joy emerges

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welcome to the “joy emerges” classroom!

Oh!  I LOVE creating these dolls that come straight from the heart and from spirit 🙂

In my process Joy was who emerged, who will emerge from your process?  And what will she have to say….it is such a heart warming and emotional journey for me, I hope that it is for you too 🙂

I love this intuitive way of creating using found objects and wire, it really speaks to my soul.

I created a blog post of my first ever spirit doll “wisdom” (below) early in 2017, you can read about her here “the birth of Wisdom” blog post


This single page you are now on contains all the classroom content and the videos for the lesson.

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To begin your journey you may choose to set your intention for your doll – as you create your doll she will embody that energy.  You can choose a word, or words, at the beginning, or simply start to make your doll and see what emerges for you.   Below are some points that will help you with this process.

  • What qualities does your doll hold, or that you would like to manifest in your life?
  • Use meditation, imagining (shamanic journeying), journaling, or simply sitting in nature to feel and see what comes up for you.
  • Your doll may also involve a theme that resonates with you – goddess, wild woman, etc.
  • Maybe there is something in nature that your doll embodies – the ocean, water, earth, fire
  • Or an animal may call forward your intention
  • Maybe the zodiac calls to you and can find its way into your doll
  • Perhaps Tarot cards can be the clue to the theme of your doll
  • Your doll may hold a prayer, a wish or a healing intention
  • You may wish to gift the doll to someone else, what is the message you want to give to them?

There is no right or wrong, go along the path that calls to you 🙂  If you are unsure, just start by collecting your objects and see what emerges as you move along.

Creating these dolls can be a profound and moving experience, it is for me, I hope you enjoy the journey of creating your doll, please ask if you have any questions at all 🙂

The lesson has been broken down into several parts, view each video below.  There is a separate video if you wish not to use the wire for the skirt and to form you skirt with fabric – see “skirt alternative” video.  Remember to use all the things you love.


download video here


download video here


download video here


download video here


download video here


download video here


download video here


download video here


What supplies will I need for the lesson?

The intention is that you use what you have in your studio or workshop, we use found objects and some basic materials.   The items below are what I have used in this lesson.  Links are provided as a guide.

  • wire mesh for skirt – chicken wire or fencing wire (available from your hardware store)
  • tie wire or armature wire
  • wire cutters (or super heavy duty scissors)
  • wooden sticks/branches (from your garden)
  • hot glue gun
  • string or twine (various types)
  • fabrics – white cotton, stretchy/jersey as well as patterned fabric for the clothing
  • paverpol or pva glue (fabric stiffener)
  • raffia
  • sculpey III polymer clay (alternatively you can use paper clay)
  • face molds (optional, I will show you how to make your own mold) sculpey mold, merilyn mold (I use E3 and E4)
  • clay modeling tools
  • talcum powder or cornflower
  • disposable gloves to protect your hands
  • acylic paint – earth tones in brown, sienna etc.
  • small or medium brush – any kind
  • mica powder (optional)
  • found objects – ribbon, feathers, seed pods, shells, etc.
  • paper towel

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