colors–warm yellow, orange, brown, rust with a pop of turquoise.

  49. So wonderful to see you are in Kaleidoscope this year Toni and giving away a free spot. Always love your lessons. My favorite colorcombination is purple/green/neon pink.

  50. My favorite color combinations include all shades of purples and violets, with yellows; and all the shades of turquoise and aquamarine with pinks.

  51. My favourite colour combos are teal and tangerine OR lemon and lavender. I’m also fond of sap green and opera rose. It’s all about the complementary colours for me 🙂

  52. My favorite color combo is magenta, orange and teal. It is a very bright combo. For a more restful piece I like blue, indigo and yellow ochre

  53. Hi Toni,
    My favorite color combo is turquoise and rust/orange. Can’t wait for your free class. Love your art work

  54. I love all colors! I think if I had to pick an absolute favorite it would be purple and magenta.

  55. I love all the blues and mix them all together, I did also my hair in different kind of blue 🥰

  56. Toni, I always look forward to your lessons.
    My favourite colour combination is ultramarine blue, green gold and peachy pink.

  57. Toni, I adore your art and am a huge fan. My favorite color combo will always have a turquoise blue and some form of orange.

  58. Its so hard to choose a favourite combo…depends on my mood, the project etc but generally magenta and grey or magenta and teal/turquoise shades would be my default, but I have learned to love coral, tangerines and yellows and really try to include them too.

  59. My absolute favorite color combination is teal blue and coral with a splash of red… really any variation of blues and oranges..

  60. For a super change up, how about red and orange
    Thank you for this opportunity to be in your drawing!!

  61. It’s so hard to choose just one, but right now my favorite combination is light pink and orange.

  62. One of my favorite color combinations has always been purple with red. Add a touch of kelly green for interest or focal point. Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. This might be a bit weird but I find myself using dioxine purple with cadmium red hue and a light or mid yellow! I have mixed some interesting colours with these three and seem to keep coming back to them. If I add black and white so many colours can be made. I do this when working in acrylics,but I love watercolour too. Thank you for your class.😁

  64. My favourite colour combination is caput mortuum, turquoise and a bit of red oxide and/or some cad yellow.

  65. So excited to start this years Kaleidoscope. I have to say my favourite colours are blue, green and orange combinations.

  66. Ooh I love teal and orange but magenta and orange or yellow are a recent favorite. I see the painting above uses magenta and yellow…oh so yummy! Perfect.

  67. My favorite combination is fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow! They just cheer me up right away! 😊❤️

  68. I am still trying to figure out my 3 favorite colors. I love rusty red and panes gray. I am working on that 3 color. Love your work

  69. Hi Toni.
    While I tend to like very pale colors these days and that’s my go to, I have found a dark burgundy and a muted green interesting. (Yikes is that a throw back to the 90’s. Lol)
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  70. My favorite colour combination is purpke/magentas/turquoise. I love these Colours so much, they make me so happy! Thank you so much for offering this chance to win a spot on Kaleidescope!

  71. Hi Toni, I love many colour combinations as long as I can add a touch of gold or rich bluegreens (like petrol or duck). I’ve always wanted to be able to do the Kaleidoscope lessons so crossing my fingers for this giveaway 😊

  72. My favorite color combination is different shades of purple on a background of some shade of gray.

  73. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize!
    My favourite colour combinations all involve green!
    I love green/violet and green/blue/orange combinations 😍
    Clare x

  74. Hi Toni, thanks for this opportunity and your lesson in the taster sessions. I love many different colour combinations at the moment, but mainly purples and greens, but also teal and orange – I think Orange is one of my favourite colours in the main. Good luck everybody and enjoy these taster sessions

  75. Thanks for the chance to win Toni. Love your work. A deep teal contrasted with orange is my fav combo but I find it so hard to pick one. I love colour.

  76. Quin gold, undersea green and indigo is my long time favorite combo, but I also like using red, orange and yellows together or blues and greens together.

  77. I love to have a pale pink and soft grey as a colour combo.
    Thanks for the chance to win a spot. xoxo

  78. My favourite colours are Prussian Blue and Cobalt Teal. Letting the two watercolours mix together on the paper with a touch of gold added. Heaven!

  79. That’s a hard one to narrow down. I love bright pink with orange, teal coral orange. I really enjoy doing your lessons Toni, look forward to trying this lesson today. Thank you

  80. I love red orange and blue green colour combination. It’s a test of patience when working with these complimentary colours as you risk making mud or muting the tones. I love using tints of these hues

  81. My fav color combo is green and turquoise and second is orange and yellow. Loving the great inspiration 💖

  82. Bonjour Tony,

    First of all, I Love your style and all your creations. The colors combo I prefer are blues and greens , pink and orange , with a touch of black and white. So hard to choose 💕

  83. Currently I work a lot with threesomes on monoprinting – and see how these mix. My favorite color combinations right now are magenta, a blue and indian yellow (a beautiful warm yellow!) and Payne’s grey, yellow and Jenkins green (for cool mixes).

  84. Toni,
    Thank you for a wonderful lesson. Green and blue are my favorite combo colors. Bless you!

  85. My favourite tasty colours as always are and going to be all the purples and pinks together,
    The range of colours from these are vast and vibrant .

  86. Loved your taster session Toni, thank you!🙏🏻 Being a quilter, William Morris is one of my favourite designers. My favourite colours are earth tones, browns and greens. Xo

  87. My favorite color combination is muted reds and pinks with olive greens and raw sienna. I absolutely adore your style of sketchy drawingband watercolors .

  88. I have a couple favorite color combinations. I think my favorite one is lavender and blues. Grey and black s the other. Thank you for the chance .

  89. I love teal and mustard along with a bit of gold combination. I find this combination of colors calming for some reason💚

  90. Today my favourite color combination is Purple, pink and yellow. Tomorow I don’t know. I love every color in the rainbow and then some.
    I teally would love to learn more about color.

  91. Today my favourite colour combo is the yellow and red-purple, plus neutrals, like in your artwork above.

  92. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Kaleidoscope!
    My favorite color combos are in the wide ranges of green and blue.

  93. Merci pour ce concours, j’aime tellement de combo, mais mon préféré reste le bleu/vert mais les couleurs chaudes jaune/rose, sont superbes aussi

  94. My favorit color togheter I think must be turquoise and pink. But lately I have fallen in love with pink and orange too😊

  95. Definitely purple with another color or two, but depends on the day! Purple/pink, purple/pink/blue, purple/yellow/green, purple and and gold if I’m brave that day!

  96. Somehow blue and green nearly always makes it way to my palette , together with neutrals. Thanks for the chance to win ! Looking forward to your lessons.

  97. I usually always go for the green but that lesson with the pink is so beautiful. Can’t wait to do it!! <3

  98. Hi Toni – i love your lessons you always make me feel so relaxed – my favourite colour combos are all shades of pink but i am especially loving magenta, orange and purple

  99. What is it about a bright aqua blue and golden yellow?! The prettiest opposites that always attract me! 💛💙💛💙🙂

  100. I love the combination of orange, pink and purple. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Toni! ❤️

  101. I used to be a blue-green person and I still love Indigo and other blues and all kind of greens but I also like now very much combinations like yellow-orange and pink.

  102. My favourite colour combination is red, yellow ochre and teal 💜 Can’t wait to do your lessons. They’re always great fun.

  103. Currently purple and green gold is my go to. The taste of last year and would love to be able to do the main course

  104. I enjoy a combination of teal, purples and black. Thank you for this opportunity. Love all of your lessons.💙🖤💜

  105. Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow and a kaleidoscope toooooo. Love from Julia in Australia. Xx

  106. Oh, it is so hard to choose. I love all colors so much! I will say Phthalo blue and peachy pink. I would love to win a spot in the Kaleidoscope 2022 course! Thank you for the chance, Toni!

  107. With Sennelier watercolor green forest and violet so dep and pigmented that you can play with shade and tint. Thanks for this freebies in you website and on taster week.
    Bonne journée 🎨

  108. I love hot pink with teal or turquoise but I have recently been loving olive green with turquoise! I love bright colors and contrast.

  109. I love so many color combinations .. depends on season, holiday and my ‘mood’ for the day!

    I’m going with RED, WHITE AND BLUE for now with America’s Independence Day approaching. I was married on July 4, 1976 … so those colors are pretty special to me! xo, Frannie

  110. My favorite color combinations are pale shades of pale aqua, purple and pink. second favorite is good old black and white. Love everything you do. can’t wait for your lessons

  111. Each season brings variety to my paintings. Right now in the heat of summer it’s azure blues of the sea combined with yellows, orange and burnt sienna and a touch of geranium red.

  112. I really love blues, purples and reds. I tend to gravitate toward them. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

  113. My favourite colour combination – I had to really think about this, because I am a beginner and keep trying to explore. I currently love how Teal Blue and Medium Brown look together ❤️

  114. I love all colors but I seem to go to sage green ,orange and ocean blue.
    Thanks Toni for the opportunity to win the class.

  115. I love turquoise, bright pink & orange. Not sure if that’s a correct colour combination but it works for me 😄

  116. Hi Toni, Thanks for the opportunity!
    Favorite colors, usually are sage green, cadmium orange and yellow ochre.

  117. I love blue and yellow and green. I also love black and white with a touch of colour (red or orange or teal, etc)

  118. Hi Toni! I have a couple of favourite combinations; aqua, yellow, grey and white or hot pink, orange and yellow. Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. I love all colors. However, teal and purple have become my color combo since I have IC and Fibromyalgia.

  120. I love blues and yellows…
    ( and black & white w ith a touch of red!)
    Thankyou for this opportunity Toni!
    Love your style!

  121. My current faves are turquoise blue and yellow ochre. But I just picked up reflex rose and am playing with a variety of color combos with that one. 🙂

  122. The colours I like change frequently and usually reflect my mood, so it is difficult to pick a favourite combo. I do find turquoise and magenta pretty appealing but at the moment I am drawn to any combination of muted earthy tones.

  123. I’m sitting across from a view of a river and the lush hills beyond and the sky. So, today my fave colors are shades of green and blue…

  124. Earthy greens and yellows make my day.

    Love your lessons in the past, can’t wait for these! Thank you!

  125. Thank you for this opportunity Toni! My favourite colour combinations are all kind of greens and blues.

  126. My favourites change but right now I am loving greens and magenta/pinks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. I love deep purples with magenta and teal. Sometimes I like to add a spring green too, just for fun!

  128. Purples pinks are my favourite.
    I love all colours of the rainbow, colur makes me feel so good and happy.

  129. Hi Toni! I love the combination of turquoises with oranges! Your lessons look fabulous! Thanks for this chance to win a spot !

  130. My favorite color combos change all the time… Currently having fun with cobalt teal and green gold!

  131. My favourite colour combo is Prussian blue and yellow. Thank you so much for being part of kaleidoscope and offering us the opportunity to win a place 💕

  132. Teal and pinks, and earth tones, goodness – and water tones – so many – not really a specific fav! Thank you Toni for opportunity.

  133. Night or Indigo Blue with a hot pink and turquoise is my favourite at the moment…but this changes every day…hmmm maybe every minute? 🙂

      1. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙏
        My favorite colors are Jade Green, Neon Pink & Leopard…. 🤩😅
        XOXO Patrice

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