all that glitters

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Welcome to the “all that glitters” classroom!

This class is all about layers and lustre!  We will use lovely chunky layering techniques employing a variety of media, and then draw on, and embellish our piece with graphite and gold or copper leaf.

I am so happy to be bringing these gorgeous lessons to you!

This page contains all the classroom content and links to the videos for the four lessons (which are right at the bottom of this page!).


If we are not already friends on Facebook, please send me a friend request at Toni Burt

I have a private facebook group for all of my classes.   “a journey for the soul”  Here you can share your artwork with others taking my classes, and gain feedback and ask questions.

I will add or invite you to the group after you join the class.
(If you use a different email address for facebook please message me as sometimes it is difficult to join the group as it is a secret group.)


introduction video

download video here

supplies / materials video

download video here

Scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find the link to the lesson videos.

Supplies list

Please use what you already have in your collection.
The items below are what I have used in this class.

  • Watercolour paper – A3 size (12×16″) any kind will work
  • Canvas board or wood panel – 11×14 (or similar)
  • Plain white/cream cotton fabric (old sheeting or calico) about 2 x A3 size pieces
  • Cheesecloth (scraps used for collaging)
  • Joint compound (sold in small buckets at your hardware store)
  • Modelling paste
  • White Gesso
  • Liquitex Gel Medium – gloss and matte
  • Vintage papers or scrapbook papers , sheet music etc.
  • Imitation gold and copper leaf
  • Assorted acrylic or craft paints
  • Glazing medium or gloss varnish/medium (for glazing, optional)
    (this is not essential, use something similar you already have)
  • An old credit card for gesso’ing and collaging
  • Paint brush for gesso’ing
  • medium size soft flat brush
  • Round watercolour brushes – medium and large
  • Palette knives (large size)
  • Scissors
  • Brayer (small, 50mm or similar)
  • Tracing paper (or transparent kitchen paper)
  • Graphite pencils 2b and 6b or 8b, or any you already have
  • Eraser
  • Watersoluble graphite pencil (Lyra or Derwent)
  • White soft pastel (or white charcoal)
  • Stencils of your choice
  • Sealer spray satin or matte finish – for your finished artwork


The video’s have been broken down into short intervals. Please work at your own pace.
There is no need to hurry.   You have access to this class indefinitely so relax and enjoy the creative process!

You can watch the video’s within the classroom or click on the download link under each one.
When you are taken to the download page click on the “download” button
and choose your quality/size.


PDF for this class

click on the link below the picture to open the pdf

all that glitters pdf

sketches of girls – click the image to open larger size


Use the pinterest board below to find words to add to your pieces.

words and poems


resources – vintage imagery

You can obtain vintage imagery from a lot of great sites on the web, these are two links for
websites I use a lot and find they are an excellent resource.
Their images are royalty free public domain images.  Just type in the search field what you
are looking for (eg. “sheet music” “script” “handwritten letters”  “butterflies”).

I use an inexpensive colour laser printer to print out all of my papers on regular copy paper.
Alternatively you can have them printed at your local copy store.

NYPL – New York Public Library – digital database

The Graphics Fairy


All classroom content is the copyright of Toni Burt 2017, please do not distribute outside of this class.
Access class content and video downloads are for personal use only, thank you.

Please refer to the FAQ’s in regard to copyright here.