It’s giveaway time!

Hello my friends 🙂

There’s so much exciting stuff going on right now, I’ve been creating like crazy with my pottery, which I just love, and in the last few weeks I’ve started filming some new classes (finally!). Life is so full and busy.

All that and what with the Free Life Book Taster Sessions  that are going on right now, it’s been a joyful time. Make sure you join us for 2 weeks of free sessions, including my girl below. 

Now I was thinking… why not add add some fun and enjoyment to someone else’s day!  So I am giving away 5 free classes on my website!  Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how to enter.


I’m currently filming my lessons for Life Book next year, so far I have created my bonus lesson “sparkle” which will be running in January 2021.  I just adore how this little bowl turned out 🙂

Don’t forget you can register now for Life Book 2021 – we would love to have you join us, find all the info here.

To enter the giveaway do both 1 & 2 below:
  1. Go to the “Classes” section of my website here and pick any class you would like to take…..then come back here and comment below telling me which class you would like to win (excludes Kaleidoscope).
  2. Share this post to your facebook or instagram page
Also for an additional chance to win!!!  you can comment on my facebook post as well as this post ….just visit my facebook page here)


Thank you and good luck in the draw!

The five winners will be drawn using a random number generator and notified by email or via Facebook on Friday 9th October (Australian time).


  1. A big congratulations to the winners – Nathalie Proulx, Kym Bryden, Tania Bain, Claire Benson and Piroska Nagy.
    Thank you to everyone who entered, I will be sure to do it again soon!

  2. I would love to win Flower Power. Would love to learn more about drawing faces and flowers an the colors look wonderful

  3. Would like the class stems. Flowers animals and faces. Are my favorite things to draw and paint

  4. I would love to take „unadorned“ class. I already enjoyed very much „stems“, „uncovered“ and „luminous soul“ classes. Thank you for the chance to win a class and good luck to everyone here.

  5. Toni I am one of your favorite fans. I love your pottery and your art especially those loosey goosey wiggley lines. Your water coloring is breath taking. I am a beginner but I have lots of supplies just in case I learn to draw and paint. Thanks for the opportunity to win Tooty Fruity. I will share on my FB also <3

  6. Tonight I am in love with your style and it makes me sohappy. I love so many if your classes and I had no idea they were so reasonably priced. Thank you for the chance to win one if them. It was hard to decide between Journal Girls and Luminous Souls but I don’t have any oil sticks so I decided to go with the Journal Girls. I will definitely be back for more! Thank you so much again.

  7. Oh my so hard to choose …but i love loose watercolor so stems or water+color would be my choice. Thanks for the chance Toni.

    1. This was hard to choose….. love them all but I would love to win Uncovered! Thank you Toni!

  8. So enthused by the notion of “uncovered”…i love faces and figures…as a beginner it seems such a daunting task but your description gives me hope!

  9. Would love to win the talk to the animals class. I just love your art! It is always inspiring.

  10. Put me in coach!!! (if I win) I would love to learn more from you. Your style speaks to me and makes me happy. My choice would be “Flowers In Her Hair” I’m an old hippy…LOL!
    Peace and Love, Dar

  11. Messy soul would be my go to, i need to learn to relax the controling part of my brain and be a messy soul like you. Thanks for the opportunity. You inspire me….

  12. All of your classes look so interesting. I’ve been a fan of you for a while. I would probably choose luminous soul because I really like painting portraits and I tend to be more realistic when I paint.

  13. You are too kind to over this wonderful giveaway Toni. Thank you so very much. If I was afforded the opportunity I would really love to do Stems or Flower Power. Jy’s love the way you do tbe flowers. Crossing fingers. Thank you again. Love from South Africa.

  14. So many wonderful artist interested in your classes. I would love to win “Talk to the Farm Animals”. I’ve been following you & love the way you teach. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  15. Oooh there are so many amazing classes iit’s hard to choose, but I think I would go with Of the Other World. It looks like a lot of fun and interesting techniques. Thank you.

  16. Hi Toni, I would love to win Soul Stories… it resonates with me. Love all the art you share. Thank you for all your inspiration.

    1. Toni I would love to win Farm animals and flower power!! LOL I would really love to win them all! I know that’s not possible ,however you make it very difficult to choose from. Everything you do is amazing! Oh and lets don’t forget your pottery!!!!

  17. Hi Toni,
    I would love to win FlowerPower or… JournalGirls, or any other online class.
    It’s really hard to pick one! Love your work!

    with love,

  18. Hi Toni I would like to win this class 🙂uncovered. I want to learn how to drawing and paint body. 🦋🦋🦋

  19. I would love to do the etherel landscape or the animals.
    Love to learn the freedom in art that you teach. Loved your Taster in Lifebook 2021. Left hand drawing was so different for the brain to accept. But I love my final piece. Also the watercolour shading.
    I am coming into my own style but to learn more some freedom would be great. Many thanks for this offer

  20. Toni , I love everything you have been doing throughout the years. I make sure I never miss your sessions. you were one of the reasons I signed up for Lifebook 2020 this year. I just finished your lessonin the taster and loved it, and am posting it tonight. If I won I would love to take the “ethereal class”, I am a bit abstract and need to get back into painting larger again. Or I also love the bold abodes class

  21. Ethereal landscape or talk to the animals! I think ethereal landscape because of my hand weakness from my stroke and my arthritis, it makes sense to take something more fluid and free; but I’ve always felt a special calling to animals kindred spirits. But I just always felt like I could never capture it…

  22. Hi Toni –
    Such a generous giveaway! I would love Talk to the Farm Animals.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  23. I love any kind of book making/creating classes. I would like to take the Woodland fairy journal mini class. Thanks, Wendy.

  24. Toni, Love all your classes and the way you teach makes me feel as tho I can do
    anything!!! Like sure, I can do that. Since I have never worked with soft pastels and I love your “Talk to the Farm Animals” this would be my choice. Thank you for this generous opportunity to win a free class with you.

  25. Hi Toni
    Just found all your classes and signed up for Color Me Happy. Love it! Reminds me of Matisse.
    I would like to win Tooty Fruity.
    I too love watercolors and pen.
    Thanks for the chance.

  26. Thank you so much. All your courses are so intrigue but I have to choose uncovered, to unleash my fear and let loose!

  27. I would love to take “Petit Vue” because
    I want to draw and paint some buildings. Thank you for the offer! Stay safe! 💕

  28. First of all thanks so much for the opportunity to win any of your courses!

    Since I love painting faces and flowers… I would love to win Flower Power! 🙂

  29. I’m head over heals for the “Talk to the Animals” class and doing them in charcoal is stunning. It really brings out the true beauty of detail in each animal.

  30. I would love to win your “unadorned” class. The figures are so evocative. I’ve watched the info video many times and can’t believe that “it’s easier than it looks.”

  31. Hi Toni, wow, what a fabulous opportunity, thank you so much for your generous gesture! Your work is very inspiring and I love your style and expressive approach. There’s so many fantastic classes, it’s definitely a tough choice! I would love your playful course ‘Messy Soul’ as it looks such fun and I need inspiration to get more expressive! x

  32. I am particularly drawn to your courses involving faces, such as Messy Soul, Soul Stories, Journal Girls and Texture and Tone, but I am also intrigued by Stems. I would be delighted to win any one of them. Thank you for your kind and generous opportunity.

  33. Your work is beautiful. I am particularly drawn to your courses involving faces, such as Messy Soul, Soul Stories, Journal Girls and Texture and Tone, but I am also intrigued by Stems. I would be delighted to win any one of them. Thank you for your kind and generous opportunity.

  34. Wow – what a wonderful opportunity! You have so many amazing courses to pick from. I’m finding it difficult to pick. I’m intrigued and excited about All That Glitters. Thank you so much!!!

  35. Thank you for the opportunity! You have so many wonderful looking courses it makes it hard to choose but Talk to the Animals would be my choice. Shared to FB. Have a great day.

  36. I would love to win the “texture and tone” class. Those are my two most favorite things in my own art and I would love to learn to push myself farther with using your techniques. I really love your artwork and loose style of drawing and painting.

  37. Hi Toni, thanks for the opportunity to win a fabulous classcourse. I would LOVE to win ‘Stems’. I love the style you have.

  38. I would love to take the Stems class or Talk to the Animals. The Stems class has been on my list which I created to bookmark the classes I want to participate in. And the Animals class is because wouldn’t it be a game changer if we could talk to them. Sometimes it is so hard for them to alert us to there mood swings, their hurts, their thoughts. If I could, I would be their voice in this world.

  39. What a wonderful opportunity! I love your work!! So many fabulous classes to choose from makes it tough to pick just one. Im torn between Messy Soul and Stems. <3

  40. I love taking your classes. I would also enjoy the Petite Fleur class. It looks like the texture is gorgeous.

  41. Gosh Toni, what a wonderful thing. I love your work. I would absolutely love to take Of the Otherworld. Animals are my thing and I’m getting into people now, so I would love to take my art in this direction. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  42. So far I have managed to take a variety of your classes with different mediums. I have not taken one with water color yet. So I would live to take “Water +Color”..

  43. So far I have managed to take a variety of your classes with different mediums. I have not taken one with water color yet. So I would live to take “Water +Color”
    Tonya Hamilton

  44. Toni, I love your art and classes and the chance to win a class is so awesome. I love the Journal Girls and Bold Adobes for my choices. Thank you!

  45. I would love soul stories. it is my life’s work to listen to others and accompany them on their soul journey. Thanks for your offer.

  46. I would love to take the Talk to Animals class…because I love drawing,painting everything about animals .Thanks for the chance to win Toni
    Peace and love

  47. Wow! If I could choose just one, Stems would be my choice. It is beauty that speaks like a feeling without the need for words. Thank you Toni for this opportunity.

  48. My choice would be ‘Soul Stories’. Thank you for the Giveaway offer. Coincidentally; I tried and enjoyed your Free Lesson ‘Part of Me’ yesterday and then was delighted to also receive your email re: Giveaway.

  49. I would LOVE to win Flower Power!! I have taken three or four classes with Toni Burt. I love her teaching style and the content is always full of fun and beautiful color. Flower Power looks so bright and cheery and loads of fun, which we all could use right now! Thanks for the opportunity, Toni!

  50. Thank you so very much for this opportunity and Wow such an amazing selection of classes! I’ve found it extremely difficult to choose. I know what I’m adding to my Christmas wish list this year. ❤

    I would dearly love to win the
    ** Water + Colour ** 🎨💕
    Please and Thank you so much. x

  51. It’s a very hard choice but my pick would be ‘bold abodes’ as the colours are just so vibrant and cheerful and I do love any art work with buildings in it. ☺

  52. I’m dying to take Petite Vue. I’ve become fascinated with architecture and I live in a place where every house is different and on little odd shaped lots and I want to learn how to capture some of it.

  53. There’s so many wonderful classes to choose from. Should I win, I would go with Unadorned. Love figurative drawing/painting. Thank you for this opportunity. Xxx

  54. I would be so excited to try the Stems class!!! Thanks for the opportunity! I have always been a huge fan and have really enjoyed the classes I’ve taken!

  55. Hi Toni would love a chance to take your sacred earth bowl class. I have never attempted pottery before but the amazing dishes and pots that you create have my fingers itching to get messy with clay.

  56. Toni, thank you so much for this offer of a free class. I love your teaching style in the class I have taken from you:) I would very much like to have the water + color class.

  57. Ethereal Landscapes is the class that really interests me the most! But hey, I would truly be in heaven if I could actually win this giveaway and pick 5!!!

  58. What a wonderful selection. Thank you for sharing. My choice is “homage to Henri”. It was hard to only pick one. 🤞

  59. What a wonderful selection. Thank you for sharing. My choice is “homage to Henri”. It was hard to only pick one. 🤞

  60. I would enjoy the “talk to the animals” class, as we have a few companion kune kunes and would love to be able to have a go at painting them via your knowledge! thanks for the opportunity

  61. Ooh, how exciting! How kind of you. <3
    There's so many wonderful classes, but if you forced me to pick one I think I would learn the most from Ethereal Landscapes… 🙂

  62. Oh, Toni, this is a wonderful giveaway! It is almost impossible to choose just one, they are all amazing and I have quite a few on my “must have” wish list. I really want to take the Talk to the animals, BUT… I think I’m going to go out of my comfort zone here. I want to take the Uncovered class. I really like to do figures, whole bodies and artful nudes, but I don’t know how. You always explain so well, make things easy and doable and I’m sure you are going to unlock this too for me. 😊❤️

  63. So so difficult to choose one class. They all look amazing to me.🔝
    I would love to take the class talk ”to the farm animals”, it seems wonderful.
    Thank you Toni💕👋💕

  64. Hi Toni
    Love your art.
    I have picked Bold Bodes.
    I love interesting and historic buildings,
    So think bold abodes would be a super fun class.

  65. Woodland Faery Journal mini class. Sooo many to choose from, guess I will be saving toward some classes next year. Loved your Sacred Earth Bowl class.

  66. I have done several of your wonderful classes , and would love to do the talk to the animals class as it looks so much fun thanks for the opportunity

  67. I would love to take the ‘Talk to the Farm Animals’ course, as you taught me so much on Talk to the Animals 😊

  68. I would love to win Talk to the animals class. Cause I love animals, the way you drawn them is beautiful! And I would love to learn how to..

  69. I would love to win uncovered, watercolour and life drawing are so difficult and your paintings look so loose and free. I would love to know how you achieve that.

  70. Thanks for the opportunity Toni, your classes are amazing. I would love to win the Unadorned class or the Stems class.

  71. Hi Toni,
    I admire your loose flowing watercolor style and I would love to learn more about how to do that in your Stems course. I am a big fan.
    Kay Philp

  72. What a wonderful email I got today, on my birthday! A chance to win one of your classes!
    I would love a chance to win Bold Abodes as I recently took interest in urban sketching 😊

  73. Hi Toni
    I would love to win your Uncovered course. I did Unadorned & loved it.
    Thank you
    Karyn Taylor Bastien

  74. Hi Toni I would love to win Uncovered. I did your Unadorned class & loved it.
    Thanking you
    Katy Taylor Bastien

  75. So many amazing classes to choose from. I’m torn between Stems (because I’m so drawn to botanicals) and Henri (because I love collage and the idea of getting inspiration from a classic artist like Mattisse). I will pick Henri.

  76. I really would love to win a class from you! To choose it’s so hard but I as I love flowers I choose the “stems” course. 🙂

  77. Loved all the classes I’ve taken with you, but haven’t done ‘Stems’ yet. That would be lovely to win! Thanks as always, Toni❣️

    1. I love all your classes so much! I would love to win Stemsand learn to paint those beautiful flowers. Thank you for the opportunity.

  78. “Unadorned” class would be my first choice, but really I don’t think I would hesitate in doing any of them. I loved all the Toni Burt classes that have been shared over the past two years and thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you!

  79. Hi Toni,
    It’s hard to choose one but I think I go for messy soul.
    Thank you for this opportunity 😘

    Sending some love from the Netherlands

  80. Hello Toni, I love your work, I want to make a chance on a free spot, I love a course of animals. Thank you for this opportunist.

    1. The classes all look great , very hard decision! Would love the class Flowers in her hair! Thank you🌼

  81. Boy, it sure is hard to choose… I think I’d like to do the Soul Stories. I feel I am needing to tune in to my inner self and this sounds like a great vehicle.

  82. All the classes look amazing but I think I would choose Unadorned. Have loved seeing your gorgeous pottery!

  83. Oh I love your work!!! My first choice would be the other world class. I really need to learn how to paint a bunny, or a girl and her bunny. My bunny died recently and I wish I could paint my memory of him. 😊
    Or Journal girls….oh they all sound amazing!
    My favorite art journal page ever is the one I painted from a class of yours!

  84. Hi Toni! I love all your classes and would feel privileged to be able to take all of them. Narrowing it down to which one course above all overs is like trying to pick a favourite art supply, lol. They are all needed :-). The one that speaks to me at this time is Talk to the Animals, because, well, the photos of what you offer in that course just made me smile large. I love doing art when the subject makes my heart happy and this course just seemed to talk to my heart loudest right now :-). Thanks for this most generous offer of giving us all a chance to learn from your knowledge and skills :-).

  85. Absolutely i would like to win …Soul stories, meditation and going to the other world, the world deep within🌈💜🙏 warm greetings from the Netherlands

  86. I love so many 🙂 ethereal landscape would be a first but I love the animals ones too and the body ones and the ones about the buildings 🙂

  87. ETHEREAL LANDSCAPES … made my heart go thumpity-thump! Having just moved to the Big Sky country and Majestic Mountains of MONTANA … I would adore taking this class from you, Miz Toni. Shared to Facebook too! xo, Frannie

    1. Oh I was just looking at the Unadorned class over the weekend. Would love to learn to do figures. Shared to Facebook 👏👏

  88. I would love to learn the Talk to the Animals class! I have some pastels but haven’t a clue how to use them and I fell in love with your beautiful artwork!
    Thank you for offering this opportunity ❤️

    1. So hard to choose as all the classes look amazing!! I would live to win the class talking to the animals! I love your style and the looseness in your work and I could benefit from learning more from you!!

  89. TONI, love the extent and variety of your work! I would love to win ‘unadorned’ as I have a box of pastels waiting to find its purpose. Thanks for your the opportunity!

  90. I love all of your classes but I would pick either petite vie, talk to the animals, or woodland faery journal.

  91. I would love to take Unadorned – I have not had as much experience with figures and would like to learn more!

  92. So many wonderful classes but I would love to do the petite Fleurs, they are all fantastic though. Thank you

  93. Thank you for the chance to win one of your classes. I would love to win your class ‘Stems’ so , so pretty!

  94. Petit Vue is the next class I intended to sign up for, but if I have already signed up & I should be a lucky winner after signing up, then I would choose Bold Abodes.

  95. Hi Toni, thank you for the opportunity to win one of your fabulous classes. My choice is “Petite View”. Fingers crossed.

  96. I have enjoyed all your classes that I have taken and the time you take to answer all my questions. The class I would enjoy is textures and tone. I am really enjoying finding new ways to add textures to my paintings…I’m very interested in joint compound an fabric!! For some reason I’ve enjoyed messy lately.
    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win.
    Look forward to your teaser class 😍

  97. I would love to do talk with the animals or talk with the barn animals since I don’t have much experience in animals

  98. Wow! That is hard to choose just one. I think my choice at this time would be “Color Me Happy”. I love collage and making my own papers and your examples of what we would be making in the class did, indeed, make me happy.

  99. I would love to take the class with Farm Animals! My all time favorite animals! I shared your event on my page! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you so very much! Stay Safe!

  100. I would love to take the Messy Souls class. Looks like fun!
    Shared the post on FB. Thanks for the chance, Toni!

  101. I would love to do the Petite Vue class. I purchased the Bold Abodes class and had so much fun with it and learned a lot. The Petite Vue looks amazing. Thank you for giving away free classes

  102. Hi Toni! Such a nice gesture to giveaway a class. I’d love to take Journal Girls (Tuti Fruiti would be a close second.) Looking forward to your lesson in the taster sessions!

    Shared to Facebook and IG

  103. I love your work & would be so excited to win the “Ethereal” class! The drawing is the day before my birthday on the 10th, so that would be a great present!

  104. Toni! So many choices, they all look divine but I think I narrowed it down to Ethereal Landscapes. I am a lover of nature. I tend to look at it in a different way and I think this class would help me to see anther way of looking at nature.

  105. I am so looking forward to taking the Petite Vue class! It was a hard decision to choose just one now, but I would like to take that one next because I am wanting to write my life story, and I’ve been making a list of the houses I’ve lived in, and I want to do a representation of each as a way to illustrate my story.

  106. Thank you very much for the chance to participate in your fab giveaway! It is a very close call between Soul Stories and Journal Girls!!! So hard to pick, I like them all!

  107. Oh my God! It’s hard to choose. But I would take the unadorned. It’s beautiful like everything you do.

  108. Color me happy or Homage to Henri…. oh and a few more. Yes too hard to pick just one! Having a chance for another of your classes is sure fun. Thanks Toni! Love your classes and your art and your teaching style.

  109. So many beautiful choices, but Stems just seemed to call to me. Thank you so much for the chance to win wishing the best

  110. Hi Toni,
    This is such a generous offering 💜 I am struggling to choose between which class I would learn the most from, either Tooty Fruity or Petit Fleur…I would love to paint realistic flowers, so Petit Fleur wins. I’ll be shopping here on payday. I have only just discovered you, and had no idea you had so many terrific classes!!! X Dee

  111. I would like to take ‘flowers In her hair ‘ – all your classes look wonderful – I’ve just found you online! 😀

  112. I would love to take Journal Girls or Flower Power. I am following the teaser course, so wish I had time to do all the tutorials.

  113. I would love to take Zoey it Views, and Journal Girls. They both look so interesting. I’m excited for this giveaway!

  114. I would love any one of them. But I think I will pick Stems 🙂 Than you so much for the opportunity to win! You are amazing!

  115. I would love to do stems, petite vue, uncovered , ethereal landscapes and she wore a butterfly. Although sacred bowls would be great too! So hard to choose! I’ve already changed my mind 3 times!

  116. I’ve taken so many of your wonderful classes, it is hard to choose. They are all wonderful. I would love to win Stems or Ethereal Landscapes.

  117. Pick just one class??!! All your classes are beautiful, but I would love to take ‘Stems’, flowers are so joyful and I’d love to learn how to draw them.

  118. I love your classes. Stems is one of my all time favorites.

    I would be so grateful if I could take Messy Souls!

    Thanks for the chance.

  119. I’d love Stems or Messy Soul class but they all look great . Bold Abodes too interest me after doing Petite Vue.

  120. Oh goodness, it’s hard to choose, they all look so fabulous! But once I looked at the completed pieces, Soul Stories stole my heart. Thank you for the chance to win!

  121. It would be STEMS for me! This time of the year brings great opportunity with buds and blooms in abundance! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a free class Toni! xx

  122. I would love to take the Bold Abodes class! This is such an awesome opportunity! Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity to learn.

  123. Hi Toni, so looking forward to taking you class. If I win I would love to take you’re “Stems” class as your treatment of flowers are fabulous.

  124. Unadorned, Uncovered, Messy Soul, Soul Stories, Of the Otherworlds, Luminous Soul.. all these sing to me deeply as I have a strong pull to release something within.
    There is a magic in your art that whispers to me, thank you.

  125. I would so love to win another fantastic class from you Toni
    I have a number of your classes in my basket i love your teaching and Art i want them all!
    Would really love the stems class and the farm animals

  126. I love your classes. I’ve been working on Bold Abodes. I think Uncovered looks very interesting so I would pick that.

  127. I would love to win the Soul Stories class. Although I will say I had trouble deciding on just one as so many look captivating! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  128. Too many classes that are gooood. Talk to the animals or souls stories or stems. How do you choose just one?

  129. I would love to take the Messy Soul class. I would really love to do any of your classes but this one speaks to me. Thank you for the opportunity.

  130. Ooh! Talk to the Animals looks fantastic! I would LOVE to take that! I’m participating in Kaleidoscope and yours was the first class I took… really enjoyed it!

  131. I would love to take the Petite Vue to learn to create those beauties.
    I love to win this time!!!
    Thank you so much Toni.

  132. I would love to win Uncovered. Then I would follow it with Unadorned. Thank you for this opportunity. I love your classes.

  133. I have had my eye on “Unadorned” for a long time. It looks like such a beautiful class. Thank you so much for this Giveaway opportunity.

  134. Thank you for this great opportunity to win a class . I have take other classes of yours and I just love them . I would love to win Farm Animals .

  135. Colour Me Happy is my choice. I have been so busy I haven’t done any online classes so this would give me some joyful ‘me’ time.

  136. This is really hard!!! I would love to take several more-
    Unadorned, messy soul and
    petite vue!! I’m thinking unadorned would be my top choice!!!!
    They all are so wonderful

  137. Hi Toni – I would love the stems lesson I love the sunflower – you have done in this lesson – I want to learn how to be more free with creating flowers thanks

  138. Bold Abodes for me! I love what I’ve seen posted on your page from this class! Heck, I love any class 🙂

  139. Would love to win the class Unadorned. Would love to learn to create the expression you put on your work.

  140. Hi Toni
    This sounds wonderful. I would love to win ‘The Other World’ as I love owls and girls with deer horns lol!

  141. Oh Goodness! thank you so incredibly much! I have wanted to do your “Uncovered” class for the longest time! It would be absolutely incredible to learn from you. The way you draw & paint figures is amazing- loose & captures so many emotions.

  142. I would love to win Bold Abode because it has everything I like and want to learn; loose pen drawing, urban sketching, watercolor and spashes of vibrant colour 😊

  143. Hey Toni, wow so excited about this giveaway! I’ve already taken a couple of your courses and they have helped me more than any others!
    I think I would like the “Flower power course” thank you so much for the chance!

  144. I would love to take the ‘Talk to the Animals’ class! The animals you have drawn are so beautiful and understanding more about using charcoal would be a wonderful experience.

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