ethereal landscapes


When you look upon a landscape do you see what your eyes see, or do you see what your heart and soul feel?  These are the landscapes of the “otherworld”.  They live in your imagination, are a part of your soul.   I have always wanted to paint them, capture their essence.  This class uses an intuitive process and loose painterly style to bring these ethereal landscapes to life on the canvas.



In my mind I see the landscapes of the “otherworlds”.  The colours are magical, they touch the heart and soul.  The mystical ethereal nature draws you into their realm.  I have always wanted to paint them, capture their beauty.  This class uses an intuitive process and loose painterly style to bring these landscapes to life on the canvas.  We will create 4 “studies” as practice pieces first, then 2 major works on large canvas.  Six artworks in total!  Come and join me and create your ethereal landscapes 🙂

The cost for this class is $54 US.


“ethereal :  extremely delicate and light in a way that seems
not to be of this world”


For this class I have developed a simple process to create these works, it’s very intuitive, but also incorporates inspiration (or starter) images to get us going.  Staring at a big white canvas is no fun, so I have made that part easy 🙂

We’ll practice our techniques first with some smaller “studies” on A3 paper (12×16″).  Then use what we have learned to create our 2 larger works.  It’s a fun, messy, and rewarding process.

This is a beginners to intermediate class incorporating simple abstract painting techniques.  It is a work at your own pace class.  You will gain access to over 6 hours of video in which I walk you through each step of the projects.

This is an open ended workshop with no expiration date.  Plus all the videos are downloadable and yours to keep! 

You will have access to the joint private FACEBOOK GROUP with others that are also taking my classes, to share your work and get feedback.

So easy, informative classes……will even have the non artist like me producing master pieces. Honestly these classes are great fun, with easy to follow steps to suit all levels of expertise. Be warned very addictive, you won’t be able to stop at just one class.
– Kim M.

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What supplies will I need for the class?

Please use what you already have in your collection.   The items below are what I have used in this class.

  • Heavy paper – watercolour paper or cardboard (A3 size, 12×17″) – 4 sheets (or more)
  • Stretched canvas x 2 – 90x90cm (30×30″) – or size of your choice
  • Acrylic paint – heavy body (you could also use a few fluid acrylics but heavy body is best for this chunky painting style) – I use mainly Mont Marte Dimensions and Matisse Structure with a few Liquitex Basics
  • Soft pastels (assorted colours to match your paints)
  • Water spray bottle
  • Brushes – large 1″ and 2″ Flat soft Taklon, plus a large round soft brush (or whatever you have 🙂
  • Assorted palette knives – large and medium sizes
  • Plastic scrapers
  • Spray sealer – satin or gloss (to seal the pastel details)
  • Easel – large enough for your canvas
  • Drop sheets etc to protect floor
  • Paper towels

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If you have any questions?

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