I am a mixed-media artist.  I have been painting and playing around with all sorts of art and various crafts since I was young.  

I recently began working with mixed media, and I love it!

I work mainly with vintage imagery, paints, papers, stamps, old sheet music and the like.
I love spending my spare time digging around in old bookstores and junk shops looking for little treasures to add to my work.

I so love this way of creating beautiful inspirational art and the freedom and hap-hazard nature of how each piece evolves.
Each piece is created to convey, in a whimsical and heartfelt way,  lovely inspirational messages that uplift the spirit.

My girl’s faces have evolved over time, and as they are created each one speaks to me with a message from her soul…or is that my soul!

For many years I poured my heart into my career in Commercial and Corporate Interior Design.  It inspired me immensely, but my soul had other plans for me…so here I am.

My gorgeous home high on a hill of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia is my haven, where I grow my own food, commune with nature, and create what my heart delights in.  My studio is a delightful clutter of everything I love, and surrounded by various wildlife, kangaroos and natural vegetation.

A selection of my work has been published by Blue Island Press as a line of greeting cards in Australia and the UK.