Kaleidoscope 2021 Giveaway!

Welcome to my Giveaway for one free spot in Kaleidoscope 2021!

I’ll be teaching 2 full lessons this year, plus the Free Taster Sessions lesson.   For my main 2 lessons I’ll be taking my inspiration from the wonderful country of Morocco, my lessons will be influenced by its gorgeous colours and textures. Below are the finished artworks you will create with me.   For all the details on what you get with Kaleidoscope 2021 just click here.

To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY simply comment below telling me your favourite colour combinations that you love to use.

For an additional chance to win you can also comment on MY FACEBOOK POST HERE.  Good luck and I hope to see you in the classroom when we begin on the 1st August 🙂


Please comment below with your favourite colour combination to go into the draw!

Winner will be drawn by random number generator on Saturday 19th June 2021.   

Good luck!

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  1. My favourite colour combinations to use at the moment are oranges and yellows and muted blues, I am enjoying experimenting with my colour wheel x

  2. Love these paintings so much, Toni!! Favourite colour combos… teal and orange, orange and magenta, teal and green. Yummy!

  3. Blue, orange, yellow…
    the range of variations available with these three colors come up over and over for me. Rich hues, amber tones, deep sea colors, sunshine…mmm, mmm, mmm.

  4. My favourite colours which make me feel happy are teal, turquoise, yellow and cerise. I love to combine black & white into the mix too.

  5. I love orange, pink and yellow together. It fills me with happiness and joy.

  6. I love the pinks purples and oranges together. Your style is so light, fun, colorful and wonderful!

  7. I love purple and orange together…they go so well and look great on many different things…Thanks for your wonderful lesson!

  8. I gravitate toward oranges, pinks and blues, I also Love to use black details and splatters

  9. green, teal, blue.. love this analagous? combination. but i can never resist throwing a bit of pink or orange in there to ruin the theory. Also I love Morocco, I spent a summer there what seems like a lifetime ago. i remember the warmth and pattern of the tiles, lots of clean crisp white, and blue from both paint and sky.

  10. Thank you Toni for this great chance for winning a spot
    I love all kind of blues with magenta; greens and oranges

  11. Thank you Toni for this opportunity
    I love all kind of blues with magenta; greens and oranges

  12. I always seem to gravitate to browns and greens….that is why I love these challenges to get me using colours I wouldn’t normally use 💕

  13. My favorite color combinations are teal blue and a salmon/coral combination. I love the blues and oranges together,

  14. My favourites are magenta and orange … or shades of teal and hot pink…or yellow and grey…too many colours to just have one favourite 😉

  15. Turquoise, rust, and green is my favorite color combination. Thanks for this opportunity. Love your art.

  16. I love bright, vibrant colours and my current favourite colour combination is bright pink and orange.

  17. WOW thank you for the Santorini dreaming lesson it was really fun and the colors are great. My favorite color is green, however, I seem to use blue and orange a lot. I really do like the way those colors work with each other . I have also been liking purple and yellow together. Thanks for the opportunity to win an online workshop

  18. Hi Toni !!! I Shared your post from your facebook on my facebook. My favourite color combinations that I love to use is turquise, red and gold. Thank you very much for the chance to win a free spot in this amazing class !!!❤❤❤

  19. I really love working with vibrant colors… turquois, watermelon, mustard
    Thank you!!!

  20. Thank you so much for the giveaway! You know we all love a beautiful painting class!
    I like to paint with pinks and turquise! They are cheerful colors for me, and bring out my happy side!
    God bless you!

  21. Thank you for offering this giveaway and Oh goodness – I wish it was an easy question to answer 🙂 It so depends on my mood, what I’m creating and, if creating it for someone else, who it might be for. On days where I’m in a more playful or sunnier mood, I tend to gravitate toward bright blues and yellow or orange colours. On days where I might be in a bit more of a darker or reflective mood, I tend to use more of the deeper shades – purples, dark blues, greys, dark reds, etc. And then there are those in between times where whites and greys and other pale tones, punctuated with silver or gold along with a dash of darker blue or purple or even antiqued brown are what show up in my work.

    1. Thank you for the opportunity To get a free spot in kaleidoscope 2021… my favorite color combinations are green and purple and orange and pink… ☺️. I love experimenting with other color combinations all the time though! 😊

  22. I love all the colors. It is so hard to pick two of them for a combination. I really love yellow and fuchsia together. The brightness of the two is so fun.

  23. Thank you for a chance to win!
    My favourite colours are turquoise and magenta. I love playing around with different colour combinations, but these two colours almost always find a way into my art.💖

  24. I love colors on the teal spectrum and love to pair them with purples/pinks/oranges.

  25. Love shades of cool blues and warm orange/yellows. Also washes of black or blue ink and gold watercolor. Thank you!

  26. All the colours of the ocean for me at the moment – sea green, ultramarine blue and turquoise

  27. I loooooove aqua and any purple!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Toni. 😀

  28. Still learning to use watercolours, so not really able to mix colours well at this stage. I like pinks and greens together.

  29. Thanks for doing this. I’ve been wanting to give this a try for awhile. I love the combination olive green with teal/turquoise. ❤️

  30. Hi Toni! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in kaleidoscope ’21!! I really enjoyed the Santorini tutorial – love your loose lines so much!! My favorite combinations are teals and lilacs!!

  31. Wow I’m loving what you are teaching, stunning. My go too colours are pink, aqua/teal and yellow (primary colours). It can be acrylic paint in my journal or watercolour on watercolour card, I fall in love each time at the extra colours I make (orange, purple and green). Happy Creating 🙂

  32. My favorite color combination to paint with, is Anthocyanin Blue, Violet, Lt. Aqua, and Opera Pink… Another favorite is Prussian Blue, Pyrrol Red, Naples Yellow, with Lt Aqua.

  33. Thanks Toni. My favorite colours to work with are pink, teal and lime green.

  34. I always find myself using greens, blue-greens & yellows with some browns thrown in.

  35. I love putting tones of colors together… especially pinks and charcoal greys

  36. Favorite colors right now are hot pink, yellow and orange as a combination.

  37. Thank you for the opportunity! I love all colors. I tend to use more vibrant ones purple and teal.

  38. I love pretty much all shades of green so am drawn to it. I love turquoise, teal, oranges and pinks as well. Hahaha, really I love all the colors but these ones more. <3

  39. I like using purples and blues or greens. Who am I kidding? I like using all colors!

  40. In life I’m not a big purple 💜 fan but I have notced in my Paintings I have a lot of purple in many shades. It’s like I don’t even know I’m doing it till I step back and take a look.

  41. thank you for this opportunity! I love the combining the colours reds, oranges and yellows

  42. At the moment my favourite colour combinations are blues, turquoise, and light green.

  43. I love indigo and turquoise, or pinks and purples 🙂 although I’m learning more abo it colour combinations x

  44. I love blues and purples together. But I also love greens with browns and oranges. Can’t wait to do your lessons!

  45. Love your Style Toni. My favourite colours are Blue/Teal/Paynes Grey with brown tones.

  46. My favourite colour is purple, but I must be in my blue period as I’m loving teal and the hues of blue.

  47. I adore creating with purples, blues, and greens! Thanks so much for this opportunity, Toni!

  48. I love a kaleidoscope of colours, but I am drawn to the sunnier warner tones in my paintings. I also love the deep blues of night!

  49. Aqua/turquoise and orange and/or neon pink is my current favorite combination.

  50. Since I was a child, RED has been my favorite color!!! As an adult, I found Opera Pink and Magenta watercolors. I just went crazy. I love the opera pink, violet magenta, and Thalo Blue. If I had only found these gorgeous colors at the age of 5….. I would have never stopped painting. I LOVE ALL COLORS. But, if all that was available…. I definitely picked these three! Donna <

  51. Hi Toni!

    Love your art!! My favorite colors are pink, purple and Teal! 🎨💚😎
    Thanks for asking!


  52. I love blues and always gravitate towards them when picking a colour scheme. Thats why the buildings in Santorini are so beautiful to me

  53. I definitely always go for pinks, purples and blues but love adding a splash of really zingy lime green, really makes an image come alive. Lost my crafty mojo recently but these little tasters of the Kaleidoscope course is definitely helping me feel inspired. Thank you for being so generous sharing your time and talent with us.

  54. I love darkblues with teal and gold… I get butterflys when the combination is just right!!! With love, Marielle

  55. Hi Toni,

    I absoloutely adore your work. My favopurite colors to work with are greens and blues with a pop of yellow or pink. That combination to me symbolizes nature and the spectrum of feelings nature can evoke from the joy of flowers to the calm of seas.

  56. I would love to win a spot in this class. I love your style, sketchy loose lines and vibrant colors! Thanks!

  57. I love using earthy tones: blues, browns, yellows, greens. They give me a sense of calm.

  58. I love the soothing colors of blues and greens. Lately, I have expanded my palette to warm colors to include oranges and yellow.

  59. My favourite colours to work with right now are teal, cerulean blue chromium, and phthalo blue (green shade)!

  60. Your Moroccan lessons would be right up my street because two of my favourite colour combinations are orange and turquoise. I absolutely love your art style. I’m working on “Reflections” from Life Book now. 🙂

  61. Thank you for this opportunity. I love the Marocco colors. They give a happiness so you feel good. Blue like de sea, yellow like the sun, red for the houses….. Turquoise is the color for me. All colors are so inspiring. Thank you Toni for the inspiration.

  62. Hi Toni! I really love complementary colors! Purple and yellow is my favorite, but I love blue and orange, too. Van Gogh influences me towards blue and orange a lot! Thanks for this opportunity!

  63. Toni, I love your work! My favorite color combination is green gold, turquoise, and bright pink. I love the vibrancy of these colors and how they play together.

  64. Hello Toni.
    Morocco’s watercolours are sooo beautiful!
    I really love magenta, orange, purple colours.
    Thank you so very much for this giveaway.
    Big hugs from Italy

  65. Hi ! I love prussian blue and it s a wondefull based color for gray, purple, green… it s a strange color, so deep
    A good primary blue is amazing too.
    And a lot of pink ! Quanacridone magenta and magenta with white or blue

    1. Hi! I love working with bright colors. My favorite are turquoise, purple, magenta and lime green🌈 Thankyou!

  66. i’m loving these images! I love the orange and blue colour combinations as well as red and green.

  67. Toni,

    I love warm soft colors. From light gold to brown gold, with subtle reds and a velvety looking green. And some off white to set a glow in the painting.

    Pat Buckley

  68. My fav colour combo atm is Viridian green, Yellow Ochre and Raw Umber. They combine to make the most gorgeous colours! 😃 Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot on Kaleidoscope 💗.

  69. Thank you for this special opportunity. My favourite colours at the moment are blue and green, because they bring back wonderful memories of fun trips to the seaside with my family and friends who I miss dearly!

  70. My favorite colors are red and turquoise, but I tend to work in natural colors like greens and browns while I’m painting.

  71. My favourite combo is usually blues and greens. I also like to use pastel blues and pinks with browns. And I like reds with sand or parchment.

  72. I’ve been trying to paint “Morocco” style, but with your Session, I think I’ll be able to do it more. The looseness of the pen in hand made my painting come alive. Thank you Thank you Thank you Dearest Toni. Mwah

  73. I lived in Portugal for a time & they used blue & white on their buildings to great effect especially in tile decorations.💙💙💙🏢🏢🏢

  74. I love Brown and Green! They may sound boring but they can be used in so many ways.
    Brown and green can be combined so much in nature. No tree or plant is completely brown or green, they are combinations of both, especially trees. The leaves are green, then turn brown. The trunks may be brown but have green algae growing on them.

    Green and brown are also great for people painting. There are many shades of brown hair and green eyes!

    Brown and green also great background colours when painting, and brown can add shadows without being too overwhelming.

  75. I love use the pink, teal and golden green combo!
    Thank you very much for the chance to win this spot!!

  76. My favourite colours are shades of aqua/teals 🙃 thank you for this 🥰

  77. I love using bright colors in my artwork. Favorites include turquoise, aqua, purple, and fuchsia. I often pair one of these with their complementary counterpoints for a cheerful composition.

  78. My favourite colours are yellow and teal. That’s why in any colour combo I’ll integrate one or the other for some instant joy 😊

  79. I love greens and blues! So many combinations in nature – sky and trees, water and sky! Can make so many variations!

  80. Thanks for the chance to win a spot Toni! My current favourites are blues with neutrals and metallic copper and also turquoise with yellow-green.

  81. I love blues and greens in any shade <3 thank you for the chance.

  82. Blue colors used to be my go to colors, but I am starting to like reds even more. Can become so many lovely other colors!

  83. I love to use blues- indigos . I always end up using them some way or the other. Though I love all the colors

  84. My favourite colour is red and love using it with hues of browns, creams and gold

  85. Thank you for a change! I love the combination of greens and pinks, and the combination of yellow, orange and pink.

  86. i love aqua green and opera rose together. Also, aqua green with ultramarine blue. thanks for this amazing taster session 🙂

  87. My favourite colour combination is different tones of Turquoise and black for contrast

  88. My favorite colors are blue and teal – but I love to add a little orange for more interest

  89. I like the color combination yellow, orange en pink 💛🧡💗.
    I love your maroccan streets!

  90. I love pinks, purples and oranges and yellows and certain shades of green and blue (ohh just threw in all the colours) 😜

  91. I love purple, turquoise and Aqua together. Jewel tones just make me happy.
    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  92. I love mixing colours with white and make it a light hues, specially I love mixing pink shades with white❤️

  93. My favorite color, Moonglow! The amazing watercolor paint by Daniel Smith.

  94. Pink and orange are fun together, and I like all the traditional fall “red-head” colors.

  95. I love the combo of turquoise, fushia pink and a splash of gold that pops up on those 2 colours.

  96. Hi there I am real bright vibrant kind of colour girl, magenta, teal, blue, purple with a touch of green

  97. I love blues and greens together. A bright pink contrast is great.
    Or shades of oranges and pinks with a bright turquoise for contrast

  98. My favourite colour combination- its incredibly hard to decide as it changes depending on my mood and emotions. Mainly love deep, rich colour combinations. My favourite colour is blue- all shades of blue. Thank you so incredibly much for the opportunity to win

  99. I Love greens, blues and yellows. it’s hard to pick colors when I love them all.

  100. Your work is absolutely lovely!!! I’m so glad to find you!! I’m a huge fan of purples, pinks, teals – pretty much any color, lol!

  101. I love cobalt blue with pretty much any other color. I love it paired with teal or a strong violet. I love it paired with a pure yellow or orange as well.

  102. Hi Toni,
    My favourite colour combination is pink and violet with a touch of Payne’s Grey added to help things recede. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win a spot in Kaleidoscope 21!

  103. My favourite combination is blue and yellow, but after watching your Santorini painting, I have fallen in love with blue and orange. Your painting was amazing! Thank you.

  104. As a child I loved the combination of pink and purple and used it in my art and craft work! Now I feel drawn to it again. So bright and uplifting!

  105. I love the sunset colors of pink and peach/coral/salmon. I also love what I call the peacock/mermaid/seaside colors-blues, purples and greens with touches of gold

  106. Hi Toni, thank you for this chance. I enjoy using blues, greens and their in-betweens with a pop of contrast like a pink, red or orange.

  107. Dusty pink, burgundy, cream, white. Beautiful. I’m also loving teal and burnt sienna recently.

  108. I love blue. Also like to mix different colors to get another. Blue and Magenta mixed make a nice purple. I also like pink, purple, autumn and winter colors.

  109. Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine Blue! Love your color combinations and loos style.

  110. Yellow and Blue
    Yellow and Red
    How can you have favourites? Depends on the day 🙂

  111. It all depends on my mood and subject matter. My favorite colors are green and blue💙

  112. I love purple and any other color and jewel tones. I am all about intense color.

  113. I love blues and greens, and also love combining neutrals for softer, more muted pieces.

  114. I especially love the colors of nature: blues, greens, browns, and white

  115. My favorite color combination right now is in the natural colors. I like green, beige, browns…

  116. Hi Toni 🙂 I love working with blues, teals, orange and working in just a little hint of red and yellow but just a hint. So fun! Thank you for this opportunity Toni!

  117. Purple and orange!! Thanks for this opportunity Toni! I am totally in love with your Santorini painting! Well I love everything you do really!

  118. Thank you for this opportunity! My favorite combination is turquoise and magenta.

  119. Would love to win a spot…budget is tight… I do way too much blue… could really enjoy branching out in New directions.

  120. My favourite colours are purple and pink but I love the blues and oranges from Portugal as well.

  121. I have so much to learn when it comes to colour, but I love green and blue with light pops of pink/purple/yellow and some white. I am loving the look of blue and orange that I have seen in the taster week too.

  122. Any colour of the rainbow 🌈
    They are all beautiful in their own way but if I have to pick two… definitely teal/blue 💙 and gold 💛!

  123. My favorite color combinations are red, yellow and orange, or blue and green. Thank you for your lessons!

  124. I use a lot of blue and greens in my paintings.
    Yellow makes me smile and is a fun color. But I use it rarely.

  125. Hello Toni,
    My favorite colors right now seem to be a sap green and permanent light blue. I have to say every time I spot your artwork, I am struck with the way your colors glow on the page! Just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win Kaleidascope.

  126. Hi Toni, your work is inspirational! I love… COLOUR!! But currently loving blues and burnt siena. Enjoy Kaleidoscope!
    Kindest regards

  127. Such a tough question! I’ve always loved blues and pinks but choosing color combinations lately depends so much on the day and my mood.

  128. My favourite colours at the moment are pinks, purples and greens.
    Better than all shades of black that I was on

  129. It changes, but right now loving greens and pinks with some neutrals! thanks for the opportunity!

  130. I have been so into architecture lately, the town where I live has older houses and they are all so different. I use a ruler though and it is very geometric and I would love to learn to be able to be more free about it.

  131. Love the pen and with drawings with the bright and beautiful colors. Toni now matter what you create it always comes out beautiful!

  132. Hi Toni,
    I love working with shades of blue and orange.
    I also love any of the shades of colors you put together….always so good.
    Thanks for the give away and all the free lessons you have provided.

  133. Great. Thank you. i love combining turquoise with orange.
    And also kind of forrest green with gold and potters pink

  134. Choosing a colour combo is so difficult! I love, love, colour!!!
    One combo I do love is teal, magenta and yellow/gold… but I love experimenting with colour combos… thank you for the opportunity for this Give Away. XXX

  135. Thanks for this giveaway. I like to combine payne’s gray with all sort of pinks, I love eyellow and turquoise too

  136. Hi Toni,
    Oeh, your lessons look really lovely! Brings back memories to those places, so I’m curious for making them.
    My fave colors are turquoise, dark pink and spring green 😀
    I always come back to using these three!
    Thank you so much and enjoy your day!

  137. Hi Toni, Thanks for the chance to win.
    I love all colours but I love to use pinks and oranges with greens and turquoise, I love playing with different colour combination.

  138. My go to colours are generally pink and aqua, but have to say you have taught me to have a go outside my comfort zone and enjoy fabulous colour combinations!

  139. Oh my goodness, what to contribute… I love soft pinks, yellows, & greens. Yet, I also incorporate Payne’s Grey, Creams, & Ochre of all kinds! So much beauty to choose from!

  140. Love your classes, I think I’ve taken them all. My favourite colours are neon pink , orange and rust! Thank you for the opportunity!

  141. Hi! All my life my favorite color is pink, but I can’t say I use it often. When I paint I love dark blue with ochre yellow or reds.

  142. My go to this season is blue with gold and orange.
    Love your website & free lesson.

  143. So excited for your taster session! I love neon pinks, oranges, and yellows together… they just make me happy!

  144. Hello Toni, Love your work and would love to attend your online workshops. Many times I use Pink and Orange combo in my art 🙂

  145. Love the rainbow of colours available and my favorite would be what ever I am working with at the time, from basic charcoal or graphite to riotous clashing colours. Just love colour!

  146. I particularly love that vibrant blue that you find on the doors – once bright but what has faded over time with use. Of course it is all set off with the blistering white.

  147. I am currently loving coral and soft sherbert green (with touches of paynes gray) – it makes me super happy to play with them

  148. I love triadic color combinations so my favorite colors thus far are teal and yellow-orange with darker value red-violets.

  149. I love so many colours but I especially love rose madder paired with soft yellow to make gentle oranges and cobalt blue to make soft violets. So excited to watch these three lessons and for this opportunity! Thank you, Toni!

  150. Oooo… I love a stroll back to the 60’s & 70’s… avocado green, harvest gold & coppertone.

  151. The colours I love are Australian Blue Gum, Australian Salmon Gum and Australian Yellow Green.

  152. Hi, thanks for this opportunity! My favourite colour combination is blues, greens, turquoise, with some bright pink thrown in. Love your Moroccan inspired artwork!

  153. Hi Toni,
    My favorite color combo is shades of blue (starting with Paynes Grey) and going lighter and adding shades of rusty brown.

  154. Thank you for the opportunity Toni! My favourite combination is aqua, yellow and orange.

    1. Daniel Smith’s Cobolt Teal and Quinacridone Rose are my current favourite combo. Lovely work once again Toni 🙂

  155. Just love your work Toni. I’m enjoying oranges and grass green right now 🌿🍁🌿

  156. Green gold by Golden and Pthalo Turquoise are my current faves, so yummy.

  157. bright pink, turquoise and WHITES! I’ll be up with the sun tomorrow to watch your ‘teaser class’ .. so excited! xo, frannie

  158. Yellow Ochre and Paynes Gray – they won out over teal and purple . . . things happen!

  159. My favorites at the moment are phthalo green and permanent alizarin so pretty 😍 thank you 😊

  160. Tend to use turquoise/teal and greens, with a touch of yellow, but have been experimenting with pink touches .. excited for your new session

  161. Turquoise Green, Quin Rose and Hansa Yellow light. Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. My favorite color combination is rose, yellow ocre and sage green.
      …..soothing, romantic and comforting colors to paint with.

  162. Turquoise and lavender, gold accents. Toni…love your work. I’m a girl fan.

  163. I love turquoise and orange – I tend to pick those up the most! 😀. Combos of blue/yellow and purple/lime green also my favs.

  164. Mustard an turquoise make such a nice pair!
    My house needs painting ……….🤔

  165. Blue and green is a current two-color combination. I really like blue, green and purple combo. Thanks.

  166. Hello! How fun! I love teal and bold blues or any blue with orange. And I love your classes too!

  167. Thanks for the chance:) My favorite color combination is copper, gold and green

  168. Like I said in my FB post…orange/green/blues, pink/greens and so many more!!

  169. 🤗🙏🏻👌Another great class from you is always welcome Toni 😁💝 My favorite color combinations are: turquoise/green, turquoise/ orange and magenta/orange 😉🤞🤞🤞

  170. Lately my favs are the shades of the sea/seaside–especially turquoise! Fingers crossed–thanks for a chance to win!!

  171. Pink and red, pink and orange, turquoise and yellow with hot pink, then there are neutral days❣️ Thanks for chance to win💕🧡💕

  172. My favorite colour combo at the moment are Yellow Oxide and Burnt Umber…so soulful…..and Ultramarine Blue…💕

  173. Deep purple and orange. Especially when you see them together in natures wonderful garden of flowers.

  174. I am just learning about colors! My home is mostly neutral greys and metals. Black is my wardrobe. I prefer white flowers with deep green leaves. When I paint, I follow the example. I am sorry it’s not an easy answer. I do like deep purple and green but mostly I like cool neutrals.

  175. Love purple and magenta. 😍 So glad to at last have a chance to try my hand at some of your awesome buildings. Thank you for making this possible.

  176. Tank you for this change. I love your work. My favorite color combo is turquoise and pink.

  177. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Toni! I absolutely love combining orange,red pink and purple.

  178. At the moment my favourite colour combination is deep blue and golden yellow…… 😀😀❤️ Blue and green is another ……..blue seems to keep popping up.🤣

  179. At the moment my favourite colour combination is deep blue and golden yellow…… 😀😀❤️

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