ethereal landscapes

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Welcome to the “ethereal landscapes” classroom!

I’ve always found the “otherworlds” intriguing.  I see them in my mind when I’m sitting quietly, The colours are magical, they touch my heart and soul, draw in my imagination.  How can you even capture them in this life?   Well we can only attempt it….and I think I have captured the essence in this class.  We will use some “tools” such as inspiration images as a jumping off point to get us going…then our intuitive process will guide us to the completion of our pieces.

This can be a bit of a messy process, make sure you protect your work area, or better yet work outside on your easel!  I would have done just that if it wasn’t for the traffic noise where I live 🙂

I’ve tried to make this process as easy as possible to follow.  Make sure you do the practice “studies” first, you will find it so much easier when you come to your BIG pieces.  And the studies are so lovely you may want to frame them too 🙂

We will create the 4 “studies” first, as a series, working on all four at once.  I highly recommend you do more, I did 12 the first time I tried this!  ….but do whatever you feel is right for you.

Then hop on into our 2 large pieces, for which you have practiced, it will be a piece of cake.  Just keep on layering until it is done and how you like it.  You will see me change and swap things around as I go through each layer, it’s a process, sometimes shorter and sometimes longer 🙂

Note:  Although we use “reference images” or “inspiration images” our artworks will look nothing at all like those images, they are merely a stepping off point to help us with choosing colours and where to begin placing our paint and marks.  I believe this simplifies the whole process 🙂

This page contains all the classroom content and links to the videos for the lessons in three parts (which are right at the bottom of this page!).


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I have a private facebook group for all of my classes “a journey for the soul”.  Here you can share your artwork with others taking my classes, and gain feedback and ask questions.

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download video here


download video here


download video here

Scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find the links to the lesson videos.

supplies list

Please use what you already have in your collection.   The items below are what I have used in this class.

  • Heavy paper – watercolour paper or cardboard (A3 size, 12×17″) – 4 sheets (or more)
  • Stretched canvas x 2 – 90x90cm (30×30″) – or size of your choice
  • Acrylic paint – heavy body (you could also use a few fluid acrylics but heavy body is best for this chunky painting style) – I use mainly Mont Marte Dimensions and Matisse Structure with a few Liquitex Basics
  • Soft pastels (assorted colours to match your paints)
  • Water spray bottle
  • Brushes – large 1″ and 2″ Flat soft Taklon, plus a large round soft brush (or whatever you have 🙂
  • Assorted palette knives – large and medium sizes
  • Plastic scrapers
  • Spray sealer – satin or gloss (to seal the pastel details)
  • Easel – large enough for your canvas
  • Drop sheets etc to protect floor
  • Paper towels


The video’s have been broken down into short intervals. Please work at your own pace.
There is no need to hurry.   You have access to this class indefinitely so relax and enjoy the creative process!

You can watch the video’s within the classroom or click on the download link under each one.
When you are taken to the download page click on the “download” button and choose your quality/size.


Printable PDF containing the finished artworks & supply list

click on the link below the picture to open the pdf

ethereal landscapes images and supplies list

Pinterest Board – Landscape images

I use images from this board.  I will place also a link below to each of the exact images I used in the lessons.

Part one – study one image, study two image, study three image, study four image.

Part two – a magenta moment image

Part three – tangerine dreams image

All classroom content is the copyright of Toni Burt 2018, please do not distribute outside of this class.
Access class content and video downloads are for personal use only, thank you.

Please refer to the FAQ’s in regard to copyright here.



ethereal landscapes – part 2

Part two – “a magenta moment” Now that we have our practice all sorted let’s get on with apply what we have learned to our large canvas pieces.  I work…

ethereal landscapes – part 3

Part three – “tangerine dreaming” This is our final piece, we follow the same process.  Don’t forget to paint from your heart and soul 🙂 You will see me go…