little luscious landscapes


Texture and landscape – they naturally go together.  Capture that texture, the movement, the depth, the FEEL of the landscape in this class.



Chunky little landscape artworks are a joy to behold, they take you outside of yourself and into nature. Bold juicy colours and big luscious brush strokes just make you want to smile 🙂  Oil paints are like painting with soft rainbow coloured butter!

The cost for this class is US$69.

In this class you will learn how to paint small bold landscapes using non-traditional colours.  Who says sky is blue and trees are green right?  We will turn all of that on it’s head and paint turquoise fields, purple trees, and pink skies.  These small paintings are super easy to set out and don’t take long at all to paint – around 45 minutes each.  We’ll be using big brush strokes and a lot of palette knife work to form our scenes.

Have you always wanted to try oils but thought they were smelly and messy?  Thought that acrylic paint was less toxic? and less messy? Not so!   I found there is a much better way…solvent free oil painting.  What a revelation, it makes the whole process such a pleasure.

Then what better than to frame each one in it’s own unique coordinated chunky frame.  Landscapes are gorgeous framed, it really takes them to another level.  Just so darned cute 🙂

I use recycled charity shop frames, but you can also make your own to fit if you have those skills.  The paintings I create for this class are sized to fit into the frames I already have.

To me oil paint just has a depth and quality to it that I could never achieve with acrylics.  It drove me mad that they dried so fast, were inflexible and looked flat and lifeless when they dried.  I’ve played with oils for a few years but never found my stride with them until now.

In this class we will paint without the solvents and chemicals usually associated with oil painting.  I use an all natural medium with my paints that is made from walnut oil and natural resin. I rarely clean my brushes, they go for weeks and months without needing to be cleaned, and remain in perfect condition.  Imagine, no brushes to clean up!

Although I am using oil paints in this class please feel free to use acrylic paints if that is what you prefer. The lessons can be just as easily followed with acrylics.

If all this sounds good to you then come and join me for Little Luscious Landscapes and see how wonderful they are to create 🙂

Who is this class for?

This is a beginners – intermediate painting class incorporating basic introductory chunky landscape painting skills and oil painting techniques (you can use acrylics if you prefer).

There are 4 full length projects in this class. It is a work at your own pace class.  You will gain access to just under 5 hours of video in which I walk you through each step of the projects.

This is an open ended workshop with no expiration date.  Plus all the videos are downloadable and yours to keep! 

You will have access to my private combined FACEBOOK GROUP with others that are also taking my classes, to share your work and get feedback.

I have taken a few courses with Toni. Her pastel animals are my favourites. She goes into so much detail. Her teaching is calm and assured. I am so in love with her colour style. You can always tell a picture is a Toni Burt!   – Susan B.

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What supplies will I need for the class?

This class has two components – painting the landscapes and a smaller section on recycling the frames.  The items below are what I have used in this class.  There is an extensive SUPPLIES video in the class where I explain everything we use, you may want to watch that first before buying anything you need.


Main painting supplies

  • Canvas – I use 3 canvas panels plus 1 stretched canvas, you can also use canvas pad, stretched canvas, paper.  Stretched canvas 10x20cm – Panels (sizes I use are 15x20cm, 13x18cm, 15x30cm  – but these are to fit the frames I have, any similar sized small canvas will work, or to fit the frames that you plan to use (optional)
  • White Gesso to prime the canvas
  • Brushes – I use Jackson’s brand Akoya sizes 4, 6 & 8, can be flat or filbert. Any size will be fine to use, we use all 4 brushes at once so the sizes are not that important, use any synthetic brand you have already.
  • Palette knives – smaller size is better
  • Oil paints – I use the following colours, you do not need to have these exact colours. Please refer to by chart below and find similar colours.
    • Titanium white, black, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, spectrum vermillion, permanent rose, quin, deep pink, mars violet, cobalt violet hue, french ultramarine, cobalt blue, turquoise, viridian hue, sap green.
  • M Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium – preferred (or Gamblin solvent free medium is very similar)
    • or you can use Galkyd, Liquin however these are made with solvents and are more toxic.
  • Alternative to the walnut medium above you can use Refined Linseed Oil, however it will slow down the paint drying.
  • Disposable Palette pad
  • Paper towels, masking tape
  • Gamvar satin/gloss varnish (optional)

Brush storage & Clean Up

  • Refined Linseed Oil or Safflower oil (artist quality)
  • Vegetable/sunflower/olive oil (kitchen quality)
  • Soap – Murphy Oil Soap or a bar of plain cheap soap.
  • Mason Jar or flat plastic Tupperware container
  • Clothes pegs/hot glue gun (to make the dangly brush jar I use – optional).

Framing (optional)

  • Used picture frames from any charity shop
  • Acrylic primer (I use Zinsser shellac based)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Framers paper tape, small nails, picture hanging kit/wire (optional)

Accessing your class

This class has immediate access.  When you proceed through the checkout you will be asked to login (if you have previously purchased another class) or register (if this is your first class on this site).  Following your purchase this class will appear in your My Courses page when you login under My Classroom in the website menu.  You can always find your classes here

**Due to the nature of the immediate availability of this course, all online classes are non-refundable.

If you have any questions?

If you have any questions at all please contact me via the contact page. I will do my best to reply to your message within 24 hours.   NB: I am located in Australia so there might be a little timezone difference!